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Archos, what is the name of the New Atalaku and from which Band?

« on: July 22, 2017, 09:41 »

O.O knowing him and knowing how good is voice is now I would have no idea that the guy singing in 3:29 is Ferre if I didn't see him in video, this shows that if you work hard vocally you can do a lot now listen to the vocal in Robert Basende and compare that vocal to now on Jugement

His old voice sounded so nice on the vocals. I guess people have gotten used to him singing alot in his songs and the variation with Adjani, Lacoste, Mabiala, Ndombe, Aimelia, Kabose, was magical

I guess the guy only happens to have similar voice to Ferre. I dont think he is a copy cat. He sings well though.

ACtually they are not real tests. Main tests were done 2 weeks ago and most singers recruited and were all in the Matadi Tour. Only Singer from Lobeso Group tested this week.

Ronaldinho has a unique voice and will be valuable to MM. He is also very experienced.

Werra has vocals on another rhumba track in the album

On vocals Ronaldinho is a good singer/unique powerful voice though not a good dancer. But i guess better dancer than Eboa.

Personally the Guy who sang Alisi Baba ( before Ozil) during the test would be a first team person for me. He is a superb singer/powerful voice and dancer and was well appreciated bu the La Zamba fans.

who knows his name and which band he came from?

Is this the first concert to be blocked by the combattants? Why did Heritier risk going knowing there were high chances of the hooligans blocking the concert?

I love the Charme guy from Abel De Charme! he is such refined and creative singer. Werra seem to be so impressed with his improvisation.
The Guy who sang before Ozil is a good singer and dancer too.

Werra always gets back big!

I think that you all right I mean Arnake and Limousine are some very very good singers, except Café Rhoum and Deplick I have never seen someone with that vocal ability in Maison Mere since long time, and for the fact of Werra and Ferré being great formateurs I think that they are both good but Werra can give you more fame, I didn't know Bercy or Kirikou before of their joining to Maison Mere, Ferré of course can form better singer since when you have Ferré as a model your voice is trained to be a natural singer but I think that they both work worlds m the same way, I think that Ferre 's camp is going away because Ferré sings a lot and give few vocals and sings to his group unlike Werra who except 7 eme jours has made all of his guys to sing songs and make group albums
You are right. However Arnake is not quite good in singing. Watch keenly the La Zamba repetitions and you will note his vocal range is limited and cannot sustain well.Limousine is stronger.
Apart from the guy from Abel , Ozil and Boby Ronaldino, the rest (Djenny, Maty etc) will struggle to get to Team A.

So what happened with Koffi?  Haha Ronaldinho mpiaka like JV said. Wow Abel is loosing musicians already, Eboa is there so why would want that guy unless it's for reserve.

I think Eboa left MM and the young guy is more of a tenorist and would definitely be an asset to MM. Also good improvisor like Eboa.

i think the guy from Abel De Charme is next big hit in Maison Mere. He is a refined and talented singer. Does Eboa high notes easily.

Congolese Music / Re: WHO IS THE NUMBER ONE NOW?
« on: June 29, 2017, 16:38 »
Ambulance seems better on creativity, melody and voice variation and strength.

« on: June 28, 2017, 18:06 »
about goldberg i think he arrived when some generiques had been done for example se na se which basically had lobeso replaced by anti balles so he came only with diemba but then once all was recorded he started producing several animation which he showcased at la zamba,and which might feature in that next generique along with some new stuff from ambulance aswell( the title is sointaibo a word created in kin's streets as an alternative to swag it a compression of french words soin taille beau, clean, fit and handsome

I think Congo Central will also feature in the  New Generique.  He has good cries and strong voice.

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