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Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« on: Today at 16:48 »
Damn, Werra said don't call me faux chanteur ever again with Ali Mayimona. Rhumba propre with Sarah solo killing it!

The generiques deliver and Kelvis Nkoyi is an old school sebene song Werra was famous for

Kelvis Nkoyi is a lovely sebene track. The animation by Anti Balles and Makaba's solo guitar is quite impressive.

Kunzardo will definitely make it in Maison Mere as he is very creative and strong. Diego is sleeping on the job on the tenorist atalaku side.

« on: June 23, 2017, 19:47 »
Werra has done it severally and especially when some members have moved to other groups. Fans do receive him i believe because of loyalty. Yesterday's repetition, my main note is great solo by Makaba and Miel/Caferum great vocals.

Werra may not be the best singer but he does sing well. Actually in concerts he does well and mostly on the lead in most songs.

Archos, Olivier actually had a position in charge of recruitment and believe Werra had good plans for him. Am pretty sure you may soon see him begging back.
Arnake is not such a good singer and less confrontational.  He has to play his cards well.

Also Wata's singers might cross over to MM.

« on: June 10, 2017, 15:10 »
unfortunately the bashing is permanent,in a ferre video you'll find fally or werra fans bashing,in a werra video you'll find some heritier and ferre bashing aswell as some very hardcore bcbg fans who could not care less about jb and werra having made peace,in a fally video you'll see ferre fabregas and heritier fans,in a fabregas video you'll see fally and koffi fans, in robinio's videos you'll see fans of heritier and fabregas bashing him just because he praises fally and is too honest about his relationship with them guys,in videos of whoever does not almost bow to heritier you'll see plenty of heritier fans bashing, in a video of jb you'll see fans of koffi bashing plus some hardcore maison mere fans, in videos of le grand mopao'll see..... what you'll see i no dey want problem ohhhh

Archos, i like your reviews.  I seem to like Ferre but i find most songs also monotonous of late. I wish he could be on lead and give his singers lines in the songs.

Archos, i absolutely agree with you. Am also sure that he has learnt a lesson from most recent departures, especially happening just when he is to release an album.

Am happy the young man who does Olivier part is now accorded first team after many years in the reserves.

Has he joined Maison Mere already or it's still speculation that he'll join?
He has confirmed joining WMM

He always has a way of weathering storms. The 4  were key members to leave then.

Christian Ozil joining WMM adequately  covers Eboa and Olivier. A versatile singer and dancer.

i think when Ferre, Bill, JDT, Ndombe, Mabiala left, was the biggest scare then and Werra managed to build another formidable team.

The solo guitar is reminiscent of Makaba's Wenge 4x4 early days

Maison Mere has monopolized the scene,  wait and see Igwe trade and not only make the National team stronger but the so called "Nurseries"  as well...

Werra has the knack for building a formidable team and he has an easier task now that  half of first team is gone. I believe he must have known their plans.

Nice one from Patsho. Will they sustain the tempo if Werra hits back? Wata team is so crowded now with good singers and will soon start losing too. You will be surprised if Olivier runs back and kneesl like Lacoste did.

« on: June 03, 2017, 15:19 »
Bon Anniversaire. I thought  Makaba did the Solo?

I think the guy from Goma easily fits the role. You remember his test by Eboa. He would easily fit the position.

Arnake, a blessing. Not a good singer and the new singer who does Adjani/Heritier parts  covers well. Olivier however has been quite an important member.  Werra Son should lure back Coulisse from Heritier. I think Werra should have not let him join Heritier earlier.

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