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yes from the ticket sales, he made a profit of around 15k,he used all that money straight away to buy a house destined to his foundation where he takes street guys to make them learn carpentry and other jobs

Both actually did it,but vincent's was more radical it seems

they had made some peace,but behind the scenes,some common friends of koffi and wazekwa  are snitching to wazekwa some stuff koffi says so wazekwa took a step back,he was not far from being ready for a reconciliation concert,but now he has changed his mind a bit

i just knew this week would not end without the super biased "tribunal" attacking marchouse who did not even attack werra like he used to do

 haha i checked today  to confirm i was not dreaming,one of the WTF moments of the year for sure,it looks well prepared though,zero afukama ehhhhh or comments like that and musicians played mama mabe spontaneously

joss visa had expired and he was about to renew and try to cement papers through the one who gave money for the car,he just went for the car earlier to anticipate the relatively long time it can take to get it to kin via port but that girl snitched it
haha koffi actually gave both the black and the golden jackets wazekwa wore to babia on consecutive weeks after the concert to belittle it,thats a old trick from him did with jf ifonge and cnn against jb,did it several times with babia on several artists,the last example i can remember is that when werra returned to india,he gave the same indian outfit to shaka kongo and said you'll be the one presenting my entrance at concert so that everybody notices

thinking about it the "phenomene" shout sounds like an answer to aimelia's " ouaiiiiiiiiiisssss ndenge ezali"


I have not watched full video yet but this is their reaction,they say their problem was not even plagiarism that much,but the fact also he used it with female dancers not well dressed(by the religious standard ) and this way sort of associated with something totally opposite to God,they do not want his money,they do not want to see him either,but the thing they would wish for him is to give his life to God,and people insulted them a lot and will surely insult them again after this video  but they have no personal problem with fally,they just were not happy to see their song used but in a bad way for them,and even worse without authorisation

Dont forget that those guys also are into spiritual power so they can seduce rather easily,which is why there are rarely those type of relationship in which you can eat at a colleague's home even if the colleague is out ,most of the artists maintain a certain distance in fear of their wives being too close to colleagues
arafat few days ago proudly boasted in video that he slept nasty with ariel sheney's girlfriend who became his wife not too long ago,if you dont know ariel lets say he is to arafat like heritier was to werra and that he did that  to pay ariel back for the fact ariel slept with a former sidekick of arafat way after they were not together anymore

 a good part of the recording was done in kinshasa in a not so good studio then they tried as much as they could to save things in south africa the mix was even done with a lot of difficulty as they ran out of funds and energy

yeah debordo and arafat have a long history of back and forth peace and war,but i think the real issue between them which explains that is that arafat wants to control debordo totally,the same system as some of our artists,he wants debordo to accept totally being in his shadow,devoted to his praise in hope of any favor with foreign artists,while debordo is more like bro we started together when you got deported you aint gonna impress me whatsoever with your fame
and he is also from that bunch of top coupe decale artists the one who stands up the most against arafat for the fact he slept with several of the wives/fiancés/sidekicks of his rivals to weaken them,most of the rest remain silent about it fearing the storm of the reaction of arafat's fans who are like fans of .... oops,me no go say noting oooo

Nothing "too bad" just that ferre did not apologize to werra like people claim,and for what would he apologize,and that ferre proved he had no issues with werra from first album in qui vivra verra and later on another song

maybe if not for the ngulu affair jb would have gone to finish record with them(since he could come on his own but he feared as wemba was arrested)
japonais seems like he wanted the leadership opportunity so bad,no wonder he clashed with chikito who felt he was due to do be the leader since he is the most known of the singers of that les maquisards

I am undecided on marchouse reaction,ferre's silence was the perfect response for the moment,but at same time the silence could have benefited too much in what could seem to some like a buzz move prior to album release since there would be loads of videos still confirming the theory that ferre apologised, bowed down and things like that
now that marc popped up watch out for vincent and mbuta likusa recadre ferre gola pour les propos blablablabla

Like title says,i wonder if you heard about that story of dj arafat and debordo in a restaurant and arafat threatened debordo with a gun and debordo headbutted him to defend himself and things like that?
luckily this type of guys do not exist in our music

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