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« on: September 18, 2018, 19:14 »
bercy arrived when it was finished,they have started his generique already for nex month or by the end of the year

 i believe werra is not responsible for what his ex members do,but there is a bigger thing which is the system
the newcomers after fally and ferre and that bunch who released at the same era,you'll notice the system influenced them to follow some behaviour, then 99,999999 per cent of them once,they  gain some success develop the same stereotypes, dissing people ,stealing a sidekick of another artist which leads to personal and musical beef and so on,arrogance and so on
 i remember for example ibrator who used to say clearly that he has nothing but love for his young bro fabregas but like elders have taught them when you part company you then face each other and challenge each other so they are just doing  what has always existed
also the issue with some groups,is that along with talents which the guys have there was also huge characters so at times there is ego clash

« on: September 18, 2018, 16:24 »

Congolese Music / Re: Fally showing his new Bentley
« on: September 18, 2018, 09:02 »
get ready for  the brigade throwing at any occasion " ferre,jb,fabregas,celeo will have a heart attack because fally bought a brand new bentley" it started already on labouche under the post about soleil wanga


For journalist and singer dicarson one

in short he is saying he is not any jealous of fally,because he is very happy with the life he has,he has what is important to him so he has nothing to envy anybody let alone fally and he repeats several times ozo beta mabe the song of innos b(which can be translated are you are acting bad towards somebody or people) and says in quartier latin,only one person had authority on him it was koffi and anyways each of them in quartier latin knew who each of them was and he had access to koffi directly to tell him straight when he agreed or disagreed on something
 and he added that the other guy(fally) since he became a bigger star than in quartier latin thinks that his colleagues of then have to bow to him to still exist somehow( probably soleil is alluding to the fact dicap loves to reunite his court jesters to belittle old quartier latin colleagues and laugh at them and some even in the past did not talk anymore to him because they heard them) and no way on heart he'll get that from him and he has become very arrogant these days especially since he made peace with koffi will those he attacks were in good terms with koffi way before and know koffi still holds some grudge against him
 and he agrees with ferre that fally is a yuma because a true man if he has an issue with you,he'll approach you and try to sort it out in any possible way and not talk behind your back  or act like a gangster on tv to impress people

It would have been great if these beefs would be resulting to some great music in the studio. Otherwise they are meaningless

Exactly you just summed up whats wrong with current congolese music, zero of the beefs is any productive in terms of music,even fally and ferre have gone past that stage of mutual motivation ever since they started buying houses like they want,now its just beef for the sake of beef and some having deep grudge

« on: September 17, 2018, 14:00 »
of course there is no saint but you'll notice jb and werra get the most blame since they were the biggest stars and to be honest the way they eliminated them within two years was maybe not the nicest,but then again like you rightfully raised the journalist stir it i have seen for example maison mere ranting on celeo for the recent interview on his social media and he replies with a simple sentence" i had to respond to answers of the journalist"
and generally musicians who do not have big daily buzz anymore cant dictate questions the way fally for examples does,he used for example to ask to them not to ask questions which can force him to talk about koffi's bad sides to protect his "new image" or to ask them not to ask anything about ferre,or to ask when he is in the mood of taunting ferre
 so they adapt,you'll notice for example in the series ado yuhe is doing,the guys are really talking about purely themselves and the present  5 minutes at the end when ado has got the answes he wanted

yeah i get you brother,but the issue in some of those beefs is that they make it super personal,bill and celeo for example they can spend two years without talking to each other,ignoring each other when they meet somewhere or once they almost fought with their gangs in nightclub if not for genta taking bill apart to another room of the nightclub
the problem in general with our artists is that they struggle to separate the system and real life,so whenever somethings starts it always ends up becoming deep and real and can remain like that for a decade or more based on literally nothing special


No other than soleil wanga,and you'll notice like jb fally has dropped his name from interviews
in the past you'd hear  vieux na nga de la patria,or grand pretre salvatorius de la patria or masta na nga guy vanbrawn de bodinat  but since some week/months  it has disappeared

Congolese Music / CELEO IS IN USA
« on: September 16, 2018, 20:17 »

ever since he's started travelling and getting long term visas the level of insults he was getting has dropped quite a bit,goes to show how much in our community its your lifestyle which earns you "respect" which is sad
back when he did not have papers you'd get up to 20 videos against him per week

 yes he is talented but he is playing a bit of a dangerous game because people especially those who love insisting on the theories that whoever comes from bcbg does nothing good in solo are counting every release,and he has 6 songs or so now
plus he wants to release in december at all costs which is normally the period of elections,not the best period for an unproven solo artist unless  a fantastic generique drives him the way ya mado lifted fabregas when other musicians were starting to be affected by the debut of an era with  strong weekly political focus

yeah thats sad and as usual in comments people are delighted but then when he'll say in another interview something about nsone with papy mboma they'll roast him again,total circus
thinking about (nothing to do with werra himself) but the ex maison mere guys are by a countrymile those who have the most conflicts within them,lacoste vs jdt,lacoste vs baby,fabro and deplick who love throwing shots at heritier,celeo vs bill, celeo vs brigade,brigade who disses ferre, robinio vs deplick,robinio who disses ferre, taddet and miel who cant stand each other,miel who attacks heritier at any occasion..they forget so quickly all what they have been through together

nsone wanted to land in bercy in a helicopter hahahaha

as far as i know none,to the last last seat maybe matebu who was at koffi's if i remember well can say something,but i always heard that only youssou ndour in africa fills it  100 per cent

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