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and politely sends warning about what is happening of late

ahhhh mustapha mawa trop vraiment had everything almost to become a proper star,may he rest in peace
I’ve always said Mustapha will always be one of the biggest what ifs in that generation, he had the looks, voice, style and just needed a bit better dancing skills to be THAT GUY. He could’ve easily been Fally’s rival in the group, and was a perfect replacement for Babia, because Quartier latin suffered big time in the chorus section after he left. I wish he stayed in the group longer he left too early, it was a waste for him to go to Academia even though he had fantastic vocals in Viagra, just imagine if he participated in Effrakata.

Exactly,i was thinking about the solos of bercy when i said almost everything it showed that he was not a natural dancer,if he had it he really would have the full package
its really a shame that all went downhill for so long
his story reminds me of late cameroonian footballer modeste mbami who also died of heart attack weeks ago,could have reached the absolute top in clubs after getting a taste of it in psg then unfortunately kept going down and down and died isolated without most of his friends and even his wife

Congolese Music / Re: Apparently Mustapha Gianfranco passed away
« on: January 26, 2023, 23:00 »
ahhhh mustapha mawa trop vraiment had everything almost to become a proper star,may he rest in peace


At 10 20 he explained that the song was made with programmed drums and when he wanted real drums aswell the quartier latin drummers were not reaching the right tempo he wanted so he told koffi that he wants to try and when he was done playing it till the end koffi was impressed and joked whether he should pay him as a drummer or a singer and he said both

« on: January 26, 2023, 19:27 »
hahaha yeah werra seems to really enjoy whenever he is in states
here is another,lol this is hiver waouuuuuh

yeah he is not blessed with stable people between his aunt and his mother both super crazy and unstable,a western union can make them change 20 times the same month,they are both very greedy and like you said even the argument christine had with babia was about money 5000 dollars they received from a donor which they went to see in angola and which babia took it all instead of sharing like it was meant
if only sam could have got him the visa just before the lockdown he'd be out of that toxic environment unfortunately it got rejected for whatever reason
i doubt the babia who had gone over his addiction and who was living in macampagne when he became a leader would have tolerated manicke making a fool of herself for so many years now even though they were not together anymore but they still had some strong friendship due to their kids,proof is even when he was not well it took his death for manicke to ever appear on media
the poor kid is being suffering from issues caused by  the huge egos of his mother and aunt who always want to have the last word each
if manicke just acted like a normal mother and went to montfleury with him to say "vieux i am sorry for the drama,he is your baby i promise i wont get too involved in your business" all this would not have happened,but instead now its becoming stuff that it starting to mention nana ketchup and so on,lol congolese polemic is really something, one sentence  can lead to 10 big issues popping out and dragging for years


apparently prince has decided to not be any associated anymore with the family of his late father and texted kisindjora to tell her that they should forget him in their family

i believe manicke is using it knowing koffi does not play AT ALL when its about cindy,it all started from prince going to montfleury with cameras and so on and koffi refusing to welcome him to avoid manicke and ndjora's drama after that
then after that she started attacking cindy that rebo is superior,koffi cut her tubes and so on
cindy was never fally's employee,but they performed together in the aids song so to promote it she made a couple of appearances with him
lol i have a feeling its aliya behind manicke because the same aliya did a mocking video yesterday and when manicke replied to cindy she was literally chanting praise for aliya
 haha amazing how two of the most silent women of the music industry started doing like everybody
its a party now on social media  with women who have nothing at all to do about it jumping on it for traction
le quadra might have a tough time dealing with that,when a woman accepted silence for 20 plus years then starts throwing almost daily shade,she's reached the "nothing to lose" stage and it will collapse with cindy going for the "the throne is mine" attitude

lol manicke should have known that if she handles quadra its certainly not her that she'd be scared of
what i appreciate though is that despite anger,she did not insult really,most congolese people " ya mama na yo " and so on were already said by half of the video

lol these guys play with fire,not even the older guys would have an open war with fally and ferre's fanbases at the same time


They say that fally and ferre united against them

Congolese Music / Re: JB Mpiana guest at France24
« on: January 24, 2023, 09:02 »
yes a journalist martinez zogo got killed by cutting his head for the fact he was making a lot of reports on how governement people and some businessmen friends of them were into strong corruption and stealing and it did not please the guys so they eliminated him

Congolese Music / Re: Ekokota in studio with Makaba
« on: January 24, 2023, 08:51 »
yes normally audio and video and the backstages and preparation,jb and werra's solo concerts delayed the evolution should have been finished by the end of last year

Congolese Music / Re: Ekokota in studio with Makaba
« on: January 24, 2023, 08:13 »
i think they are making some correction of the martyrs concert before official release

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