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Very very sad situation hope ya fifi and his lifelong wife will find strength to handle such a tough situation
for those who do not understand lingala,ficarre's second daughter had gone out from home for days like she already used to do being a grown woman and he thought when she was going out like that she was visiting her aunts or friends whereas it was a boyfriend and a boyfriend who was treating her really bad and whenever she was back home she did not complain or anything
this time she was gone since friday and since he was very busy with bcbg and his private business he was expecting her to return as usual at some point and he was informed to come at police because his daughter is deah and they have arrested a young man
that man had forced her to shut phone down and she managed to call a friend on saturday and she told that friend that the guy had beaten her even at genital parts so she was really in pain and when the guy arrived and shut phone down again so they could not continue
on monday morning she was already dead and he kept her at home like that and it is neighbor who noticed there was something suspect going on
she was 23 years old

« on: October 18, 2017, 12:02 »
 yes ekokota's issues started from 1994 he was getting "retour" from the strong deals he went for so he was less and less his own self he started drinking too much sometimes you'll be with guys laughing hard and you'll have a silent ekokota with his head down suddenly
he really did not have the easiest last three years and i wont be surprised if when he disappeared he went through some depression
because the poor guy had to handle his own stuff plus at several occasions most of the "charge" of the group
it took him quite some time to be in the right form to record feux de l'amour
that aint easy at all  leaders used to put a lot of responsability on atalakus since they were at that time technically the least important member of thegroup with the rare synthe players of then and supposedly the least educated so they were taking advantage of it

« on: October 17, 2017, 23:11 »
 full king is the second guy after werra here doing animation with ekokota

« on: October 17, 2017, 23:07 »
his real name is jean-robert which was turned into roberto
yes actually its part of a song bana odeon used to sing at funerals tutu and co modified later into animation(for example the way recently some guys modified gospel into animation)

« on: October 17, 2017, 21:45 »
i believe abraham performed at la zamba festival in summer,he said on tv that he performed and he was surprised to see that werra was there and at the end werra saluted him and said "you have a good team"(in which he wont mind to pick? loooool)

« on: October 17, 2017, 21:40 »
ROBERTO EKOKOTA WUNDA  was born in 1971 and raised in kinshasa in the area of kintambo were he started music in early 80's as a dancer in traditional groups playing what we know now as bonioma and playing mbonda aswell
around 1985 he will be trained to play shaker and start animation by late vieux obigo the creator of the word "atalaku" in the group bana odeon and he will quickly  learn his trade and in 1986 he will arrive in final of a competition between street groups in the group attraction babylone of kintambo along with the likes of patient kusangila and ali mbonda
in 1987 1988 when wenge musica is looking for an atalaku as full king who they had in the band did not convince them, werra will discover  ekokota thanks to his friend papy mavuzi (the older brother of blanchard mosaka) as roberto used to work with their younger brother "levieux" mavuzi and they used to live on same avenue as mampata and straight away he is invited to join wenge musica and take 1st spot next to full king and he will bring with him the style from bana odeon which is also already exploited in zaiko and empire by nono and djouna mumbafu
 while he missed out on first album mulolo he will participate on second album kin e bouger where he adds his first song ngoma maguy which is a song from bana odeon in which he anticipates wenge music getting "champion du zaire" title shouting it in the sebene part of that song
he starts earning himself a solid reputation as he matches djouna with his energetic style aswell as dance skills and he will confirm his status of one of the best atalakus of the country in kalayi boeing with "boma liwanza"and becomes a big favourite of the leaders of the group
as he will continue to shine in les anges adorables he welcomes another atalaku tutu caludji to complement him and will form with him a solid partnership
 in album pentagone he will be credited the generique which is also an old songs from bana odeon which he reworked but in this period he will start having a drop in performances as he faces a lot of problems with his throat and to add insult to injury he will have serious problems which will require surgery but in the meantime he is technically part of the team creating wenge bcbg as generique of titanic is credited to him due to start of generique coming from him
in early 2000's he'll go back to kin and brazzaville to try forming a band but it did not work out and he disappeared from then

« on: October 17, 2017, 18:55 »

I dont know how true it is but i am hearing one of the possible reasons of the visit is heritier joining primus and needing jb to convince bralima more the way wazekwa also did,visiting him and few times after contract was nailed

« on: October 17, 2017, 18:25 »
exactly in that period not only the throat but the spiritual part of his job was affecting him i dont want to elaborate on it but in i think the famous mama angebi concert werra clearly hinted who is who in the spiritual section of the group he was sick a lot of times prior to that throat thing and i guess its part of why he has been so media shy he knows he will be asked about how all of a sudden things went downhill and whether its due to spiritual reasons

thanks  quite nice from you guys but i guess should i restart it might take quite some time  the way they behaved made me lose any interest in doing it  but if you want i'll think about another concept which will be "my experience with wenge musica" or something like that  as i have witnessed wenge from 85 86 so if i can find back my focus and motivation for it at least that sounds a bit feasible
a book it would take quite some years even kija brown who has been around before wenge existed has been working for over 10 years now


footage of the concert hahaha the comments though 99 per cent of maison mere fans are fuming,but like somebody posted if its not happening its the fault of fans and people around musicians aswell  you cant expect somebody to show unity except in funerals in a context where you are insulting and some of his guys are insulting you aswell and same for fans

Congolese Music / Re: WENGE BCBG... NEW SLAVES???
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:11 »
lol to explain better the story about genta's mother he was about to leave and form band with chai and some guys who remained in bcbg,he had bought instruments with money he saved  but was not  extremely bold and determined to leave at all costs and when he informed his mother she told him"jb has done nothing bad to you,all your brothers have gone very far at school but of all of them its you who struggled to just finish high school who bought me and your late father this huge house and who sent all your brothers to europe,so think twice,go ahead if you feel its God's plan but as your mother i'd suggest you to think twice and stay because i already see you happy where you are"
and since he was not totally keen on leaving he gave his instruments to chai and remained
mother's do not have the same logic of career we have as fans it seems even les marquis most of the mothers were not too keen on them leaving

Not for being a hater but it would have been nice for Heritier to visit Vieux Nsone
I know that JB is very close to all the Wenge's ex members especially from the MM side (since the ex BCBGians are always the staring of gossip by the tre mpschettieri) and to Heritier since he was at BCBG in 1999, but Heritier should peace it with Nsone even though is not that big of a deal.

it will happen i am sure if you look at it well ALL the big favourites of their bosses of early 200's it took a while before they were again on same stage,it took ten years for fally with a less toxic atmosphere though compared to ferre and nsone,it has already taken for sure 13 years to ferre, heritier is just on his 3rd year far from werra with like i said earlier people of both camps improving their life thanks to beef,joss diena  10 years now,alain mpela it took  7 years before his first appearance next to jb again
 only guys who were the 2nd 3th 4th and more favorite returned quicker to their ex bosses

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From 7th minute lol the way they introduced the new keyboard player

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