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several videos arrived after with family apparently saying that bercy hit him and went and when he got alerted that he hit somebody and came back to the scene hit him again in the legs this time as he was drunk  which is why they strongly claim he killed him,i hope for him that its not totally true or he might be in deep trouble
that put aside,i find it quite painful and a bit embarassing aswell that new habit journalists have of putting microphones in front of relatives of dead people and dwelling as much as possible in hope for something sensational
yes the  relatives can explain what happened but i am annoyed when the interviewers start dwelling when the person can barely speak or is too angry

Congolese Music / Re: WENGE'S
« on: March 17, 2018, 15:36 »
another massive difference between bcbg and maison mere is that most musicians of maison mere prepare their move months before leaving,while most in bcbg start solo career because of a situation so the start is always slower as they have a lot of things to adjust to
then the work ethic also matters  maison mere guys want to have instant impact at all costs while bcbg members tend to act like there is plenty of time ahead let me go step by step(you can see it with album releases abraham,zakoko and co have released zero album except djino

this explains even better lack of african awards for jb clips were never on time let alone promoted enough to  get the continental recognition a guy of his talent deserves and to be in contention for winning awards if i am not mistaken at kora 2001 or another award of that year jb was among nominees or pre-nominees and went with jeannette  to face effrakata and operation dragon, it was a lost cause already

 second time this happens, back when he created buzz telling his guys to cry on phone and tell people he is dead  there was the fact he beat his wife too much and wanted to hide and also that somebody around him died in strange conditions
all this explains why despite all the hype this guy got around him as a heir to bill or whatever he is not getting where we expect him he is not mature enough and  is very badly surrounded

Congolese Music / Re: Extra musica 242 is out
« on: March 16, 2018, 16:50 »
indded,just relistening to album just figured out dancer sorel got a song ingratitude and sang on it,gotta be the first of both congo's to do it,and there is a new atalaku also
toko suka wapi of mbonda player pitos sounds like a trop c est trop song

I just tried to assess whether the ex bcbg members deserved any praise
 the ex maison mere members are getting praised over hits and strong presence
here is so far how it went for ex bcbg members
-alain mpela ,no album for 13 years after intifada and mortel combat
-caludji,no album for 10 years spent a decade  in europe over half of it away from his musical career
-boguys bompema released album went to europe became pastor combattant
-djino release album but instead of promoting it wasted time on beefs then released the generique and went to europe to prove heritier a point
-abel has not released an album,just one song to announce he went solo with no promotion
-alba accompagnero released an album and went back to europe
-abraham still has not released album but two three songs here and there thinking he'll make proper promotion efforts when album is out

 in these conditions why would jb or any other leader give them intensive praise?
Jb is to blame for not having feed enough their career in the group  with the years between releases for sure but they are to blame for their failure so far,robinio proved you could be a marginal member and do better in solo than some who were actually stars  by working hard and doing a looot of promition

i think the main difference is that seguin now does a lot of his bad things behind the scenes while kakol does not feel any ashamed to expose that side of him,he seems actually proud of it seeing it as a proof of his extreme loyalty to werra


How can a 40+ grown man rejoice at the fact a journalist was beaten supposedly because he said something bad about his leader and say that he wished he was the one who could manhandle patcho and issue warning to other journalists.. And to think the guy was barely noticeable in terms of talking when the dream team was around ever since they left he's become way too influent and in a bad way whereas he is normally a cool guy

i am sure koffi is still pissed about missing the plan of a song with both of them on his solo album knowing his skillss and theirs as singers it would have been a banger

lool God spoiled werra with imagination/craziness,i remember when he went to saddam to ask for a tank to make a more spectacular entrance than zaiko at their fara fara,only him can have such original ideas :D :D :D

they expect jb to praise them way more than he does for ferre and heritier and co  while they forget that all leaders have something in common when you as their ex musician do not have the attitude or the language which pleases them  they'll ignore you or attack you
he mentions bompema just  like he always did at the end of omba some of the ex members he still in close contact with afande,tutu,winnie mandela,kadishow,zambrotta,ma pitshou and recently he added metro and bompema
for me he should add the likes of titina and mbokaliya he praises them a lot in group rehearsals but i wonder why he does not talk about them in interviews or on stage

from the thumbnail you can see he is bloody pissed,i struggle to understand whats their problem except chai who said nothing so far
out of them only djino really released something and potentially deserved the praise which are making them angry jb keeps praising ferre and heritier based on their hits like he did for robinio the same year,for fally for almost a decade..and actually he is not anywhere near as close to them than he was with fally who even attended bcbg reunions at times and gave ideas

 yes that period was bad for him he even went back to kin against his doctor's desire to perform for one year or two with strong treatment and not being at his best,he recovered at the francophony concert then there was also the justice affair in belgium

 didier and werra have no problem but talk rarely as far as i know its often tata who when he is with any of them who brings the other into the discussion
makaba and jb are good  last year they ate at restaurant like 5 6 times  and makaba attended a bcbg concert but for whatever reason it was not recorded and not talked about only tolbert solo said  makaba gave him advice after concert and congratulated him for the way he plays 4X4 songs well


Durrell visited roga at rehearsal or concert and they played the Z1 generique and roga visited kevin mbouande and his patrouille des stars

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