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He talks mainly about his album explaining some of the songs and things like that  and he reveals that he had to sing a song with blaise bula and him and blaise had  already agreed on everything ,then the night before studio session somebody calls him waking him up claiming to be blaise's manager and that he has to pay 500 euros before blaise comes to studio,and he said paying 500 was not a problem at all he could have given it to blaise in person but he did not understand how blaise himself never requested it before they agreed to book the session and that blaise never came so he sang the song they had to do on his own
in that interview he also talked about koffi constantly repeating his usual" there is no formateur" dig,which has always been taken very seriously by maison mere since werra claims to be  le grand formateur and he says koffi should stop doing things like that because after when maison mere will reply they'll hit hard,he just came from a tough situation which he was one of those who prayed and wished for koffi to not be jailed(and knowing him he is upset that in none of the interviews koffi's done since koffi apparently did not thank him when he thanked artists while he was quite vocal about his support,despite being attacked by fans of artists who are beefing with koffi or by pro-combattants) and that if he was koffi he'd take a step back and promote youngsters give them a boost the way he did with gaz fabilouss but  the problem is that koffi likes remaining active and it makes him have polemic for the sake of the game while and risking to be attacked over it,while he is somebody who just be in a position of only getting all the respect and honour
his "criticism" of koffi along with the explosive title as if he was ripping into koffi did not go well with many koffi fans,even his own  pire petite  gaelle louisa who is a strong koffi defender on youtube announced she'd be doing a video to explain to celeo that he messed up very bad and that she could not expect him to be jealous of koffi like most of the other artists or something like that

they have a 40+ years friendship involving both their families aswell,so everytime espe had wanted to go the families step in  to convince espe not to leave his brother and roga also comes with sweet promises

i think it happened like that but jb and co were protected  and told it was an accident,ya felly was that time the main man or one of the big guys of office de routes and was somebody who spoke his mind
jb discovered the news coming from gombe if i remember well with werra and kibens
the way werra handled him that  day is a strong moment of their friendship which used to bring jb back to earth when he was getting too angry about what happened in hot polemic time
i am sure he grew up with the idea that it was not possible that mobutu was that mean


another interview he says he came to france for private reasons(papers surely) but also is using that opportunity to plan on their tour in europe in june with label and producers,and that he did not come alone because he is "the leader" but because he had reasons to come,and that ramatoulaye will come with him next month with him to continue planning after ulrich tells him  that he might be egoistic because when roga comes to france he comes with espe bass,he does not see himself as  a supreme leader above of the rest but as a simple chef d'orchestre who coordonates things and who has been trusted by the co founders(ramatoulaye,levyson,obama,dodi le talent,dido senga,kassoul) to handle that role and that they dont need president role(president role was destined to espe bass if he did not change his mind after talking with roga)
he talked about kassoul saying its very sad for him because he loved kassoul like a little brother(i think he even lived with him in early zangul days  and was a great friend of his wife chella) and he is almost lost for words when continuing to talk about him
 ulrich keteur teased him several times about roga roga, for example about how he talked " bad" of him when they left and he says he actually did not say everything but he had to give a rather honest answer when he was asked he could not pretend it was all good anymore like when he was in zangul,but anyways he's moved on and he is focused on nouvel horizon
he is also teased again about the fact roga taught him guitar which he always like to adress that all the extra musica guitarists have the same master leo bvegadzi,but indeed roga being more experienced gave him some help to step his game up
 he is asked about bokoko whether he listened  to it he said yeah of course its a good thing for roga and ulrich tries teasing him again that they did not promote vision anymore because bokoko has overshone the whole congolese music and he says he is surprised to hear it from a professional journalist,to which ulrich says he asked question coming from fans,and sonor says he does not buy into that logic of when an artist has a big hit it kills the other artists there is room for anybody one artist having success does not block way for others it can happen sometimes that a second becomes a big hit  but its never something which will paralyse a whole music for years
if anything he is actually proud that roga has a hit,it only helps congo on the african musical map is roga is doing well,them well,kevin mbouande,doudou and co,the more there is artists doing well the more powerful congolese music will be in africa
he got finally asked about vision at some point and was relieved because he tried several times already to bring back focus on nouvel horizon and vision and he says its a good album and that he does not have 4 songs out the 13 because he is the leader or because he is the best of them but he is a writer and it happened that 4 of his songs made the cut during the selection,and he is asked how many songs he has in his career in zangul he says n'julie,gyrophare and rosalin but that many other songs were his but credited to other people
 and that despite him having 4 songs he did not put a different energy on it as arranger he gave his best on all songs like they are his just like the singers gave their best on his songs

« on: January 17, 2022, 23:05 »
oyebi ndjora te hein looool when she went to south africa when jb was not bothered to go to kora's she did some crazy things at joburg airport too lol almost destroyed her own clothes like wrestlers too,you'd not think she's a 45 years old grandmother

Aah tika biloko wana. Ezo sopa ye mabe.

Btw I saw last week on social media Congolese pages saying that Celeo has still 0 zero streams on digital platforms. is that true ?

he put his songs there about a week after release on insistance of fans of his insta and and did not make a lot of promotion of it yet,but i think you know why it has been posted on some social pages that he did 0 streams its not hard to get which orientation have those pages
celeo is not allowed to exist as an artists unless he apologises to x(and sometimes Y) so he is constantly having boycott pending around him
i have heard some audios of plans against him last year but i prefer talking about it in private,i dont want to get sarcastic attacks just behind my post lol


Nga pe nakamuaki lool


The problem with werra and ferre is that they have a similar trait which is huge pride,so even if things are calm now each on his side wants the other to make the step,and its expected even more on ferre,who by pride again refuses to make a move which will seem to him like opportunist move,like all the pain he went throught can be blown away like that
if ferre makes the step it will be "easy" and in no time we could see nsone explaining to people in every interview how great ferre is,but ferre also wants his share of proper apology to make that extra step further
the thing is that in most congolese beefs harm done is only portrayed as one sided,99 per cent of the non ferre fans will tell you that all was just perfect and ferre like a fool came and repeatedly disrespected werra(just like many ferre fans will say werra gave ferre a continious torrid time behind the scenes and on air through sankara and co),we dont really have that ability of fair judgement its always has to be one swallowing his pride  and shutting up to make "reconciliations" happen,never a honest assessement of mutual failures
ferre and werra like two people who still love each other but are too proud of making the step and just are letting things go by and watching,as long as each of them is alive
but they must realise that death can surprise them i hope they act before something happens
i hope too unfortunately some of the top top OG maison mere influential are dead otherwise they could have hold a secrete meeting like the way they used to do with jb nobody could even imagine in their craziest dreams what was happening until nsone's accident and the time factor and rise of fally ferre beef forced them to admit

« on: January 17, 2022, 13:19 »
they arrived and she already started her typical theatrics lol
some combattants are threatening her for her words in rwanda which they have been promising to make her pay for the day she comes to france
heritier took 50 members of team wata to turkey musicians and their reserve and 25 of them will make the spain concert

Yes 99 per cent will be quite easy,only kapaya and ferre come to mind as "tricky cases" and maybe tata and masela if its a full original maison mere concept

« on: January 17, 2022, 12:58 »

since i know you enjoy those live extracts of new animation
from 1Hour34min
dont ever count on guys like jdl leaving so easily lol look at the way he is looking at jb like he's never seen him when jb gets in the dancing mood at 1H26 towards 27

likinga unfortunately died almost 10 years ago now here in france


-whats your real name? cardel sylvere ndinga
-where the nickname sonor comes from? from my melodies as a guitarist
-what does it change to be a number 2 in extra zangul then a number 1 in nouvel horizon?a lot,its a lot more responsabilities
-being a leader do you think you act fair or unfair?sometimes you are nice and sometimes you have to make tough decisions towards people
-how did you handle the loss of kassoul? until today i struggle to really realise he's gone and i will mourn him forever,it is really painful
-what do you know about his death? it is a sudden death everything happened so quick that its hard to have accurate analysis of it
-have you been supported by fellow artists? yes a lot
-was it an occasion to talk again with roga roga? no he was not there
- did he at least call you or any support? no
-how is the group coping with the loss?of course its a big blow which is why we put everything on hold to mourn our brother but we have after mourning to continue working because life is like that,we will restart things after the mourning 40 days are over
-levyson,obama two guys gone in 3 years is there a problem of gestion?i dont think so i believe its more of a matter of personal ambition and i wish them good luck in their solo careers
-how is vision doing on social media? well,but as you know we lost kassoul so we have in respect to his memory to stop everything for a while but so far we were getting good feedback its a good album and i suggest to people to give it a listen
-on a scale of 1 to 3 where would you rank nouvel horizon? i am not in the best position to judge where we are but its up to fans to judge,we try our best
-do you listen to other congolese artists? i listen to any type of music i can come across to
-i say congolese music? yes i listen to my big brothers kevin mbouande,quentin moyascko  guyguy fall and many more
-do you listen to bokoko? yes sometimes
-you said in an interview few times after its release,i can do thousands of songs like bokoko do you still confirm?
-yes i was talking as an arranger,and i was strictly talking about the music not anything else
- and the same success?art and success are two different things,nobody can totally understand how success comes but as for the music you can feel it and play it
-who is for you the biggest soloist of the last 20 years? you know  i dont like to separate soloist and other guitarists i like many guitarists regardless of success or album i like those who do their job well
-if a name can come to your mind right now? its difficult to pick i like many of them(you can feel they expected roga as answer lol)
-what do you prefer between dancing and singing? dancing
-between concert and studio? studio
-etat major or la main noire? etat major
-do you know the principle of this interview? no
-you gotta give a proverb and its explanation? one often needs smaller than oneself,you can have everything but you still need people around who may not be as rich as you but who will contribute highly to your life
-thanks for having accepted to participate,       thank you thank you for the nice concept


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 She was actually attacking heritier for half of his solo career hard especially for taking prince babia she almost cursed heritier then as usual with them media guys she had a problem and heritier being quite generous gave her good money and  there she apologised and went on extra praise mode to make up for her past attacks until she really became like a team wata external member
bogus explained that his attacks against koffi did not start from the jb thing but from his "exaggerated" praise of papa wemba which did not go well when wemba had gone into that mode of he'll never forgive koffi,with the likes of sam mpengo and co trying to trick him to bring him so that he get caught you know that system of getting you arrested to intimidate you,which went of course to another level when because of that he upped his attack game when starting to get involved in the jb koffi affaire

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