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werra's page posted this today as werra went to support alain at the memorial


wow he is literally the last one from nouvelle alliance to still be a band member,fally,fila basele,heritier have all gone to be leaders


He talks about his background saying he was originally destined to be an urban engineer like his father who is regional director of the organism in charge of that,but at some point music caught up with him in school he was classmates with arc en ciel and without his parents knowing he was performing in those street groups along with arc en ciel and other friends,then one day his mother caught him trying to escape home late in the night and understood that he was doing music
his first step closer to professional music was with do akongo along with robinio and co after fudji had left to join bcbg then months later eboa went to maison mere, he then went around 2002 2003 in bcbg where he had to be tested  by genta who was one of the guys in charge of recruitment and as it was happening in those days you'd go straight into rotation in groups if you were backed by powerful people in the group or you caught the eye of leader himself,so genta who was then "only" vice chef de repetition could not bring all the guys he had  recruited outside of group tests so they did workshops together where there was him lobeso bercy identite and co and since they were creating together along with mignon abraham who was helping out with dances,it would boost genta and abraham's influence to use their work so they did that,he reveals for example that the "patou solo original"part  of bongolowayi generique was a modification of an animation he was doing with arc en ciel way back in the days and many more,then as he was growing impatient of not getting access to a proper chance he went to work with papy tshimanga then went to quartier latin when acide stayed in europe but he could not stay there long because his voice was attacked spiritually by the atalakus there
 and one year after when fally was about to release droit chemin he started to recruit musicians and he was taken there where he found the likes of atele,blaise createur,dvd and co
he talked about their first trip to olympia,and said that they were struggleing to get visas,and fally at some point told them to slow down on witchcraft because sometimes too much witchcraft within a group brings bad luck in some projects and the embassy of france asked other artists if they were real artists because fally applied for 100 visas and other artists said no its not a real group its ngulus and fally ended up receiving 10 visas  so he had to have a tough selection,and equaliseur says in such cases when you are complete its a bonus,he fitted all leaders like to have good looks,singing,animation and dancing so he was assured to be on the list,and he remembers somebody like atele who was bad in dancing almost let himself get hit by a truck out of pain when he discovered he was not making it to the list
when they arrived in gabon something happened with a bird entering jet engine so they had to go back to congo brazza and luckily they arrived in time
he said they were meant to be session group but in reality it operated like other group with suspensions,tricks and all that and that fally wanted to promote himself a lot and that he thinks somehow koffi promoted him bouro and co because they were more complete than him,way better dancers,whereas in the case of fally being already he wanted to focus on himself a lot
vincent tries to bully him into the route of insinuating he made no effort to be known and that he was known only because of fally's desire,and he says no he does not deny that fally gave him some importance advice but he did not really boost him much like it happened to himself,he also made a name for himself because of his natural aura and how he worked hard along with fally's advice,he was one of the first faces to be known in the fally group even before they had a chance to record something but insists he did not benefit from a real desire to promote him like in the oldschool days and he gave example of when they recorded arsenal de belle melodies,it was the generique arsenal de belles melodies which was meant to be the main one where fally put all his hope on,but he thinks fally did a 12 on him because they shot the clip well,and suddenly to his surprise fally did another clip in europe and pretended that the tape of the  kin clip was burnt which he had never heard as an excuse so he doubt it was really true and even if true they could have restarted
the other generique bicarbonate was done in kin by kabuya doubai and co and him as the lead atalaku  had then to add something
he was asked about the period where he got europe papers and he said he got europe papers with fally's argument and that fally told him to inform him directly if he has to go to europe on his own because it would create jealousy in the band if others know,and there was a situation where he went to europe on his own with his own ticket and suddenly naty lokole called him to say that he should come back quicker than planned because there is a concert where fally wants him and he said he is ok with it but they have to pay him ticket back because he did not plan it like that,and nathy tshiba and fergany who were three of the most influential staff members of fally and who for some had a beef already with him(surely about the dancer he was dating which whoever of them wanted for himself) fuelled fally with the fact that he became stubborn and twisted his response to make it as if he said that him and fally were on same level now because he also had papers,and fally called kin before tv show of nathy lokole to order his spokesman alain nzambe to roast him and say he's suspended for lack of discipline, but alain did not want to do that since he knew the reality and also was getting along well with equa so alain was fired by fally like that on that moment and nathy accepted to handle it himself to announce that he is fired from the group " for paternity leave" to make it look like an innovative thing like he did with session group system (i am sure old members of the forums remember that episode well)
then later on he went to quartier latin and he says he has a lot of good memories from his time there,it was the first time that he had a monthly salary ever since doing music,and vincent interrupted him saying that he hurt people when he talked about payment in fally's group and he said he never said that he was never paid in fally's group just that both the price and the structure were different with fally it was after each concert
about the fact that fally "made him" he said fally picking him in his group gave him a platform but his own efforts and luck did  the rest,its like fally himself there has been loads of stars in quartier latin and he the big star he is today its because of his own determination and dedication and luck so he does not understand why people take it bad when he likes to put things into context about fally "making" him
then later on he went to quartier latin after trying all he could to make fally change his decision and one of fally's main donors simplice ebata from brazza called him to see him about the fact he was making steps to go back to fally's group and that he managed to convince fally to give it a possible chance and he said he will think about it,and the camp of nathy lokole and co fearing that with his uncertain answer he could go on tv to say that fally's people are approaching him to rejoin fally
koffi received an anonymous call "snitching" that he was in brazza negotiating for a return while he accepts meeting the donor in the first place because he wanted to be polite and hear what he had to say to him
and from then since koffi still had a fresh pain from the massive exodus of his male stars he decided to make cindy rework the generique equa had done and became very distant with him until he left
after that he tried to join maison mere(and bcbg a bit before) but both groups admins blocked the move to protect relationship with fally( which for example helped fusee go from 6th to 3rd atalaku in no time)
he was asked about pitshou luzolo who was with them in early stages then completely disappeared and he said unlike what people think he did not run away in europe or was not allowed to stay in europe like people around fally were pretending,what happened is that he got dropped from the list to stade the france following arguments with nathy and co  and since he knew already how to handle paperwork for visa and co for himself he helped out pitshou and pitshou did a new passport and managed to come to europe on his own and has chosen to live a normal life  away from spotlight
and he was asked who he'd rather rejoin if it was possible and he said without hesitating koffi,because koffi has his good and bad side but the good thing with him he does not hold grudges for long,and despite an eventful end of his time in quartier latin today they still talk with koffi on text messages like nothing ever happened,whereas with fally once you become an enemy its almost impossible to change it he tries several times to write to him and make sure they remain on cordial terms as he is grateful for his time around him which helped build his career but his messages were ignored

My honest take on this lobeso affair is this
its equally as easy to  side with him as to root for werra  and claim for jealousy and all that,but is there a long going history of leaders not wanting their ex musicians to succeed in solo unless they can "control their progression"? yes
is there witchcraft in congolese music?yes
is there musicians who have fallen out with their hierarchy for spiritual reasons? yes
lobeso has been complaining about more or less the same things for years even before his 4 years of kinshasa exile and one thing which is true with most leaders is that those from those who do fairly well  to those who are doing very well after their leaders,there is either a certain proximity behind them to kickstart it,or a strong spiritual war with the new leader "fighting" for his career on that field,along with the artistic field
now that does not discard at all,lack of effort,lack of support,lack of attention from the public and all those logical reasons
but then its difficult to always be either on the logical or the behind the scenes reasons,both co-exist as reasons of failure
otherwise the congolese music industry would be more friendly and peaceful if its that toxic there are reasons for it and we come from a continent (among others but one of the most specialised in it) where people have it hard to express certain feelings without a strong action visible or invisible

i have a question for the us based guys,this morning i received a call from a friend a kin who is a lot around politicians as their pire petit who was telling me that ferre had a lot of complication to get his own visa for usa  and that his group got their visas l before him and that friend was saying that his vieux were suspecting rival artists to have snitched on him that he allegedly had ongoing affairs in france and made it more serious than it and they had to call french embassy who explained to them that it was a minor family issue which was settled already then they gave ferre the visa,and also that some earlier tried to pretend that ferre was bringing ngulus only so that they dont get visas and ferre had to prove to them with his zenith and co videos until the recent femua
so my questions are this,is usa also like uk where for example in football some players cant move outside uk or cant come to uk on champions league europa league because of justice affairs,or is it different,and is it possible that based on that he gets rejected at airport once in states

and montana at the start instead of koffi aswell,this version is so better
The drums sound like titina's "real sound" which he kind of lost in latino
this reminds me of the early ndombolhino,bjone,late astone days

Congolese Music / Re: NEW ALBUM BY BUT NA FILET
« on: May 31, 2023, 15:52 »
i think its because he does conception of his generiques himself,he's probably with wazekwa and surely koffi recently the ones who literally start the generique from scratch,most other leaders let the guys do then pick what deserves to remain according to them
 in the case of but na filet he actually comes with his own generiques where his atalakus have to adapt
not gonna lie i like that generique especially as a fan of bassists ,its not your standard generique with ups and downs of tempo or straight sebene but i can see what he is trying to do,a bit like what lacoste and kabose did back in the days,generiques with minimal lead guitar but with a certain groove which makes people dance in bars,and if it takes over bars it takes over nightclubs automatically then it reaches tv then its a success


you'd think its reddy with the type of texts

i think its a "dna"thing with many congolese,i hope i wont be misunterpreted but i have noticed one thing with most of us,we like to take what we heard for long as rumours or what version we heard first and the way we understood it as granted and almost impossible to change
 for example the recent interview of innoss a lot of things were twisted and taken out of context due to bad translation from the goma swahili to lingala(and obviously because of witch hunt) he did a long interview  explaining himself in detail in lingala and there is literally nothing which does not make sense,but it might take about a decade for some people to move away from all the emotional bandwagon they joined just because he did not say the things in the exact formula that people want to hear
he should have just said rwanda is killing and insult kagame and pretend to hate the whole rwanda to look patriotic,and he said we've done enough of that even the international community has said a lot of things even if behind the scenes for their interest they think the opposite,if something does not work you have to try a new strategy
but its too late,now boketshu and co call him "innosbira" for the absolute delight of people and the killing peacefully continues as it would have even if he said fxxk kagame i will never ever perform in rwanda,rwanda is killing
or every of the popular rumours we've had over the years,its complicated to get somebody telling i used to believe but i had a more critical analysis of it and i now have doubts,most once they believe it never changes,thats how sometimes people hold 25 years grudge because they thought a friend had an affair with their sidekick which is not always right but as soon as they hear from one two people its gospel truth
i have a pire vieux who abandoned wife and kids for 20 plus years because of rumours that one of the mobutu guys had an affair with her whereas he was her uncle from gemena and she was often going to his office to get some money to buy stuff for the kids since my vieux was jobless


as soon as he did his interview i knew lol i appreciate jf,but you just cant always be "inspired by God" whenever a hot situation happens,i have never seen him really question a hot topic its always musicians sacrifice so its a sacrifice,musicians treat members bad so its that,its never that the musician can also lie for example


Lokua kanza says there is no number 1 in music,everybody has his style,his touch,you can say that somebody leads charts but he does not agree with the concept of number 1
knowing how some artists(AND THERE IS PLURAL) think number 1 is written on their birth act,if this was not lokua kanza their minions would be insulting already

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