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caludji is being  blocked by who you know which he is why he has not rushed to return perform,this is also why he went for  that particular status,jb wanted him to come permanently and   be "the second and nicer chef" while that jdl seguin team fear they'd lose all their advantages since jb really loves caludji
in private,the new members who approached him as it was an honour for them were victims of some " 12"(not receiving their bonus of that month and so on)
but on tv you'll see the two guys talk positive

exactly and like aimelia once said,jb just does not have courage to tell him that so he waits for kibens himself wanting change the way guys like bogus or some of the experienced female dancers naturally decided to leave without any problem between them
he only becomes ruthless when its somebody who becomes some sort of threat to his authority(like aimelia,blaise,makaba became for various reasons) or when his ears are spoiled by too much negative gossip about somebody


Legendary guitarist faugus izeidi is the man who found that nickname,while his real name was jean de dieu bialu makiese
he suggested him to turn jean into james and had liked in a dictionnary the name Madhi which means in indian great magician,great wizard so he could have become james madhi but madilu was not okay with it then faugus took madhi and mixed with the lu of bialu to create madhilu which became madilu because jean bialu was not writing the name well

she is still around i have seen videos of her

if you have been seeing latest concerts you would have seen some traction in BCBG

exactly as much as we bash him if you pay attention you'll notice some changes,you'll sometimes find third bassist playing jeanette,obama doing germando chorus and varius changes like that but unfortunately the marketing of bcbg is so messed up that things are not given the credit it deserves

looooooooool emo first team second third team does not exist anymore,like in all groups the more the guys around participated on albums the more they will appear in concerts,or  you'll see  a replacement of somebody gone appear a lot or a chiefs favourite its the same thing everywhere(but yes kibens has gone down big time as a singer undoubtedly)
every bcbg singer minus maximum 2 of those joined this year from kibens to obama participated on album

Yeah that year has been quite tense on political social level,except maybe three groups most of the groups have seen their number of concerts drop a lot,and it has even caused the drop of price in VIP concerts,not too long ago it was not even thinkable to watch a spot saying "VIP concert  15 dollars seats,20 dollars seats" and 50 as the maximum while in the past some shows had 50 as the absolute minimum and up to 200 300 or even  600 once or twice

 beers have abandonned fikin big time,and none of them is doing even half the crowds they used to full since the beers allowed more people to come,if i remember well you pay your ticket you had 2 beers offered and primus and skol when they were serious about it started promotion one month minimum before
plus like i said in some past posts,congolese music is suffering big time from the social issues of DRC  a lot of families who used to attend concerts are more concerned these days whether they'll eat even once in the day than to party so it aint easy
technically fikin like it used to be is dead if not for musicians insisting to maintain the tradition a little bit,wazekwa's concert for example is self production with some help of vodacom while in the glorious days of skol primus musicians just came smashed it and went home

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on 25th he wanted to have a concert at stadium for his 51st birthday and has been denied and moved to  fikin instead apparently and he says he has invited jb,werra,makaba,japonais,lacoste,ferre  pretty much whoever of clan wenge available,wazekwa...
he has done again and for the last time a version of voyage in his album which is now ready

Seeing him with his musicians reminds of something defao said in an interview with carine mokonzi, he said adolphe for the good of his career should restart taking his group very seriously because he has turned into a stepping stone group while tonya tonya was on the verge of hitting the big group level and thats bloody true  all the groups which were created from les marquis days to les contremaitre  have at  least one tonya tonya member

 jdog shegues and kulunas know almost all the cars of our musicians to perfection so sometimes when they do not want to be stopped 20 times on the road "tozolia te",they take taxi with a lot of their friends so that they are not noticed


in this tv' show he got some of his words   censored


He says  he had joined koffi central and koffi said wonders about him and promoting him on tv but when its about releasing koffi and his directors of the label are playing with him and  for the very same reason jdt mulopwe also left,so did a couple more of guys and that now he has signed with another label schnapps record and that despite starting his own career as singer he still writes for guys like eboa or taddet who are about to release and he has made peace with fally and they talk together very often now, and he did a song with ferre on his album and another with fabregas
 and he says that koffi smiles with fally in public but he witnessed koffi being quite pissed or annoyed when watching fally songs played and he will be part of the heritier tour which is apparently organized by the label he signed with
he is the younger brother of former maison mere dancer zina

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