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it reminds me of how fabro started with that generique with autotune i forget the title,i hope though that the other generique is a bit more agressive because people will expect them to  be on fabregas level straight away  since they openly show beef with him

Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« on: Today at 11:42 »
It's atalaku anti-balles
 i really like album so far,obviously its hard  to enjoy every song of an album but so far so good 

it came in kibinda him and seguin used to play that without realising until doudou came with kibinda animation and it got really developped


carine attacks "grandfather" werra saying he is jealous heritier,he is past it and bla bla, and as usual always a word for fally and fabregas
this girl is crazy

i tend to think SS and anti terro had one similar problem...SOUND
The level is a bit inconsistent at times but those albums managed to have  esau,je suis la, le baron,clin d'oeil,mombamba, bolonia to name a few which are constantly requested  by bcbg fans
if you take internet  titanic and th or even quel est ton probleme,sound and arrangement are on point in every single song
and i also always insist on drum sound,the drum sound of both albums is well... suspect... It's like for example the danger de mort drums,take the same songs with the proper titina sound of th and co or even affaire d etat it makes a difference

yep they came to visit jb he had not seen them since they left

lol just noticed richard speaks like doudou aswell  :D :D :D

i just was show jb's snap and he was at bcbg rehearsal  of yesterday to offer a birthday gift to jb

Well the boy made his choice....makasi kk nde na pampers

 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D sima c'est bon

I Looked for info and remontada and passe en or are different projects with different producers ,passe en or has the contribution of bcbg while  remontada is done by his group but i guess he'll continue with monsoh,if i recall well abraham and fudji were his favorites but he produced djino who approached him while the two others were hesitating
but abraham and fudji definitely fill monsoh's philosophy much more

« on: June 23, 2017, 17:19 »


with emo's favourite artist lol  this group was becoming popular around 96 and could have been a rival to extra musica and  patrouille des stars but the death of the leader followed by kibens and kakol returning to kinshasa made the group collapse

With diego who seems to have now become a studio atalaku a place was up for grabs and this would give exactly the configuration werra likes for his animation team,a pure tenorist,a versatile guy and a guy in the mould of bill djuna and co ( kunzardo/diego,ambulance,goldberg)

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