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oza mutu ya polemique looooool  as for me i would pick mea culpa kelvis zenga luketu and  a special credit to ilunga and adada for their unexpected singing roles in tshiluba and dorsal dodo they did really well

 His children are jay z and bryan


they had  agreed that he'd be part of the spiritual and strategic section of the group in return of trips which would give him donors opportunity and he is pissed that heritier does not respect that and does not even try to do like he did his best and failed but instead favours somebody like carine because she opens her legs and only brings bad publicity to the group
and he goes on his much liked spiritual talk saying that heritier has been struggling a lot in spiritual level lately as fally who he openly targeted on that field is miles ahead so now he is talking a bit good of fally in order to 'negotiate"(indeed the few guys i know who had experience in those things always told me our musicians when they happen to be into the same spiritual paths the weaker one negotiates with the strongest late in the night even if in public they look like rivals,and its almost always the case unless  they are from different lodges) and he should wake up and put his trust in those who are wanting him to have a longterm future not those bowing to him and acting like his puppets just for the momentum he has
he reminds heritier than him and ken mpiana became enemies to a lot of artists because they had almost turned their tv shows into heritier's shows but he keeps rewarding those who joined when la team wata  had already started looking like something at expense of those who threw their energy to build team wata
 he goes on to say  werra renewed 10 years so did jb so those who claimed they are finished better watch out  and werra has started proving it and on koffi he says  no need to even talk because koffi is way ahead of them all in that department
he says he used to work with fally but fally did not trust him much as he was still  close to ferre and koffi at a moment where fally was always getting reports that both artists are fighting him at all possible levels so he switched to ferre to prove fally a point and he left when he noticed that ferre needed to sacrifice him to reach higher dimension and hints that a similar situation will soon happen with the guys which will remain next to heritier as he is so eager to grow quickly

it all started from jb having a sidekick who he did not know was also a didi sidechick and did went like ok you took my sidekick i'll go for you wife to prove you a point,which coincided with amida also going for revenge as jb dated one of her sisters(apparently they had a baby aswell) so this story is always "double pain" for jb
lol  he was so mad that he kept swearing in tshiluba to roger ngandu and kicking stuff in the locker room whereas he did not know at all he was in great mood when seguin stepped in to say they were around
i also heard that in process  he destroyed  some stuff there whuch he repaired later
he seems to have handled it now but in the first years if you wanted to see him turning into a lion just tease him about it( like one of the guys he falled out with who sent him a picture of them kissing each other,if not for bolonia he was ready to send his most mean bodyguards to finish that guy)

'Its just a topic for fun,i have noticed that more and more people in "normal life" have become nicknamed because of musicians
 for example many of the serge's became djino,then in the 2000's up to now if you were a very dark  and skinny serge you'd become called celeo,if you are a very lightskin one you'd be called capuccino
many who were called pitshou became called by their friends or family savanet depitcho because of the artist, or more recently the roger's djo roy  because of "famours" roger's like roger ngandu,at some point back when the song zadio was out and being pretty much the biggest hit people who were only going out  in the night were called zadio
 the list is long lol if somebody wants to add some he is welcome

hahahahaa the last time this happened didi and amida were chilling at hotel invest where jb would perform without knowing they are around he was so mad that  he took 2 hours to calm down and make sure they are gone before starting to perform :D :D :D :D :D

In another interview of this period ibrator revealed that the day maison mere was shooting kalayi boeing remix of intervention rapide,his school was very close to the beach and his classmates pushed to werra and adolphe to listen to him as he had success at school as a singer and he impressed werra and adolphe who wanted to recruit him but he did not go to la zamba like they said because he was not that    interested at a career of musician at that moment
surely if he did he would have had a much different career,since in the career he had afterwards he was quite a late bloomer,already 30 when starting promessional music


This article says she did not make the trip and the last time she was seen at a quartier latin concert was in june and maybe she is not there since aliya delpirlo didi and stjames rejoined koffi in angola,and it could also be because she is working an a solo album


At 7 10 in his native tongue mongo, throughout interview he kept making hints that he went to get traditional power and adds that he just finishing recording his generique which means album release is imminent and he did animation on it as he always used to create some(late cellulaire for example did some of his animation in the past) and that he listened to albums released but he does not think anything to fear about it and he says  the  main reason why he left bcbg is that it really pisses him off to hear people say jb does not create solo career stars so he wants to prove a point and he is really hurt that some people have been taking the piss at jb on tv about it(alluding to papy le prince and sankara saying on tv indirectly that jb should maybe  go to pastors in order to become able to "give birth" to solo stars and he asks for bcbg fans' support and says if they are as pissed as him to hear such stuff they should put some energy in supporting them to kill that bad talk


This fella BLEEDS fally lol faustina(tyna) should be honest with us,that gotta be her second younger brother :D :D :D

Bar one,who is surely the one you wont name(which i wont also)

according to the first information i got like in the 2010 or so reunion jb suspects one of his rivals to be behind the organization of the show and refuses to associate to anything involving them even at 1 per cent and that like the previous one he was previously up for it but switched as it got closer well helped by coincidence of monsoh requesting his presence for soyons serieux sessions
today i watched again roger on another tv doing that mean face he does when about to say bullshit thinking he is just being serious and classy and he went like "my artist has a well organized group with people to contact for a contract(him and seguin)and my artist did find that offer a bit suspicious so he wont commit and he is very unhappy to have been associated before being asked anything but the other guys of wenge are family and its not personally against them " then he almost went like"our lawyers blabla" before being stopped by presenter who reminded him the best person to talk about this is jb himself


he says maison mere tried a lot of things to get rid of him long ago and  he remained there as sometimes you can  somebody who is badly treated in a relationship but who remains with that person and he really decided to leave when he got fed up and clearly mentions  yanki,sankara,kakol and marketing director pitshou muzungu to have a very bad influence on werra and the group ( but says pitshou seems to have improved a bit these days)
 he adds that he was with heritier the only singer who could have handled easily a concert of werra with only one singer or two as he knew all the songs better than most and he is asked whether its true that he trolled maison mere with his visa and he admits that yes because people from maison mere  ordered to the schengen department of kinshasa not to give heritier visas and especially him olivier but heritier came in with somebody more powerful than werra so they turned it around and he sent his visa with a plane emoticon and a smile to maison mere to show them that they failed
and he confirms that he was the one who was stealing musicians from other groups and sometimes he  went to see them even at their houses to  convince them but he was badly rewarded the last person he brought to the group is sarah solo who he was friends with on social network for a while and convinced her to come back to DRC and still repeats that some guys still in maison mere have plans to leave and that team wata are also pondering possibility to get more maison mere musicians

exactly i am faulting him for having blind trust in them instead of thinking on his own,thats why i highlight their negative influence not to use it as excuse or whatever but to lament the disastrous consequences his blind faith have had and will surely continue to have
other listen to people around but i think none of them are that constantly together which is a massive mistake
with him taking decisions on his own like the grown man he is  he surely would have had a better career matching the talent he has
i plan to go to kin before the end of the month and to talk to him about those issues i know its more likely that i get phone calls rejected later on or access denied that him and them humbling down but i do not care lol used to it now most of them artists i am lucky to know always react like that they see you are as an enemy for months or even years  when you come with a too different speech to that nice music the leeches play to their ears,the only artists i have ever done a criticism to without him getting mad is wazekwa who i told he was making a mistake by letting cultura turn almost like an karaoke group by making zero effort because of pain of joss and co  just listened  listened and said thank you and i will assess what you said and did it actually( presenting his band on the i love you dvd to try bring back some attention on the group like with previous generation and sending them on tv to promote themselves )

 Wow Archos, it must be great but at the same time difficult deal with Congolese artist so directly.
 Beautiful because they are people who have talent that brought them far but difficult because they are vulnerable human and of course blindly believe whatever their friends since long time tells them. Anyway you are the only intermediary between fans and leaders so if your words won't change JB like they did with Wazekwa nothing will and JB once will understand what he have lost

very difficult lol and even know it has calmed down if for example i was seen gone to salute werra at hotel forget about talking to jb and vice versa,same for fally and ferre earlier on,same for koffi wemba at times

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