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yep fally is so far not really really getting "there" hopefully other songs will be better or hopefully he'll improve in future
also it seems he is not making enough language efforts in the singing department,its like since he has become more confident on the speaking part,he thinks the singing one is "as easy" while it requires much more effort
lol  pole position and his extreme passion for ferre :D :D :D :D
sometimes i wonder if thats not tresor kongolo in disguise lol

manzambi if you want to judge kunzardo on voice,judge him when he was with ferre,the kunzardo with heritier its almost a miracle gven the state he bounced back from  that he stil can do animation
but i get something is that you like very powerful voices be it tenor or the style of bill genta and co which is why you also appreciate the likes of ruth showme and co who do not fit at all in bill's category but have a powerful voice

Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« on: June 26, 2017, 19:57 »
Loving album more and more every day, on a funny note,nsone continues his habits of messing names of some people he mentions  :D :D :D(he is not the only one who sometimes does that)

yeah possible bro,indeed from the recent times jb talked he seems to have back a bit of that "souverain" attitude aswell,he seems to dump a little bit the relaxed "moto pamba,everybody is bigger than me" approach
hopefully i am seeing it right,he still has a lot to offer especially with the group getting younger and younger

exactly man, but hopefully he gives the loyal guys some good money and to those who made it abroad for the first time if some are in,it would motivate the group a lot

I wonder if those concerts with crazy crowds at Stade des Martyrs, l'Esplande de Palais du Peuple, Stade Tata Raphaël & YMCA would come back.

difficult today,even derby with congo at stade des martyrs barely filled half the stadium,people have been too affected by the country's crisis,you'll notice that either skol or primus  do not even do those masina,ndjili,kinkole and co concerts anymore because they are not as sure as in the past to pull the crowds they were pulling
even the aeroport welcome werra and heritier got recently are miles behind what happened in the past

from the info i got from kin,what happened is that heritier got angry at kunzardo for turning up two hours late when they were preparing choreography in hope for olympia concert and it coincided with prince visiting and potentially joining
and it had been an habit from kunzardo to be very late at concerts and rehearsals because of two factors the first being that he lives  very far from the area most of the music is played in kinshasa the second is that...well how can i say it without disrepecting kunzardo...
If you guys remember at some point kunzardo went into gospel and even recorded 10 sons but was encouraged  to get back into "secular music" as his lifestyle had massively dropped and the reason why he went into gospel was that he went for a "deal" which was too strong for him so it backfired on him causing some mental issues which came back  sometimes and heritier accepted him like that seeing what he has to offer,but due to heritier getting angry like that and removing him on concert list he felt unsecure with prince's presence

it reminds me of how fabro started with that generique with autotune i forget the title,i hope though that the other generique is a bit more agressive because people will expect them to  be on fabregas level straight away  since they openly show beef with him

Congolese Music / Re: ITS OUT!!!!!!!
« on: June 24, 2017, 11:42 »
It's atalaku anti-balles
 i really like album so far,obviously its hard  to enjoy every song of an album but so far so good 

it came in kibinda him and seguin used to play that without realising until doudou came with kibinda animation and it got really developped


carine attacks "grandfather" werra saying he is jealous heritier,he is past it and bla bla, and as usual always a word for fally and fabregas
this girl is crazy

i tend to think SS and anti terro had one similar problem...SOUND
The level is a bit inconsistent at times but those albums managed to have  esau,je suis la, le baron,clin d'oeil,mombamba, bolonia to name a few which are constantly requested  by bcbg fans
if you take internet  titanic and th or even quel est ton probleme,sound and arrangement are on point in every single song
and i also always insist on drum sound,the drum sound of both albums is well... suspect... It's like for example the danger de mort drums,take the same songs with the proper titina sound of th and co or even affaire d etat it makes a difference

yep they came to visit jb he had not seen them since they left

lol just noticed richard speaks like doudou aswell  :D :D :D

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