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lol i remember being shown how noisy the guy was when he opened his nightclub,dissing fally and ferre that they can't do it because he is richer and blabla
if he knew the amount of 100000+ dollars buildings they possess in kin alone he'd shut up

Congolese Music / Re: MBONDA PLAYERS
« on: Today at 12:03 »
there are two or sometimes three positions which are the least considered in our music,mbonda,ngongi and sometimes atalakus
you'd hear for example people saying in streets" yuuu tala mutu ya mbonda ya nani oyo" while the same day they'll respect a random singer of any band

ferre did not recruit directly but he was doing tests and tried to bring friends  who for various reasons were not pickef,the most famous of them being genta because werra did not want to have two guys of the same style as atalakus

  its praise along with other spiritual "legends"

she appeared few weeks ago briefly on jb's snap if i recall well but i guess this time he'll keep her secret like ferre with cilia

 lol indeed the presenter tends to look like a fally koffi fan (depending also on how we interpret his words/attitude) but he confessed several times that he is first and foremost a maison mere fan who used to participate in fanclubs and going at airport to welcome the group   and he said several times that ferre is a great artist but the problem with journalists its quite easy to link them to an artist for some reason except those who clearly commit like the juvenal carine and co with wata or djo k with wata and earlier jb,marius for werra...


He says after the very tense reunion of wenge musica 4X4 (werra wanted to beat jb for the fact he dealt with the money of feux de l'amour directly with musicians without  it being discussed in reunions so it was for werra like jb betrayed how they were leaving peanuts to musicians and also like jb "bought" musicians on his side by doing that) the members were told to wait for another reunion
but the camp of jb which was already very organized were determined went on to rehearse and  said those who were not there are out of wenge4X4 and werra sent him that guy and other guys to "spy" at the rehearsal to see if its really true that jb and co are rehearsing
and when they confirmed it was true it got werra very determined to counter them
the day after,when the guy went to werra's house he found jdt mulopwe there with werra and in the same period not too long after he went again and saw werra and ferre discussing about doing something together while masela and adolphe were still hoping for 4X4 return and they came after as adolphe failed to convince werra to  go to see jb and co and reunite
and there was a strong connexion between werra and ferre which made werra true ferre even more than didier and  adolphe to organize tests and co  despite his young age
he is asked whether ferre then can be called co-founder of the group  he hesitates as he knows its quite controversial so he does not want to piss any of the camp so he says its werra who came with idea but ferre contributed a lot 
and he says war between fans of jb and werra started that day of the newly born wenge bcbg rehearsal as werra and jdt arrived in that area to challenge them and from that moment split between fans could be seen
they then started  very well like we all know  and he is asked about the kibuisa mpimpa period which almost lead already to les marquis,and says baby ndombe was the most vocal about the group's anger over some issues which lead to relation turning really bad between him and werra and after  werra convinced them to go and finish kibuisa  werra started using that guy and other ones to "spy" ferre baby and co and report to him and some musicians were also reporting to him after attending reunions about forming a band and agreeing with them
and in staff also there were guys who became unhappy as in the past they'd all be asked their opinion and discuss with werra but then at some point he    was ignoring some of them's point of view
about baby and the mampata affair he says its false that baby did that but the thing he remembers is that there was one guy who was coming to rehearsals with baby  who werra ordered bodyguards not to let in anymore and  that guy got beaten by them which pissed baby off and he stopped singing during rehearsal to go and fight with them and the rehearsals ended badly as crowd were going out to watch what happened
and the guy (mike longange) says he become so close to them and werra did not listen to him anymore that he knew they would found les marquis and he is asked whether for him they did well to leave the group and he says he understands them as harmony was not the same anymore and if there is no harmony its easier to see all the flaws and get pissed more quickly and since the staff were protecting their own interests instead of figthing for the harmony to come back it was inevitable

from what i know its a bit like one of the reason why they have not been performing at martyrs anymore,spiritual reasons
i think its a former minister of culture who decided that and it was never changed since,while jb and koffi wanted to performed there(together) for example when they were still good friends
Spiritual reasons?

yep,authorities accused musicians of doing too much spiritual stuff there which would interact with their own thing
 so the relationship between musicians and the guys who'd give authorization to perform there became so bad that it took months for wazekwa to be allowed to shoot his mutu ya liboma generique in front of the hall

« on: July 25, 2017, 11:02 »
bcbg's problems start from the head,jb's own career has not been stable enough to make the best use of his group, too much issues
its easy to see why only werra makes a lot of stars because people go but the system remains and why koffi only created fally as a solo star who was the most charismatic of his generation and the most determined to succeed on his own and then koffi abandoned the system while the other potential latino children settled in europe longterm with no clear project


He looks much more enthusiastic,his voice is cracking much less...and he is startlng to heavily praise the new official girlfriend cynthia who he nicknames bobi to refer to late mobutu's wife like a lot of people nowadays lol
(before a balle de match question arrives,the delay is caused by constantly postponing paris trip due to local contracts so he failed to give it in time before holidays)
lol abraham did the guys a bad service,jb is still hurt about it and "warns" musicians on stage


he says   he is sad to be fired by ferre but he was not gone drunk and being noisy at 5 of the morning as said by ferre who he still will consider as a father  all he wanted was to meet ferre and talk to him about a couple of things he politely declines to dig much into,but saying that after russia tour and overall with his treatment when he abandoned his album to return he had some things to complain about to ferre and wants to do it in private like a son to his father  rather than rant on tv so its a bit sad that it was badly seen
he does not want to talk about ferre and  he is thankful and whatever next he does  he will show the real chikito he has become

 lol matebu i guess he did the lingala facile for the music fanbase of kin's low-middle class,few people could adapt as much as him whether they are dealing with a prime minister,a business partner or a chegue

thats nice to see werra and jb together and naturally smiling at each other
So is there beef between them or naa?

not them as it seems but their spokesmen,roger tries to stop mosaka replying to sankara piroger yanki and papy le prince and them stopping to fuel that polemic which appeared because of yanki's lives basically but it seems none of them is listening

Congolese Music / Re: WERRASON - SE NA SE (LYRICS)
« on: July 24, 2017, 17:09 »
once again respect bro,translating a generique of these last years is quite hard

thats nice to see werra and jb together and naturally smiling at each other

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