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« on: October 15, 2018, 22:58 »


My man de la foret also pulling here his best voice,a classic

« on: October 15, 2018, 20:47 »

In short they start with happy birthday to his twins who turned 18 and papy asks if it feels strange to have such old kids and ferre says he is getting used as the oldest is 20 already
 he says he is happy with the feedback over his album as people tell him they appreciate some songs of each cd but he admits he took a big gamble and made a bit of a mistake because there is also a lot of people who could not listen to whole album because 33 songs is too much
he is working on two albums already and thinks he will no more wait for several years to release a new album
about the feat with his children he says her mother sent him video of her singing and he liked it and always had that dream of having children who can sing so he took her to record and she already is able to sing on tune  so its positive but its will be up to her in the future to decide whether she wants to be a musician because it can also just be a childhood thing
papy asks if he has problems with any other musician,ferre says  not anymore but there are some who he wants to avoid,but its not that he has deep hate and if that person was in a situation where he needed him to save him he'd still do it
 he says he is not bothered at all with heritier getting bercy and would certainly not start beef with heritier over that,heritier already recruited kunzardo and he finds it normal and papy tries to trigger him asks ir heritier visited him and took bercy with him will he let bercy on the mic and he says of course and he says thats the things he wants to come back in our music visiting each other at concert,singing together(he's been saying it for years in interviews) and he politely refused to talk too much about vasco saying he did a decent job in the group but there are some situations where you have to be very strict
he says the only singer he "fears" is lokua kanza and papy goes on his usual game of asking about other musicians and says ferre should say ok if he thinks its a good artist and he says ok for fally fabregas heritier lacoste  and he says lacoste dissed him a little bit again but its all good all the ex maison mere guys are his brothers so even when something happens he does not take it too seriously
 he is asked about his problems with koffi and he says he does not really want to talk about it because it was a tough period for him because he had one of his kids stuck in hospital for a good while in that period( which can explain maybe a little bit that extra nervosity which lead to premier soin) and he does not want to talk too much about it,because despite everything koffi is like a father and him like a children given their ages, and papy asks if its possible for them to reconcile and he strongly says never ever but later on kinda calms down and says he did not expect to talk about that
he is asked about musicians being candidates  to elections as deputies but he says he did not know and papy starts to mention them and they have a bit of banter then he says its a good thing it shows musicians are also abel to be smart unlike the image people give them
somebody in the background shouts the name of seguin out of nowhere and ferre says seguin says seguin is a really close friend and papy being papy lol asks what about kakol and ferre says he is not my friend(surely due to kakol's repeated attacks and participating to that tilapia thing which still is used until today by maison mere fans ) and seguin him and savimpi were the youngest of 4X4 so they were together a lot,with kakol its different he was kakol's chef but regardless of the beefs maison mere still means a lot to him and he wants the group to keep existing and doing good
at the very end  papy asks which song of kabose he knows he says voiture sans moteur,and then papy asks which song of robinio he knows and he says you are asking about somebody i dont know


look at the comments,except one surely from somebody who is not congolese,most are negative and rude

Congolese Music / Re: I couldn't stop laughing about that
« on: October 14, 2018, 19:54 »
 werra's antics are too funny

« on: October 14, 2018, 11:24 »

from what i heard its the ex of his wife who abandoned him when he got his eyes issues

« on: October 13, 2018, 19:51 »
fans take the beefs of their artists too seriously at times(assuming this also comes from fans,i also hear it was like that because combattants wanted fally wanted some money to allow him the way they make some pay just to make their shopping in peace in europe,both can be true) ,they should let them deal with the gossip which divides them, their kindoki attacks,their attack and revenge with sidekicks and so made them who they became because of music not because of their stupid behind the scenes life
fabro is the saddest case,europe concerts could have given his career  a different dimension


In short he says he is very proud to still be getting positive feedback about fimbu and feels under pressure to reproduce something with similar success,he says he has two songs on next album,one featuring his friend deplick another one and he sang in both songs aswell as on other songs like the feat of wazekwa and heritier, and he says he could have even played rhythm or solo if he wanted because before cultura he played both in church and plays like a guitarist and he has possibility of adding a third song feat a great star(normally jb)
He also reacted on rumours that he was behind nono chaka's issues by offering him sunglasses with mystic stuff on it to attack nono, and he said whoever created that is stupid because first of all he does not do witchcraft and nono is one of his best friends so he has no reason of ever doing it,and if it was him he hears that when they find who attacked you spiritually then can" send it back" to that person,and he knows who did that to his friend but they let God be the judge,and he says  family has abandoned nono so much that they have taken control of his situation again and there is some improvement he is now able to see a tiny little bit  at times and recognize a person so hopefully  he is now on the way to full recovery because he misses him on stage

« on: October 13, 2018, 16:46 »
yeah but the problem is that they are too obsessed with plein and the worst problem is that the first combattants on earth is artists themselves,you'll find artists and their fans leaking infos to combattants to find them easily

 yes that guy cerveau bleu is the same who gave all those animations but it happened that  he sold a pack of animation to brigade then brigade like many top atalakus tricked him by calling him at home to work and then the guy in the heat of rehearsing started doing other animation while brigade like many of his colleagues had dictaphone secretly recording,and on the other hand he sold it to mboshi
the guy ended up in laviniora after most atalakus except genta and celeo paid him

« on: October 13, 2018, 16:10 »
 I have not seen videos yet but i saw images which claim combattants came to protest and the concert was meant to be cancelled but they ended up performing elsewhere at the same moment

« on: October 13, 2018, 13:37 »


From 14 30

Congolese Music / Re: LOBESO GENERIQUE
« on: October 12, 2018, 19:32 »
its not the official generique its like an ad for a sponsor which they just did a clip quickly for,the original generique they have just started recording it in ndiaye

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