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Lol he's only held back by his status otherwise he would give it a thorough dance.

Before I give advice, two questions... Is it your first time visiting the country?

Are you looking for a scenic, nice trip or the authentic DRC experience? Sound like a silly question, but the country is as miserable as it gets in all common parts of cities it pains me to say ... the poorest people you’ll ever see, garbage everywhere and associated smells, foods that’ll make you sick for days because it’s so unsanitary, etc.
It is my first time actually it will be my first time in Africa and I think I will rent an hotel since you know how Congolese families are when they live in Europe, I wish to see the cool parts of the country, you like Daisy Simonini (Donor of JB'sdaughter) did when she came there, only see the good parts

8 Things to Remember:

1. Assuming that you're Congolese-American, keep in mind, you will ALWAYS get visitors.  Even from people you don't know and they WILL ask you for money. Be prepared for that.

2. Make sure to carry minimal cash.  You're going to need it to pay people who do services for you. ESPECIALLY when you leave the airport into Kinshasa.

Your hotel room is not your hotel room.  Yes you may have paid for it, but remember point #1, you will always get visitors.  Your family members may even come and spend the night without your permission and there's nothing you can do about it.

4. Be sure to tour the city with a family member that you know and trust. 

5. Always drink and brush your teeth with bottled water.  Don't drink or eat anything unless it's packaged or you know what it is or what's in it.  Obviously for sanitation purposes but for other reasons I won't get into.  (Trust me on this).

6. American street smarts are different from Congolese street smarts. Keep your eyes open and always be vigilant.

Congo is an "election year" right now so tensions are extremely high.  Be sure to let the US embassy know that you're there in case you need to be evacuated.

There will be some instances where you may want to experience night life, concerts, night clubs etc.  Seeing that you're in town, your may family/friends want to share that experience with you and most of the time they won't have any money.  Be prepared to pay their way.

My post may sound harsh but there's a bit of satire in it.  These are situations that happened to me while I was there and I do plan on going back in maybe 3 years.  All in all, have fun and be safe.
Wow, I am Italian/Angolan/Congolese and I think the welcoming will be the same, I hate to do it, but I will not inform my Uncle and his family in Kin, and since Kin is having a lot of gangsta I have chosen to go to Lubumbashi or the Swahili part, in Haut Katanga I will try to eat my food for as much as possible.
I will go there with a lady that is a Swahili speaker and has been there before so I am fine with that, the problem I am fearing is that someone might Robb me or getting spiritual attacked, I think I will find some church to go to and for the cheques asking for money I honestly don't know how to handle it.
I don't know if there is an Italian embassy in Congo but I think I could not visit if it is because it will be surely located on Kin, for the nightclubs I really think I will go there but I will not go for concerts especially La Zamba and so, my trip will be one week long and I am planning 5o do it next year from July to August, I am making this trio because I think that it is important to understand where you come from even though I know I will some things I need to go there thanks a lot for the advices to you all

I think there is good in informing your uncle. August next year is 12 months ahead you can make money to entertain your uncle plus your cousins back home. Congo is in a stage that will not last forever, one day it shall rise and I can smell it from far. If I were you, I would be more interested with opportunities Congo can offer more that good scenes to visit. Congo has endless opportunities for you to think about. If I'm honest with you, you will enjoy life and be more valued in Congo than in Rome and any other major cities of Europe and America. Start thinking of how you can come up with an empire in Congo when finally it gets peace with itself.

« on: August 06, 2018, 20:53 »
You what amazes me.. is no matter how big of a star Fally is, Koffi always makes him look like a pire petit - whether it's in a photo op or a concert visit.

Not sure if it's good or bad, but interesting

He always humbles himself in the presence of Koffi which to me is what should be the case. I love to see how musicians react when they meet Gen. Decal, despite the fact that he's no longer active they highly respect him. They always bow before him and call him papa.

I would buy this guy's story because since he got saved he's remained true to it even though life is unbeatable for him.

The other sympathisers now you see some of the reasons why this guy is mostly rated above your man? He is trying everything to connect with his fans across board. Your man dont care!! He's so closed to himself and to the people who understands that he doesnt want to talk much.

Zambians don't know Koffi and also the people who were organizing his tour are not those types you would be interested in....for example Mark Malabama his promoter in Zambia is a kind of man known for womanizing a buttering his girlfriends.

I guess if they don't know Koffi then they don't know anything Congolese music.

Congolese Music / SEBENE YA YESU
« on: August 02, 2018, 07:27 »

Nice music. Far better talent than what we see nowadays.

« on: July 30, 2018, 08:25 »
So what every new generique that's coming out we're all suddenly gonna keep comparing it to ecole, people were all trashing premiere class when it first came out but didn't compare it to anything else that came after  smh I hope you all keep that same energy when the next other generiques come out lol

Take pride in it because people expect a lot from your guy. He is the leader. For sure this generique is better than Ecole!!

« on: July 28, 2018, 19:12 »
We're these guys waiting for Ecole to drop their work? I guess yes, the one for Kabuya may embarrass Fally.

Koffi is the equivalent of an African head of state
Hahah very true, he's more than a musician.

And  by that courage his song became one of the best in that album. A great dancer he is, I loved his presence in those songs.

Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA!!!!
« on: July 19, 2018, 19:02 »
He's not made up there not because he is a poor musician but because he is a poor marketer. You can have an excellent product but if you don't market it then it won't go past your store.

Perhaps a chance for Koffi to get corrected by these events if he can't correct himself. I will support any measures, whether punitive or not to correct Koffi.

no its real,in the early days the buzz and polemique overshadowed album except bm which was released before,but i can guarantee you especially in kin half that album at least has become automatic on bars nightclubs and co playlists
its not a success like a storm obviously  like in early 2000"q but still  went pretty good in the long run its like some people discovered album months later and though wait a minute that album was actually good
so it maintained and even increased the demand he had for concerts

Fair enough.

I Still think Herritier does himself a lot of injustice by engaging in useless polemic with Werrason & Maison Mere. Fere & Fally caught all the important attention because their debut albums were quite good and fans only focused on that. From that point onward it was somewhat easier for them because they got an almost immediate acceptance & the fanbase was looking forward to their subsequent releases & concerts. There is a level of acceptance that once you gain is not easy to lose unless you completely slacken up like Tata Dominguez did.

Retirada could be good but in all honesty it lacked that big bang effect. It's more of a squandered opportunity. We didn't see any major concerts like Ferre's Bandal. All we remember with the retirada is the beef with Werrason.

When an album picks up 2 years after release, to me there's no difference to when I bumped into group Djolino's Impact or Manda Chante's Je suis in the sense that the window of opportunity is somewhat closed.

Watta should go ahead and release another album but this time give all his attention to promoting his music than beefing with others. Fabro's first release wasn't such a big hit but he still found a formula and his career has gained traction.

I would say his tactic did not work well. Attacking Werra and fally was in itself a promotional strategy for Retirada. Honestly what pissed many people is his sense of entitlement to success. I think he's also learned out of that big mouth he developed in the process. For sure Retirada should have gained more traction than what it got.

« on: July 13, 2018, 12:53 »
lol thinking about it i saw a video were one ex musician of brigade explained that they went to angola and he bought two great cars and when moment had come to pay them he created a heated argument to pretend he is pissed so that they forget about  their money and went home normal(this is one of the most common 12 of clan wenge)

Why always think about having cars without income? the celebrity life is a burden.

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