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« on: February 23, 2018, 20:46 »
that guy is experienced,he sang with koffi on bord ezanga kombo
yes on the song Bomengo if I'm not mistaken

Indeed (4:20-) Man this chorus lineup was so promising for QL..... Great song.

Its interesting how that guy went without people knowing much about him. This was a good song, first, I felt it was humiliating for Joss Diena, J3 and Zoe Bella to be included in that young team. Secondly I thought we would have young and sharp upcoming generation in Yusuf Arabe and co but they all disappeared in oblivion after QL exit.

« on: February 21, 2018, 20:26 »
Karibu Omwami. We are happy to hear from you again. We thank God for your life.

« on: February 20, 2018, 12:23 »
Early media report in Nairobi says our brother has been released.

« on: February 20, 2018, 10:00 »
Jealousy  will kill congolese people ... ah shit i said it .. y'all can shoot me i dont care ..  since when taking pics with celebrities has become a childish thing .  hmm congolais   MM  veut dire  motema mabeeeeeeeeeee.. hmmmmm it looks like ya'' still dreaming .. Fally is not at your lettle star  level anymore ... i dont think he needs to calm down , as long as us super stars still take pics with each other , i believe a congolese from bandal  who actually made it to the top has the right to so  , as long as its not hurting anyone ... ooopss except some people here and there ...kiee kiee . keep it up mwana bandal .. sala mussala na yo . allez kanga photo..(in Mopao voice).. kie kie

Bro I'm not Congolese but  just trying to be objective. Surely at 40 you don't need to be desperate for selfie like this guy does. The bigger image here is that he demonstrates that you and me as Africans we still struggle with esteem issues. He's a star just like this Dog guy.

« on: February 19, 2018, 12:07 »
A 40 year old behaving like a teenager. Fally you are already successful in your own right stop behaving like you're starting your career. These are things which should be interesting Deplick and Robinho.

Bro how many meaningful vocals did Deo have. His shyness was not helping his case even further. Maybe he was kept because he's a good composer.

pomme verte, sylivie, riziki & aubergine are monde arabe"s highlights. why the f bouro left them before the released & why  deo brando's voice missing on this one?

Aubergine, Respect, Ngouli & Eputsha are very solid as well.

It was weird, Deo didn’t really participate like Jordan Kusa- he was in the Aubergine clip and one or two others. Of course he was gone permanently soon after
Yeah Deo was only in the clips that was recorded in Europe like the two generiques Lautre la, heroes national, riski, silvi, musulman and his vocal of aubergine is only in the clip one did koffi erase his vocal or something?

I have always wondered how Koffi kept Deo in QL while he could not sing properly. Was it that he was suitable in chorus? He looked more of a farmer than a musician.

Congolese Music / Re: BDM is finally out
« on: February 16, 2018, 14:24 »
Another musician will walk away from BCBG and they will go back to the studio to delete his vocals and in the long run they'll be doing add/remove theater.

Master any JB song with your cousin or Dad's mention?

^ y’all are something else :D. I guess that’s the other way of thinking.

Where I’m from this is public indecency. For years I’ve had confidence in him resolving his issues in France, but I’ve lost track of all the situations he committed actions that undermine him. He hasn’t really done things to freshen his image in this regard, even after the Kenyan affair I’ve seen clips of dancers being yanked aside on stage by hair.

Hahaha Bro the argument is with regards to this thread not the general Koffi's behavior. when he goes wrong will not hesitate to condemn but not this common man problem.

I saw the post the other day and i still refuse to watch this buzoba-rie

It’s unfortunate, i grew up listening to this guy, but for the last 10-12 years or so I seen way to much of his negative side. If he retired or took a break then (2006-08), then he would’ve had of the most legendary careers for an African musicians. Since then it’s been scandal after scandal.....

what do you mean Ndeko? don't give in to the usual negatives. I don't see anything here, what I see is a healthy man and am not offended. Long live Patron.

Hahahahaha Real man at his 60's. This man is full of impossibilities.

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY IPUPA FT R.KELLY - NIDJA
« on: February 02, 2018, 19:45 »
What is more worrying here is the fact that this guy is consistent in singing things that are not making any sense. NO message at all. One line repeated through out the song. Too much predictable.

kiekie, that's Fally in a nutshell after Kosa Leka. Now it's all lifestyle music....

"Champagne, Magnum, Crystal, Bling Bling
Carrosse, Sexy girls, V.I.P, For life

Sweet life, Sweet things
Big dreams, Thing big
Don't dream forever eh
Nga na lela na nga la vie, la vie oyo
You know my life ain't that easy
I give my life to succeed
That's the reason chicks like me okay!
See I've been dreaming
Now I'm living
Never stop hustling "

Ndeko its becoming boring. He will lose it.

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY IPUPA FT R.KELLY - NIDJA
« on: February 02, 2018, 19:19 »
What is more worrying here is the fact that this guy is consistent in singing things that are not making any sense. NO message at all. One line repeated through out the song. Too much predictable.

Ken bilele you are right. Jb mpiana has never promoted his artists. One forum member mentioned long ago said that jb is self centred n today I have accepteded he was right. Secondly, jb has allowed a situation were the young guys can't excellent due to no albums n older ones overshadowing young ones.

spot on,i keep suggesting that if he wants to remain with the group like these he should split int two the th team or what remains from it on those  VIP's or private concerts,the rest on popular concerts
i remember for the failed zenith jb wanted to travel with only abraham fudji as those having travelled to europe before  then changed mind and went to get visas for rio chai kibens(jdl has european papers)
people outside kin are tired of mikulis....the demise if jb began when the overstayed by five its going to 20yrs plus.

Mudala it can't be that the whole band members can't face the mike and sell themselves well. There must be someone threatening them at the backstage. NF, even though seen as fresh blood in BCBG has stayed there for about 10years but is not even known much outside Congo. JB has succeeded in running an enterprise that is modelled in an Indian management idea where employees spy on one another and report to the Boss, they are paid just a little to make them contented and they are rewarded more not on productivity but loyalty.

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