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Nzambe! LOL!! Tanga ba commentaires. Hilarious...


I didn’t like Fabregas when he was in WMM. But when he dropped Anapipo that’s when I understood. This is an open forum, you’re entitled to your own opinions. I just think the criticisms launched at some of our Congolese artists are unfair. Say what you want about them but Werra and Koffi are no fools. Listen to the history of our music, how different is he from past unorthodox artists? Koffi put Bouro Mpela in QL, who is unorthodox just like Fabro and then came along Ndombolo. I see why he put his name behind him. I’d rather you just say you didn’t care for his music than to diminish his talent.

If Mwana Nsalu (Mz. Bazu) were still alive, she’d be all over this post. God rest her soul. Werra hired Fabregas as a singer. If he was an atalaku, he would’ve been hired as such. If he was a bad singer, Koffi wouldn’t have lent his support to his career.  Fabro’s rhumbas are top notch, his generiques are exciting especially now he’s relying on more guitar than keyboards. I find it funny, with the way the industry is in Congolese music, if they don’t sell a lot of records as Fally or Koffi, they attack their talent. Regardless of how it’s doing on the charts, Cible is a solid record and probably the best of his career. Robinio’s one hit doesn’t even hold a candle to Fabregas.

With the strict Islamic laws in these Arab countries, I would hope Werra and his team would’ve had have the intelligence to not do anything as stupid as having two unmarried people of the opposite sex share a hotel room with temporary visas. I’m going to call that a bullshit claim.

What a weird promotion. They show a poster of an upcoming album but then use a song that is at least 10 years old. Call me cynical, but I’m not yet convinced.

SMDH!!! If this is true, shame on him.  Corruption at its finest.

Choc Stars totally changed ater Bozi's departure, because they had to fill the void he left. Ben then rushed to recruit Debaba and Carlyto. With Bozi then mocking them, saying that he's worth 5 singers of Choc Stars.

I am surprised Bozi said this. Maya was the biggest hit for Carlyto at the time and had he not pissed Franco off he would’ve still been in OK Jazz battling for top star status next to Madilu. Bozi is one of my favorite ex Zaïko artists and he’s a hell of a background vocalist but in a battle between him and Carlyto and Debaba, unfair matchup lol

Not sure if they’re still together but she’s on there looking like a whole snack. For a woman who recently had a baby, she bounced back like teflon.

« on: October 18, 2019, 17:08 »
I like the song, I even like Innoss.  I just feel like this Afropop craze in Congo will die off like Coupe Decale phase. Kotazo was hot at the time too... 


Some songs don’t need to be redone. This is one of them.

the guy with Zaire t-shrit representing those people who want to get the Zaire-era back.

Interesting that Werra is giving this attention. What is the deal with this movement? There are many Congolese who live abroad who feel that the Zairean era flag and the name should return. It seems like it’s gaining traction. Are these from only Mobutu/MPR loyalists?

Congolese Music / Re: MR. SAMUEL (EYOMA) IS OUT.....
« on: September 27, 2019, 15:48 »
I’m listening to it now and on the last track. I need to give it another listen. Is he back in Kin?

« on: September 25, 2019, 23:27 »
I didn’t get to watch all of this interview but from what I heard thus far, he’s pretty pissed with everyone including Tshilombo lol. When he compared the system to Mobutu’s regime my mouth dropped. Lol! Watch him go to Paris and do a song with Boketshu lol!

@Paysan Congolais

I can't imagine him dying from anything else; it was the 80s, he was a well known womanizer, and his sudden change to physical appearance in a short-time is consistent of AIDS related deaths.

Congolese have been speculating for years that his death was a result of him dibbing and dabbling in witchcraft and sorcery. There’s even a rumor that his title Grand Maître was bigger than just music (I won’t get into the basis of those rumors, it’s quite egregious). Did Franco or his family publicly acknowledge that it was indeed AIDS? I have also heard that playing with nkisi shortens your life.  All I’m saying is, the AIDS claim has been met with skepticism and him dying of something else doesn’t seem far fetched.

« on: September 24, 2019, 20:56 »
SMH. This guy is something else. His allegiance is to Macron.

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