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Rest in Peace Mavuelas “Le Geant Catalogue”. He started to become a great songwriter when Papa Wemba formed Yoka Lokole. The band flopped in the first months,  but it became number one the moment Mavuela released his songs and the late Mbuta “Brown” Mashakado joined the band. From then also a leadership war starting of the two guys Mavuela Somo and Yaya Brown again Jules Presley ‘aka Wemba

Mavuelas biggest hit was “Bana Kin” that got him in trouble and indirectly ended his career. The authorities of the MPR-regime and Mobutu himself were thinking that it was about them while it was against Papa Wemba who also sung in the chorus but not being aware about it. The song got censored and Mavuela’s father got fired from work, Mavuela would get multiple problems and not being able to fight Wemba who just formed Viva La Musica. A lot of stuff happened behind the scenes (I recommend you to watch Shora Mukoko’s interview) which made Mavuela on the end decide to settle in Gabon

I was hoping to see Mavuela himself being interview by Marcel Landu or Chouna Mangondo to talk about Zaïko, Isifi Lokole, Yoka Lokole, why DV Moanda rejected him for a return in Zaïko, his exil in Gabon and reason why he became a brother in Christ for a moment. But it sadly never happened. There was an interview of him on Congonumber1 talking about Yoka Lokole and the war against Viva La Musica but it got removed from youtube

Rest In Peace

Rest in peace

SN: Why do we let white Europeans write our history when we have guys like you and Archos who can write detailed historic educational books on this and preserve legacies. I would certainly buy them. You just dropped some serious nuggets that I didn’t know. Thank you.

I hate all of the trolling he’s been doing on FB as of late all that talking out of his ass, but he’s right about the views, he just needs to stay consistent. If he’s serious, he needs to stay off social media and grow a thick skin. Let someone else run his accounts so he doesn’t have to answer to every critique with insults. His music should be doing the talking. On the other hand, we as fans thrive on competition but he only has three solo albums under his belt. That’s not real competition against Fally.

« on: November 01, 2022, 16:04 »
I like this and these days I find slow rhumbas to be boring and monotonous but this seems to be different and experimental for Marie Paul. Glad to see Le Roi Soleil in good health and working.

Christian Bombole is Christian Solo who used to play in the past for Wenge Maison Mère.

*Smacks forehead* Man I don’t know why I NEVER put two and two together. Makes sense because he’s the only one I’ve seen that’s worth watching.

Funny how, Ndombolo was once viewed as obscene and now it’s heavy in Christian music. same with hip hop and gospel in the US.

Christian Bombole is killing it right now on social media. He’s a Christian guitarist but he’s so good Japonnais himself endorsed him on his Facebook page.

This makes absolutely no sense. They’ve held this grudge for 40 years and 1,2,3 just kept trucking along. Cooler heads could’ve prevailed over this.

I’m actually surprised the Generique Ekoyebana is actually really good.

Ekoyebana is VERY good!!! It got me and my homie hyped on our way to his wedding yesterday.

 I’m not a huge fan of Congolese doing world music but Dynastie is more entertaining than Tokoss II in my opinion.

About those rape/child molestation allegations, it would be easy to get him if they really have a case against him. All they do is book him for a fake concert in a country that allows extradition to USA.

Being labeled a child molester is a Scarlett letter.  If he’s innocent then he should answer to the charges, not drop music. This nigga got Young Dolph killer vibes. 


Fuck him. He touches kids. If he was innocent he wouldn’t be on the run.

Congolese Music / Re: Général Défao passed away
« on: December 29, 2021, 19:42 »
First off sincerest condolences. What a huge blow to our music. Sadly good rhumba is leaving with our legends.

This pandemic has taken a few artists. I wander if there are steps and procedures they should be taking to limit getting the virus.

I’m in the US but we are no better. One state is different than another when it comes to pandemic management. I know it has affected my sporting events.

Wasn't defao vaccinated? and if he wasn't then sad because people his age good health should always be first above all

He was a diabetic which put him at a higher risk. That last video recorded minutes before he died was really concerning. He should’ve been in the hospital on a ventilator not touring. I know for a fact diabetes is high among Congolese. And as you’re aware here in the US Omicron is no joke. I hate to see what it does to poor countries in Africa. We’re going to see more shocking devastating deaths like this one if their governments don’t put imperative mandates in place.

Congolese Music / Re: Fr Flamme Kapaya - Yesu na Bomoyi na ngai
« on: December 07, 2021, 18:04 »
I just like the first half, the rest... ???

the flamme of maison mere of always trying new effects to create something crazy kicked in lol and it ruined the song for me

This is why we never took him seriously as a secular solo artist. How is it he took Japonais’ spot in WMM and some 20 years later Japonais is back on top. He can blame Satan but his failures are self inflicted. There are other gospel artists in mpoto making way better music than this and he’s one of the vets. Smh

Congolese Music / Re: Papa Noel Nedule "New look" (new album)
« on: November 26, 2021, 00:29 »
Rumba meets blues. Interesting concept.


One of the most underrated rhythm guitarists in the world has left us. It’s a pity. He deserved way more flowers to his contribution to not just Congolese music but his rhythmic playing alone. He would take a jazz chord, arpeggiated it and made it African and he was super clean and tasteful. A decade or so ago, a question was asked if you were in a Congolese band what instrument would you play? I said rhythm because of Gege Mangaya. There was a reason why he accompanied Franco on so many recordings. He added an element that made Franco’s songs a little more funkier. Something he needed to compete with younger bands who were heavily influenced by James Brown at the time.

Rest In Peace to the Guitar Guru

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that Koffi is in prison
« on: October 29, 2021, 14:02 »
So is this real reason his concert got canceled? I’m all for whooping the asses of the Combattants but the former makes the most sense.

Congolese Music / Death Notice: Alice Berea aka Miss Alli
« on: October 14, 2021, 03:11 »
Many of us migrated from a forum by the name of Africambiance. It is with great sadness to inform this family that the creator and moderator of that forum Miss Alli has passed away. I am not sure of the official cause of death but I do know she was battling cancer and other ailments.

She is also a part of OK Jazz legacy as her son Adam, whom she leaves behind, is son to trumpeter Kadimoke Seye. It is legend that she is the inspiration behind Pepe Kalle’s Shikamo Seye. May she Rest In Peace.

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