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Roga Roga being credited on all songs as composer,  Denide of his best friend Espe Bass lol.


Gilbert Benamayi is the guy who used sing popsongs in concerts before the arrival of the singers on stage back in the late 70s until the 80s


0:59 min phenomene!!!!! hahahaha

Congolese Music / (Coming Soon) Eboa Lotin - Depannage
« on: May 22, 2019, 01:12 »

gessac could not speak french let alone read french,it was always joss or somebody else doing paperwork for him also the weather scared him,it was a strong winter and he first moved to UK but then again he feared english even more and to wazekwa's surprise few days after  gesac arrived at concert with nobody knowing he has arrived in kinshasa
joss was deported because of jealousy of one of his sidekicks,he went to buy a car in germany or holland with money given by another sidekick and the jealous one snitched to authorities and he got caught and could not even buy the car(he was already having arguments with wazekwa over that car,wazekwa was saying he'd  pay him the same car back in kinshasa with a more affordable price and no transport extra fee  while joss wanted his car coming from europe to show off from airport

Its also one of the reasons that Gessac doesn't want to return to Cultura, because Wazekwa humilated him about that on tv. When Gessac left, Felix Wazekwa went to the tv and dissed by saying that he doesn't know how to write and how to read lol.

Koffi Olomide wouldn't have been able to leave Joss behind in Kinshasa for the 2009 Zenith if he had those papers.

So when started Lolo Milolo and Joss Diena dating ?

They should’ve just recorded it in studio ndiaye. Alerte Generale and Alain Mpela’s Intifida were recorded there and sounded wayyyy better and also Longitma skol and danger de mort all had great sound.

It isn't about in what studio they record (studio ndiaye, studio meko, studio RTNC, etc.), it depens on the materials they got from Europe and/or the way they mix it in Europe. Somo Trop was record at Studio RTNC and it had an excellent sound. The two generiques of Ferre's Qui est Derriere Toi and Zazou Magweli had a horrible sound, but after the mixing in Europe it sounded like they recorded in Paris.

Intifada of Alain Mpela had a very poor sound. You can't compare the sound of Alain Mpela's rumba's to those of JB who were recorded in Kinshasa (Nungu Nungu, J'Suis La, Ezau & Guy Mbuala) and the sound of Alain Mpela's generique was was horrible.


Why did Anti-Terror not have the similar sound to Internet and Toujour Humble? He recorded the album in South Africa, just like Koffi did for Attentat but the drums and rhythm guitar are so poorly recorded.

Dont forget that Koffi Olomide recorded Attentat at the BOP-Studio where big artists like Miriam Makeba & Brenda Fassie recorded albums and The Lion King-soundtrack being recorded there.

It also depends about the way the bandleader of arranger want to set the sound of the drums & rhythm guitar. Some prefer to let the rhythm guitar louder, other not. Some prefer a hard drum sound, other not. There are alot albums of Koffi were rhythm guitar was not really audible or the drum sound not very strong. Somo Trop who was like Anti Terro recorded at Studio RNTC had a strong drum sound.

In this video Werrrason from 4:25 min  explain that he don't want to get a hard drum sound on Techno Malewa, because of on Temps Present they had a strong drum sound, but it made the sebene weaker, throwing then shots to other artists for letting sound the Bass drum and toms  heaver

a good part of the recording was done in kinshasa in a not so good studio then they tried as much as they could to save things in south africa the mix was even done with a lot of difficulty as they ran out of funds and energy

yeah, they recorded the whole album at studio RTNC in Kinshasa, except the generique and the song Vicky Nsongi (because of Pathy Moleso having erased the vocals of Djino, Sakoko,) being done in South Africa.

On the Anti Terro-booklet they even wrote a little bit about the way Anti Terro was recorded with those difficult conditions, thanking then also the fans for all the support.


*explaining that he joined Wenge BCBG (PPU) with the song Masuwa
*saying that he joined Wenge BCBG because of people from the Kasa Vubu-area pushing him because they wanted to have a musician representing their area in Wenge BCBG.
*Adding that he was a big fan of the Feux de l'Amour-album
*Also saying that Kibens and Seguin were giving him a hard time
*Then he said that they stayed in Europe with JB's permission, because JB promised that he would return and then finish Anti Terro
*The PPU's left because they were tired of waiting
*Saying that Les Marquis was a big mess, most people coming always too late for the rehearsals
*also revealing that Kerozene used to be a les marquis-member and that he disrespected Bill Clinton during a rehearsal
*adding that Japonais wanted to become the president after Bill & Ferre's departure which caused a leadership-war between JDT and Japonais

Its normal that people compare Temoingnage to Kibuisa Mpimpa. Because Temoignange was Werrason's second solo album after Kibuisa Mpimpa.

It was not because of Bill's departure that people don't like Temoignage, it was because of its arrangements. Don't forget that Kibuisa Mpimpa was arranged by Philipe Guez, Al Nzimbi and Djudjuchet Luvengoka. Listen to the arrangements of Tave, Prince Au Congo, Le Grand Monsieur, Destin Ya Moto, Obiang and compare it to those of Temoignange. Also the level of the songs on Temoingnage aren't the same like on Kibuisa Mpimpa. I think they made the mistake to record the album live. On Temoingnage they had Sec Bidens as arranger who also a top arranger like Maika Munan, Al Nzimbi, Souzy Kaseya, Philpe Guez, Djudjuchet, Michel Lorentz, etc. But it looks like Maison Mere didn't took the time to record the album and that they hadn't alot of motivation like on Alerte Generale which I can understand, because they hadn't a real competitor anymore. They already defeated JB Mpiana, Les Marquis didn't exist anymore and people already accepted the new squad with Alerte Generale. So they didn't had to prove themselves anymore.

Temoignage is ok as album, but it need alot of concentration, motivation and enegry to record a live-album. Listen to Sanction of Academia & Titanic of Wenge BCBG.

Mvulusi not just one person if i recall well police said they received 81 calls within an hour the day of concert before the fake bomb alert when we all had to leave the hallt vieux cesar ngadi even got his car attacked for having promoted this concert

Wow serious ?!! mawa trop... and Koffi then coming proud with campagne on tv.

I think Wazekwa could have go slowly back on the top if there wasn't a concert-ban in Europe because Hauts Les Mains did it a well in Kinshasa with the song Evida of Lisha Shombo. That concert-ban killed and blocked alot of things.


Between Anti-Terror and Temoinage, which album did you enjoy more? For me, it's a hard choice!

I think Anti Terro even tought I skip alot of songs. I see Anti Terro as two different albums in one (a mini- jb solo album and a group album united).

It would have been if there a ACMCO-referendum in 2006 to see on what place Temoignage would end along with the albums Droit Chemin, Temps d'Amour & Faux Mutu Moko Boye, the same for 2005 and 2007.

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