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Hahaha Werrason's haircut. The money that Didi Kinuani was spending everywhere in music, sports, media, girls wasn't normal. I wonder how much money he was spending in a month. He's really quite last years.

It's difficult to notice Japonais, Mimiche and Serge Mabiala's departure they were all well replaced.

I think that Wabanko gave them alot of cloths and money that day. Bana ya Londres were dangerous. The Congolese diaspora in Europe doesn't have alot of influence like they had in those years. Now it's only about those rich diamonddealers of Angola and people who made part of Sassou's regime in Brazzaville. I think that their influence will go a little bit down the day concerts in Europe will return.

What happend with those girls (Adeline Onema, Dark La Japonaise, Feza RDC, etc. ) who used to be always dedicated in song back in the years 2005-2012 ? I heard that some are in prison or sent back to DRC.

lol did that nganga work together with Djo Kabengele ? Serge Kayembe, Djo K Kabengele, Zacharie Bababaswe and Gaspar Love really made money with VHS based on one question, polemique and departures of musicians collaborating with Ricardo Productions, Martin Mapangu, Richard King, etc. Marc Tabu, Popol Mukelenge and Francis Kakonde would follow that path by making Dvd's. Papy Mboma, Naty Lokole and Willy Kayembe didn't got that chance.

Dennis Lessie was back then one of the most famous pastors in Kinshasa along with Kutino Fernando, Sony Kafuta, Kiziamina Kibila, etc. having big crowds in stadiums. They made alot of money in those years.

I remember Roga Roga’s interview with Martin Sinnock before the album came out, where he was saying he bought new Steinberger guitars and said the album would be very different from their previous albums

Yeah, I also remember that interview. They made that interview in Washington D.C. if I remember it well. He then also said that there would be salsa song. (Papato which didn't make it on the tracklist and would end up as bonus track on the Trop c'est Trop-VHS). There was also an interview of Defao after his performance in New York, talking about his next album Nessy de London saying that he would sing a with Reddy, which would not happen.

So sad that Martin's site got deleted it had many rare interviews of Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, King Kester Emeneya, Bozi Boziana, Wazeka, etc. and reviews of concerts and albums.

I think that JB Mpiana just married Sylvie Mulumba to prove Amida a point. Because he was really hurt by hearing that she started a relationship with Didi Kinuani. With Amida then quickly replying by marrying Didi Kinuani, which made it worser for JB.
How are the situation now are JB and Amida still marries to Sylvie and Didi?

Sylvie went away, because she was thinking that JB was using her to get papers and break that ban BCBG got to enter the Schengen-area. I don't know what went wrong between Kinuani and Amida, but they divorced after 4 years. Then she dated Kamerhe for a short time who was already dating her before she was with Didi. Then JB tried to get her back and they remarried. I remember that back in 2009 they made a big party for that. Many people mocked JB Mpiana for that and some Baluba were furious. Because normally a Muluba can't do that, because you will get tshibawu. But I don't know how they shorted it out. Then you got that scandal of 3/2 years ago about Amida giving birth and JB then discovering that it was Kamerhe's child with Koffi Olomide and Merveille Rambo using that problem to attack JB Mpiana on Vicent Tshiluizi's youtube-channel.

I think that JB Mpiana just married Sylvie Mulumba to prove Amida a point. Because he was really hurt by hearing that she started a relationship with Didi Kinuani. With Amida then quickly replying by marrying Didi Kinuani, which made it worser for JB.


He reacted very strong against Bipoli who dissed him on the famous polemicvideo Vita-Imana and reacted against JB-fans who were angry against him because of being present on weddingparty of Amida Shartyr and Didi Kinuani. Claiming that he and people from the Bandundu-province had made a complot against JB Mpiana. Beside of that he talked about the Kora-awards claiming that it is a mafia, he also talked about the succes he got in Kikwit and Angola and his album Avatage ya Goal Average which would become Jour Le Plus Long. In the same video a there is a part that they are showing JB singing at FIKIN that he's married. He married then Sylvie Mulumba.

I don't believe Emeneya lol. Saying that he didn't knew that Amida used to be JB Mpiana's wife, while JB Mpiana always praised her in songs and Amida appeared sometimes on tv.

Elliot Mondombe also reveals that he had initially given the Nolstagie song to Ferre but  that Ferre was not taking it serious which made him give it to Heritier who modified it and then Ferre became interested after it was programed and since he was Chef.

Speaking of Manda I just saw an interview with Nana Boduga were the members of Bana OK are refusing that directive by Papa Lutumba to give the band to Manda saying it doesn't make sense that Papa Lutumba could ask someone from outside to come lead the band when it has members  who can take over the leadership.

kiekiekie. They all left and said that they would rejoin only if Manda Chante will be out the band.

I start to understand why Hériter was saying "nga na kimisa mutu oyo nga na ye to yembi Nostalgie" "na botoli ye ceinture challenger na ye na beti champion". I never notice a sign of a eventual rivalry between Ferre and Héritier I always wonder why they sang Nostalgie together now it makes sense.

In 2003 it became very strong, but it was more behind the scenes. But before the start of Les Marquis people from Werrason-staff tried to bring it in public, support Hertier and starting to report false stories to Werrason. Because they were jealous of Ferre travelling alot to France.

They started to do the same thing with Baby Ndombe and Werrason then starting to hate him at some point. With that fight-scene coming at the right moment, which made Baby being suspend for 2 weeks before they went to UK for Halloween. The staff started then gossiping more about him to Werrason with that story about Koffi who gave him money for a mission and that witchdoctor who said that he wanted to start a band and had to sleep with his wife. Which made Werrason decide to give him a indefinite suspension when they came back.

I think that Manda Chante would have achieved more in his solo-career if he accepted to join Wenge Maison Mere. But if I was Manda at that moment, then I would also have said no. Because he was then number 1 in Congo with his song Ibrahim and was about to be voted as best singer of the year, having concerts with big crowds in Kinshasa and paying all the musicians of the band. While if he would join he would risk not to be paid like in Wenge 4x4.

What was Werrason seeing in Manda Chante ? Because in 1999 when Manda left EL Paris he became very close to him and he even promised to take him to Bercy with Blaise Bula, but changed his mind on the last minute. There was even a moment that people said that he was about to join Maison Mere.

It's crazy to hear people who were close to Werrason or his staff saying that he was contacting Manda Chante, JDT and Depitsho. People who witnessed the succes of EL Paris will understand why I'm saying that. Now people are joking about them since that they don't have succes anymore, but back in the days they were giving Wenge 4x4 a hard time and nobody could beat them in having open-air concerts with big crowds. Manda Chante was then the president of Wenge EL Paris,Depitsho was the Vice President of the band or chef d'orchestre don't remember anymore and Jus d'Ete used to be one main stars in 1992 before that Depitsho took his role over when he decided to stay in Europe.


Elliot Mondombe reveals that Werrason did everything to recruit Manda Chante in Wenge Maison Mere. He also said that Adolphe Dominguez brought Shella Mputu to Maison Mere, but that Werrason refused him. Because he came like Didier Lacoste from Yolo, which made him think that they could in the future start a band with Dominguez.

In the same video he said that the song Nostaglie was orginally written by Do Akongo (ex'Quartier Latin-guitarist) and that Heritier Wantanabe had to sing the song by his own. But that Ferre Gola was against by Heritier singing that song byhimself on the day that they were recording that song. With them ending up to sing the song together.

I think that Ferre feared that the song would be a huge succes, boost Heritier more and have a bigger impact than his song Victime d'Amour.


the live version of this song is better. I hope that one day someone would upload the whole live-album of this concert and that of Abidjan '97.

This song piss President Quetin Moyascko for life. Escepially Fall's vocal about the history of Extra Musica. If I listen to this song, I always think about Kin E Bouge, I don't know why. This was the first time that I heard Doudou Copa singing. Durrel gave him the change to have be the lead singer of his song Kende. Nobody talks about the way Durrel Loemba was excellent in the way the rhythm-guitar. Sonor Digital who replaced was good, but Durrel was on another level. His style of playing rhythm is different that others and it created that 'Extra Musica-sound', which Sonor and Telcel followed.

Aaah Guy-Guy Fall l'Ambassadeur. That guy had to be the leader of that generation, but ...… I will not say it. In this album you can feel that they were trying to get him out the band. Also on those old VHS, while in Nouveaux Missiles was the lead singer in almost every song and in concerts trying to act like the leader of the band.

Regis Touba "Le Grand Tigre". If I listen to Regis I always think about Malage de Lugendo and Nyoka Longo. He putted one song in this album called Angela, which was the only song he put in Extra Musica.

Congolese Music / Re: ORIGINAL ANTI TERRO
« on: August 13, 2018, 22:27 »
My cousin told me that the idea to record Anti-Terro came just after Bercy, but I don't know if it's true.

According to him it all started because of Mpela's family who made an interview with Zacharie Bababaswe which created alot of problems. They weren't happy about the way he wasn't able to pay the rent and that Alain Mpela had enough songs to his repertoire while he had already spent 15 years in Wenge. Also that Alain Mpela was supossed to put 4 songs in the album Internet, since that he was Chef d'orchestre, but JB changing his mind on the last minute and reducing it to 1 song with himself putting 6 songs in group-album. Shortly after that a rumor came in Paris and Brussels about Alain Mpela started his own band called BCBG Musica with some PPU's, members of BCBG and Seguin, but it was quickly denied by Alain Mpela and people claiming that Koffi came with that rumor to create more tensions in BCBG. JB was upset about Alain Mpela's family talking about that and Alain started trying to calm everything down and proposed JB to record an album with the PPU with him getting 6 songs and JB then accepting it a, promising him to record it when they will return in Europe. Because the original plan was to record JB's next solo album which he was doubting between the album-titles Chemin de Fer and 11eme Commandement with JB chosing for 11eme Commandement. With when they returned in 2002,  a war starting between PPU and Armee Rouge. But them still recording with Alain Mpela putting his 6 songs (inclu. promesse bouboule remix/bercy version), JB Mpiana putting 1 or 2 songs with those generics and Rigo Makengo then being the excecutive producur. But things changed when they returned to kinshasa and other members also putting their songs with those of Mpela being recuded to 4 and rumors about JPS wanting to sign JB Mpiana and promosing him to win a kora-award if he signs with him, but him then being arrested shortly after that. With them continuing recording Anti-Terro in those bad conditions in Kinshasa. Later on Mpela's songs were recuded to 2 just before he left with him also not more getting those advantages he was getting as Chef d'Orchestre and JB more trusting JDL, Bogus, Seguin and co. Rumors then being spread about JB Mpiana wanting to fire/give Alain a suspesion after getting proofs of Alain Mpela talking with Koffi Olomide with Alain Mpela then suddenly leaving the band before JB deciding about that.

Congolese Music / What did Fabregas say in this interview ?
« on: August 13, 2018, 22:04 »

What did Fabregas say in this interview. I don't watch his interviews anymore since 2016 when started to clash artists and praise himself.

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