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Hahaha the way Oxygene was eating the leaves (4.04 min) and the way Herman was chasing Papy Bastin towards the end of the video.

Congolese Music / Re: JF Ifonge interview with Ado Yuhe
« on: January 16, 2019, 13:02 »
I also think it was a new dancer that we didn’t have the chance to know. She was maybe among newcommers like chouchou bibisucre ect

Wasn't that girl dancing next to Claudine AC Milan ?

from 1:48:28 min

Congolese Music / JF Ifonge interview with Ado Yuhe
« on: January 16, 2019, 03:12 »


BCBG’s arrival in Paris and the pressconference they had before Zenith. Knowing all those images, I think that this videos is from the VHS “De Paris a Kin”. It’s sad that the uploader didn’t put Wenge BCBG’s intro at l’Esplanade (which was intro they would do at Zenith), the way Bebe Ramazani described Wenge BCBG and the ad for their concert at Zenith.

Congolese Music / Re: One of the rare VHS I can’t find
« on: January 15, 2019, 14:32 »
Didnt koffi olomide perform at parc de princes in 2000? Why couldn't he perform there again only a few years later? Makes no sense

Parc des Princes is a 50.000 Seats-stadium. That concert you mean was Koffi’s 44th birthday at LSC. The VHS was called “Destination Parc des Princes”, just a way to say to people that they have to get ready for the next big show. Like he did those videos before Bercy “Bercy Strategie l’An 2000, etc.


Did Les Pipiyus exist at this point?

Yeah, Ppipyi exist since 1998 when Wenge BCBG just returned in Kinshasa. Their first show was at Palais du Peuple. Kibens, Chai, Rio & Heritier were the original PPU. When Kibens, Chai & Rio became first team-members, the bunch of guys we saw at Bercy replaced them.


So has holds the publishing rights to Solola Bien, Kibusia Mpimpa, and A La Queue La Leu, if it's not Werrason?

Damn, so none of these guys really reads contracts smh

I don't know if its still so, because JPS Production closed his doors in 2003 after that Jean Pierre Saah escaped the police in France and returned to Cameroon. He produced Alerte Generale and Obligtoire, but he had to stop in 2005.

Those are artists are so eager to get money and are easily impressed if they are brought expensive restaurants and hotels. Back in those days you could get 1 million, but that will mean that you signed for 5 albums, so you will then not receive money if you record the other 4 albums, because they paid you already in advance plus you accepted that they would receive all the rights for the songs you will produce under their label. So they will make alot of money on you back if you aren't smart engough. If you are intelligent like Felix Wazekwa and Nyoka Longo to read those contracts very well and if you have strong advocates they will give you better contract

MM international randomly came on my Spotify playlist coupe days ago and it was good. Don't know how the USA concerts would be, don't know if they have a big fans base out here. Ever since they played in Paris last year is concerts for Congo-Brazzaville artists back?

I don't know. But Roga Roga's band of Brazzaville is the only band who really tours in Europe and it was for the first time they returned after an absence of 17 years. Extra Musica International and Z1 International are already death since 2002. Quetin Moysacko, Abilissi, Kila Mbongo and sometimes give playbacks in bars or performs at restaurant they never give real concerts.

Btw is Zaiko already back in Kinshasa or are they still touring in the USA?

Congolese Music / Roga Roga announcing a USA-Tour for march 2019
« on: January 15, 2019, 08:24 »

Roga Roga announcing a tour in the USA for march 2019, saying that they spent a long time there. I think that its a 1 year-contract like Defao in 1999-2000. He said that they will return in Brazzaville for a moment for the Fespam-festival. He also say that he will bring the whole band there (inclu. dancers). He also talked about them finishing the clips of 242 and that he's working on his next-solo album.


Is Aladji still alive? I haven't heard anything about the guy since Magie.

He's a businessman now and particpated to Quartier Latin's 32th birthday. Koffi even posted a video with him on instagram.


I never understood why JPS production would bother crediting the singers and musicians of Masion Mere as being the authors of songs for group albums (Solola Bien & A La Queue La Leu) if it's only Werrason that got paid royalties.

It always seems like slave labor if you're in a group, unless you're a leader.

That's not the label who's doing that, but the bandleader himself. Koffi Olomide was doing the same thing with Quartier Latin and Fally, Do Akongo, Soleil and co only discovering years later when they started to understand that system.

Back in 1993, Wenge 4x4 didn't also understand that system. Only getting mabanga-money, gifts and the money received after signing a contract with Willy Beya and Kokar Masakuba getting all those royalties. But after talking with Nyoka Longo who was then the boss of SONECA for a moment, they quickly understanded it and became member for SACEM and started to abuse of their musicians. Crediting them on cd, but not in those associations. But sometimes they were still scammed by those labels. For example when Werrason signed with JPS Production, he accepted to give him all the rights of the songs he will release under their label for peanuts. Its only after years that he realised that he made a big mistake. King Kester Emeneya was close to sign with them when he was preparing Longue Histoire, but discovered that their contracts were a big farce.


While I was in high school, I came across a New York Times article that briefly covered one of his performances when he visited the United States for a music festival.

So as of his baptism, is he completely done playing music or does he still play music but for the church?

After his baptism he said that he was completely done with music and that he would never do it again. Adding also that people have not to listen to his old works with Werrason and other artists anymore, because those inspiration came from the invisible world. But I think that he changed his opinion a little bit and he made some little videos.

I think that he has/had some mental issues and alot of problems where he prefer not to talk about. After his baptism he called to have to used witchcrafs while alot of people witnessed how he did sometimes stange things when he was coming for rehearsals at La Zamba Playa, walking without shoes at Chateau Rouge before releasing his album or bringing his guitar which he names Madame Jacqueline (who's known as a big demon) in a coffin. But recently he asked for forgiveness for the things he did with that guitar.


Congolese Music / Re: One of the rare VHS I can’t find
« on: January 15, 2019, 07:30 »

Why weren't they taking him seriously, did they fear Koffi wouldn't sell out the venue?

Hahaha they didn't fear Koffi. He wasn't known by White-listeners, back in those days nobody knew Koffi Olomide. They only knew Youssou N'dour, Alpha Blondy, Papa Wemba and Angelina Kidjo. Plus you had to have some kind of a special bookpress and a budget. Back in those days Parc des Princes was very mythical place with only topstars coming from USA and France performing there. Koffi and his staff didn't even start negociated with them and they were already rejected from the start. Now they would accept him to perform there, but it isn't special anymore to perform there and Parc des Princes kind lost all his magic to Stade de France and it got also new rival called "Arena 92" which is 40.000 seated stadium in Paris with many artists prefering to perform there. Because of Bercy being to small and Parc des Princes to big.


You made a good point about Makaba; he made the right career choice. However, I feel like Flamme Kapaya never really had a vision of what he could be outside Masion Mere.

He could of been a singer like Roga Roga; he has a pleasent voice! He could of started his own band or joined Celeo during his first album, but he lost a lot of good will with those weird Jazz/Rock fusion concerts he was doing that confused people into thinking he lost his creative touch...

  (great voice & composition as a potential solo artist)

(He was making some weird music)

Celeo didn't had and have the money to pay him. Nevertheless he was a offered an 2 years contract with Bracongo and released a generique for them and it had some local succes in Kinshasa. But broke that contract later on.

Flamme Kapaya himself said that he didn't know what he had to do. We Congolese people were seeing the music he was making as a weird. But he started to get respected in by White-listeners, getting contracts for festivals, being invited often at radios, tv-shows and concerts at mini-bars. He was close to make the same path as Jupiter, Staff Benda Bilili, Ray Lema & Lokua Kanza who are respected figures of the so called "World Music". In 2012 he received in New York a trophee at the Bessie Awards for "best musical composition" for his show "more more more.. future". He started to be invited often on radios and teleshow. If he didn't delete his facebook-page then I could post all those articles, videos and pictures to show you all those things he did his last years before coming a new-born christian. 

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