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Happy B-day to l'Ingenieur "Le Vainqeur de tous les dangers"


I often heard that Naomie was written by the late Max Mongali "Idi Mane".

Wow, I would've never guessed. RIP to the legend

So sad that they didn't record the videoclips anymore of Wake Up, after that the conflicts started already before that the album was released. With Papa Wemba saying "casse toi pauvre con" and calling him a businessman, that he isn't a real artist, etc. All because that he didn't want to share the mabanga money he got from his friends and donors with Wemba. While Wemba sunged his friends and donors for free. With the conflict becoming worser after the release of the album, due to their common friends who were saying things who didn't have sens, but both artists still becoming angry about it. For example the thing Koffi said in Moussoukou-Soukou "pona kokanga kipungu-pungu, il faut kotia soyi " with Wemba claiming that he was mocking him.

I remember Maika Munan complaing in a interview 2 years ago about some artists being credited in Wake Up who didn't even participate in the recordings.

I found it interesting that in many songs, Koffi was shouting out Wemba's friends while Wemba was shouting out Koffi's friends. Does that mean that all mabanga money went straight to Koffi. Or was that Coco Rubenga's job?

I guess after the immediate fall out after release, neither party cared about giving proper credits, full clips, that fabled Wake Up concert and etc. They acted that they didn't even release that album for a while.

Koffi went straight to preparation for Ultimatum, Loi, and that very long tour Europe/Africa he had in 1997. Wemba shifted to preparation for his two first Nouvelle Ecriture albums (Nouvelle Ecriture, Dans L', and also overseeing "Ya Biso Moko").

I don't know, I think that it was the way to show the love they had for eachother by shouting the friends of eachother out. About the money the way Koffi explained it in the interview with Papy Mboma back in 2014 after Wemba's wedding, was if it I remember well that he asked his friends and donors money for mabanga's and while Wemba did it just for free with him thinking that Koffi would share the money that he receveid. With Koffi then refusing saying that that money belonged to him and that he hadn't to shout is friends out for free and then the conflict starting,

It found it strange that Koffi never performed one of his Wake-Up after it release, while Wemba was always singing Mi-Amor in almost every concert until his death.

Was Ya Biso Moko a offical Nouvelle Ecriture-album or just a zing-zong album. Because it sounded more like an Nzong Zing album and it wasn't well promoted like Dans 'L. It was an excellent album.I like the way they were showcasing the fioti-fioti's in the videoclips. I tought back in the days that Bendoson would have a good solo career like King Kester Emeneya. But things turned differently when his friends Ramazani, Pompom and Christian left him alone with him joining Jolino.

yes they seemed more interested in making an impact in concerts it did them bad service on continental level with their "rivals"having several clips promoted even loi vs feux de l'amour is same story

That's sad if you look well their concerts in Kinshasa were more destinated to the elite, performing at Intercontinetal and Palais du Peuple. Them not performing at Stade des Martyrs, Stade de 20 Mai and l'Esplanade de Palais du Peuple had in my opinion consequences in long terms. Because if you say to the people born in the 80's and 90's that Wenge 4x4 was the most popular band in the past, they wouldn't believe immediatly because they didn't perform in those places like Wenge BCBG and Wenge Maison Mere. People are also forgetting now how big the impact of their concert at Madeleine in 1992 and Bataclan 1994. Who were seen in that time as one of biggest events. Because at that time it was difficult to perform at Olympia and Zenith, since that you had to have a special status before Koffi performed there.

Feyx de l'Amour had a huge impact in Africa. But not releasing videoclips for that album, made JB miss several awards (Kora Awards, etc.). While it was the album that made Africa dance in 1997 followed by Sala Noki of Defao, Confirmation of Extra Musica & Ultimatum of Koffi Olomide. Which make people who were born later think that it was just a local succes. While it made Wenge 4x4 tour in many African countries, I think more than Kalayi Boeing did.

So sad that they didn't record the videoclips anymore of Wake Up, after that the conflicts started already before that the album was released. With Papa Wemba saying "casse toi pauvre con" and calling him a businessman, that he isn't a real artist, etc. All because that he didn't want to share the mabanga money he got from his friends and donors with Wemba. While Wemba sunged his friends and donors for free. With the conflict becoming worser after the release of the album, due to their common friends who were saying things who didn't have sens, but both artists still becoming angry about it. For example the thing Koffi said in Moussoukou-Soukou "pona kokanga kipungu-pungu, il faut kotia soyi " with Wemba claiming that he was mocking him.

I remember Maika Munan complaing in a interview 2 years ago about some artists being credited in Wake Up who didn't even participate in the recordings.

Did they every released a official VHS for Pile Ou Face ? I only saw the generic who was put on the Compil African Stars-VHS of Sonodisc, including Wake-Up and Tuna Tina Jack Kitshindja of Anges Adorables vol. 1. It looks like Wenge Musica 4x4 wasn't really interested in releasing offical VHS of their albums (Anges Adorables vol 1/2, Kalayi Boeing & Kin E Bouge). Damien Dimoneke was really pushing them to record videoclips. He was the man who made the videoclip of Kalayi Boeing and Hi Ho Ha New Image in 1993 and 1994, when the albums were released. In 1996 he made the Pentagone-VHS and the same year when Wenge came to Europe he recorded videoclips for some songs of Pleins Feux, Anges Adorables and Kalayi Boeing (C'est Trop Tard Djenga, La Vie, Masampu, Nazareth, Tcha Tcho & Promesse Bouboule) who were released in a video called Bokosepela, who had some extracts of Ndombolo and interviews from Wenge-members who were then making some hints about the problems in the band.

For me it would Kisanola and the dance that dance they did in Malewa, Bicarbonate and Ferre's QEDT. That Nkila Kizengi dance should never ever be brought back.
this is the dance I'm referring to if people weren't quite sure @6:33 in Bicarbonate. @1:21 in Malewa.

That dance came from those Brazza dj's who were calling it then Zembe. It was a big hit back in 2008 and 2009 in the bars of Kinshasa. I remember parents complaining about the lyrcis of their songs "longola ye caleson, longola ye caleson", etc. The was a huge buzz in Paris, Brussels, Geneve and London. When Werrason released the DVD of the preparation of Zenith 2008. With all bars dancing to that sound.

Koffi Olomide took also that dance back in 2009 along with Sima Ekoli, but it didn't really match with the coupe-decale style he adopted in Skol Mandramanda. With shots being throwed to both camps Maison Mere vs Koffi Olomide until that that rape-affaire was known. Which made Koffi quiet for a year on tv (stopping with mocking people openly or throwing shots) and artists Maison Mere calling him Franc Congolais. It suprised how the Maison Mere-camp is started to praise Koffi now alot. Back in 2010 I tought they would never become close again. Who forgot the way Kakol was calling Koffi "Koko Ntiri Ntiri" (animated cartoon).

sauver moi, sauver moi (nga nasambelaka na nga) , Kibinda Nkoy first version of 1995 (dancing with both hands closed the way danced in Koffi's Chantou),

From 5:19 min and the other dance they danced from which 5:40 min was also popular in 1995 & 96.

this dance from 8:18 min. Quartier Latin danced it Cotisation and concerts of 2000/01, but it dissapeard quickly in their choreography.

also this dance of 3:53 min. btw did they ever record a videoclip for the Terrain Eza Mine-generic ?

the whole choreography from 4:53 min including 6:49 min. So sad that they didn't record videoclips for the Feux de l'Amour-album. It Would have been nice to see those 4 male dancers Wenge 4x4 had to see dancing that in the videoclips. They impressed me in their performance in the days of 1993 until the split. What did the 4 guys become, because I didn't see them anymore. after the split. Except 2 who danced along with Tshotsholi (Defao's dancer) in Maison Mere's concert at VSS. Then the other guy dissepeard and I saw the other guy (I guess that his name was st vallois) dacing along in videotapes before Force d'Intervention Rapide. After that I saw him dancing in the generic of Intervention Rapide with Bibiche, the concerts after the Europe-tour and the last time that I saw him was at Bercy. Seeing him dancing with Sankara and on Pentagone. Did some went to JB Mpiana or did they all 5 stay behind Werrason after the split ? Wenge 4x4 had to promote them the way Quartier Latin & Zaiko were promoting their female dancers in that era.

from 48:40 them all dancing together

Which band did bring Mulala to Europe. Because I saw him dancing with Reddy in the Etoile-clips recorded in Europe. Was he member of Viva La Musica ?

I think its really interesting that these guys knew each other since primary school. I wonder how many more guys go back to the sandbox. That musta been fun to go at it as far as competition knowing you actually know guys on the other team since kids. How big is Bandal? Seems like the chateau rouge of Kin or something. Everybody comes from there lol

No, not everybodyi is coming from there. It's just that people from Bandalungwa like to boost their area. While people from Lemba, Gombe, etc. are more quite about that. But people from the Tshangu-district (Masina,N'djili, Kimbanseke, etc.) are trying to boost their district but it's not really working, since that it has a bad reputation (being seen as most poorest part of Kinshasa). About people from Bandalungwa boosting their area very hard started when Wenge Musica had the fame, being the most popular band of Zaïre at that time, which made people from their area proud and starting bregging about it. When the staff of Maison Mere started recuiting musicians in the start, they were taking mostly musicians from Bandal (Flamme, Guylain Mpungi, Celeo, JDT, etc.), since that Wenge=Bandal, so they saw that they had to privilage people from their area more than the others, which made some other talented musicians getting rejected, since they weren't coming from there.
There was a time that alot of musicians were coming from N'djili. But nobody really succeed as bandleader. There was also a time that alot of artists were coming from Binza (a quarter of Ngaliema). Then you had a guy called Thythy Le Vallois who was a sapeur/donor. He wanted to boost his area Masina. Since that people were always mocking people who were coming from there. So he started a band called Tambour Le Vallois. Alot from Tambour were later recruited by Victoria Eleison in 1997 and Nouvelle Ecriture in 1996 and the years after that (Bendoson, Thierry Mogratana, etc.) But let say from the start of the Congolese music in the 40's until the split of Wenge, the most musicians were always coming from coming from Matonge (a quarter in the area of Kalamu), Kasa-Vubu and Ngiri-Ngiri. Matonge was the most known as being the most swinging area of Kinshasa from the start until the mid-2000's. Then Bandalungwa took it over. I think that it has to with the shegues, thiefs and kuluna's who are there and more and more growing insecurity. People are starting now going to Couloir Kimbuta, which is in N'djili.
Bandal is just an normal area like the other 23. The biggest area is Maluku followed by Nsele, then Mont Ngalufa, then you got Ngaliema, followed by Kimbanseke, then Masina and after Masina the rest. Kinshasa is overpopulated and people coming from Europe and with some money are buying ground in Maluku and Mont-Ngalufa. Their houses they are building are nice, but there is no water and elecricity, since that the governement doesn't care. And there more and more people from the province coming to Kinshasa to look for a better life. The area's and quarters they built after the independence were meant to settle wealthy people, but it all flopped (Mont Ngafula, N'djili, Masina, Binza, etc.) Those Chef Coutumiers creating chaos by selling all the ground they have in possession without a real planning.

I think that Congolese artists were snitched eachother because that ngulu-phenonenon started in already in the 80's.  But yeah they started to exagerate because first they were bringing only close friends, family and staffmembers. But then it became a real busniess from the mid 90s with them bringing 50, 70 people and Chef d'Orchestre, Staffmembers and main stars of the band also putting their people on the tour list with also ading their shegues who were supporting them, saying rivals and doing nasty jobs from them. Some bandleaders were scamming people. Which led to many problems so was Nyoka Longo arrested in 2002 after his Zenith and wasn't able to return until 2009, because that a man sued him in Kinshasa. Werrason  who was arrested in 2002, after that a woman sued hi, but he was so lucky  and was after that not able to get visa's 2 years. Bozi Boziana who was arrested in 2001. It also led indirectly for the combattans, which started in 2006.


I didn't had the time to watch the video

Congolese Music / Re: Congolese Tracks To Spin at a Wedding?
« on: April 18, 2018, 21:39 »
Ferre Gola - 3eme Doigt

To say the truth it's because of Koffi that Babia went to settle in Angola. Because he had to be arrested the way he was insisting to do a Babia chante Koffi-concert. It started all when he left. He left because he was angry the why Cindy killed Quartier Latin was privileged with everything and him and the others guys only doing the chorus in concerts. While in his opinion she hadn't that right because she wasn't one guys who contributed alot to make Quartier Latin the band who it was. Started to tall Quartier Latin, Quartier Cindy and he made then many interviews. He started than a own band with internet-journalist Mathy Kasongo being one of the singers, working on his solo album and making many intervies about the his career, the he made mistakes in the past, how Cindy killed Quartier Latin in his opinion, etc.. He anncounced then that he would correct Cindy chante Koffi by doing Babia chante Koffi. With Koffi being furious and calling many journalists to say that he had to stop to do that otherwise he would arrest him. Kisindjora who is her cousin was supporting him. Then Koffi made one interview saying that he is finished, that only Fally and Ferre have the right to do a chante Koffi and not Babia because he finished and also saying that he could sing other artists. But Babia refusing. Then he made an interview along with Eric Tutsi and Sam Tshintu singing their hits and Sam convincing him to abdon that project. But after that he was still continuing with it.Then he was invited by Boneaventure Engobo in Oyo (Congo Brazzaville) to do a Babia chante Koffi and Babia got there alot of money, but refused share it with Kisindjora. Which made her furious and her saying that he would not see him until he will die (not knowing that it was one of his last years). He was continuing to do those many internet interviews until that there was a arrest warrant against him, because that Koffi sued him about wanting to do a Babia chante Koffi and plagiat of his generique Jeune Pato from Abacadabra. So Babia went to Angola to escape and his wife and their little children followed him then later. He meeted their his old friends, Zobozi and many donors. He continued with recording his album there, doing many interviews where he attacked Cindy and giving many Babia chante Koffi-concerts. In meantime he was working on a trip to Paris for the mixing of his album. In his last days he had a problem with his friend/cousin Celezino. Just because he said that he had to stop insulting people in internet, which didn't please him with him recording more than 10 interviews to insult Babia. People were happy about Babia the way things were better with him. But in he was suffering alot in his private life. This was because he wife Alima Djamal was cheating on him many times. He coughts his wife many times with other man. The most rude moment was when he was performing and people rushing to him and saying that they saw his wife doing it in a car with someone else with him following the people and seeing his wife there. But he was always still staying with her. Then on his last day, it was the last or 2 days before he had to go to Paris. He went to the house of his wife or ex'wife (they were apprently not living together anymore) and he saw there a man with a fight starting with Alima not knowing what to do. Then we don't know what happened after that only she knows how it ended. But the most people say that the man beated him so hard or that he beated him with a object which made him lose his consciousness with then the ambulance coming, but he died then in the hospital. With them his wife saying that he died of stroke. Not long after that she leftfrom Luanda and went to Lubumbashi. Because people in Angola wanted to beat and kill her. Koffi saw that he was wrong all the times and decided to do evertyhing for his "pire petit" and paid the funerals and helped by paying the hospital and bringing his body from Luanda to Kinshasa. Babia's album was finished for 90% and Koffi wanted to release it with his then new label Koffi Central. But then his uncles in Kinshasa refused and said that it had to be released by a big label or producer, which made the album getting not released until this day.

here you got some videos about this all. It amaze me how alot of video's are deleted from youtube. There was a video on Congomikili's deleted youtube-channel were Babia gaved some extraits of his album Vrai Moment and calling himself Papoite (which meant the boss in Portugese).

Zobozi's first interview.


Eric Tutsi had a drug problem too?! :o

yeah, he had the same problem

after leaving Quartier Latin in 2001 and his collaboration with Jolino. He returned to Quartier Latin in 2003, when Quartier Latin returned from their Europe-tour.

After that he had to travel to Europe for Zenith and the recordings of Monde Arabe, but he was left behind on the airport. Then things were going worse with him and after that he became very ill and was brought to the hospital where they did surgery on him. Journalist and owner of Visa 2000 & Palmares Michel Lady Luya (R.I.P.) paid everything for him, his hospitalisation and surgery. But since that Lady Luya in conflict with his boss, Koffi sended Babia when he recovered to attack him on tv and denieying that he helped him. Which made people hate Babia more and seeing him as a ungrateful guy, after having alot of compassion for him when he struggled on the streets. Then his situation in Quartier Latin was so/so with journalists like Raissa Mombili, Thierry Dawa, etc. started to ridiculize him in interviews the way he was dressed and talking.

 Despite all those problems he participated on the chorus of B.E.K. From 2008 things started going well. He was fully recovered, he kicked off from drugs, dumped his bad friends, divorced from his ex'wife Nicky (the mother of Prince Babia) and started then a new life. He became a musulman and started dating Alima Djamal. But is role didn t change in Quartier Latin he was still doing those dirty jobs (attacking Felix Wazeka, Werrason & Fally Ipupa). His love for Koffi was at the same very big.


Nouvelle Ecriture's arrival in Paris for Wemba's first Zentih. They performed the same day. Here you can see them rehearshing quickly with Maradona & Dezay who stayed in Europe. With Nouvelle Ecriture dancing on the new crie "yo bazo tinda yo", which was against Koffi Olomide. Koffi was attacking Papa Wemba alot in interviews, after that Wemba ancounced that he would perform at Zenith. With Koffi mocking him and saying that he could not fill that hall. So made that crie. There were rumors that Koffi was looking for ceased fire when he heard that crie, but the Nouvelle Ecriture-camp refused. Nouvelle Ecriture missed their flights two times. since there was someone who didn't want them to go at Zenith, but they made it on the end.

R.I.P. Iboss le Grand Mbati, Alpatshino & Mere Malou

Papa Wemba called performed at Zenith that day with Molokai, Les Quatro, Nouvelle Ecriture and Viva La Musica "Cours des Grands". It was a huge succes. Then started record Fula Ngenge and touring Europe. But the tour was not going very well due those polemic-videotapes Koffi made against Viva La Musica and everybody being focused on Werrason, JB Mpiana and Koffi Olomide whom the three albums were dominating Europe (Droit de Veto, Titanic & Force d'Intervention Rapide). So Wemba ended the tour earlier then planned and performed then on the 8.000 seats musichall Forest National in Brussels.


an excellent album 10/10, maybe to excellent because Mayaula's next album Bikini didn't really fill the exceptions.  Who played keyboard in this album ? The keyboard player did an excellent job.

Rest in Peace Mayaula Mayoni aka Don Padrino "Ousmane Bakayoko". Who lost alot legends.

coincidence between  the most famous addicts of the recent years adjani,late babia and zulema all where very appreciated and welcomed by fans in europe,all lived in the hood once leaders allowed everybody to live where he wants and it all started from there
instead of boosting their life europe was the start of their downfall

Yeah. When Babia stayed in Europe waiting for Quartier Latin he joined Modogo Gianfranco Ferre's band Place Vendome for a moment and it's from there where he got in touch with the wrong people (drugsdealers, gangsters, etc.) and started to use drugs, while before that he didn't even drink alcohol.

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