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« on: Today at 18:02 »
Hahahahaha those things doesn't exist in the Congolese music industry.

Yeah, it was Alain Mpela along with his brother Bouro Mpela.

It was a big mistake of Willy Bula to leave Zaiko before the release of Poison. His song Revelation was a huge succes. I remember Nyoka Longo being angry that he left with him removing Revelation from the second stock of Poison.

from 1:09:43 min

I don't think that Willy Bula would succeed as solo artist in that time, because he had not a big fanbase like JB Mpiana in 1990, Werrason in 1993, Ferre in 2004 or Alain Mpela in 2003.  It was difficult to succeed as solo artist in that era, because there weren't in Kinshasa based labels anymore like in the '80s and '70s (VEVE, Parions, etc.), who were supporting youngsters. Otherwise bands like Promise Musica, Kibinda Nkoy, SVP La Gamme, etc. would have succeed and take over Wenge Musica's place, like Wenge did to Victoria Eleison in 1989. Don't forget that from november 1998 it was start of the 'Carre Magique'-era. Felix Wazekwa was the only solo artist in that time that succeed. Do Akongo who started to have fame when Koffi left him behind for Bercy had a talented band with Eboa Lotin, Nono Fudji, Bidjana, etc. and started tprecord a album, which was one of the most awaited albums in 2000, but was not able to succeed and could also not return in Europe, because they said some bad things to the embassies to kill his career. Bendoson who was seen as a big leader started a band with Ramazani, Pompom Miyake, Christian na Nzenze and Azoze na Mbonda. They were blessed by Emeneya, started to record an album and had concerts with huge crowds, but didn't succeed. And so are many examples (Blaise Bula, Manda Chante, etc.)

« on: January 20, 2018, 20:51 »
He is right

JB Mpiana never made a song in Tshiluba, like Franco did many times in Kikongo or Werrason in Kimbala with Kalayi Boeing (version original).

« on: January 12, 2018, 21:19 »
and with somebody who knows werra's wife way longer than himself i fear some really embarassing stuff will be said if it continues

Is it really true that Baby Ndombe went out with Werrason's wife, Sylvie Mampata ?

Watch this interview from 41:42 min  and you will understand that, that story was made up. People are discovering now after 15 years that the story was made up.

Ahhh bcbg mawa, this team really didn't last long enough thanks to jb's ego... to be honest it would have been best for makaba to have stayed in kin rather then Europe he was all over the place it would have been hard for jb to get rid of him

No I don't think so. JB woukd use the 12 technic to get him out the band. Like they did to Ricoco in the past in Wenge 4x and later to Aimelia Lias during the '99 Europe-tour.. Blaise Bula who was the number two of BCBG was easily kicked out. Don't forget when things were starting to get bad, when they went to Canada. With JB Mpiana getting in conflict with Blaise Bula & Alain Makaba. Because he decided to make Alain Mpela suddenly chef d'Orchestre. I guess that he made already at that a plan on that moment to create chaos in the band, in order to getslowly rid of Blaise Bula & Alain Makaba in Kinshasa and  it worked. Alain Makaba went angry back to Europe, waiting then the Zenith-show, Blaise Bula got suspended (fired), after the New Year-eve show in Abidjan and later being left alone in the hospital. I remember Aimelia saying that Makaba was starting to get angry, because they made Wenge BCBG togther. But they staeted to write  everywhere JB Mpiana & Wenge BCBG, after their return in Kinshasa.

Surprised to see Alain Makaba. I didn't knew that he returned with them. I tought that he returned after the release of Titanic for some weeks and critisize JB Mpiana then at that moment for having a reserve-band (Rio, Chai, Kibens, Heritier & Bidjana).

From 46:23 min is that Monica Celeste (R.I.P.) dancing ? Who is that other female dancer ? Were they both recruited before the tour in Europe or after or were they already dancing in Wenge 4x4 ?


Wenge BCBG live in Palais du Peuple, after their return from the Euro-America tour.

I feel like we had a thread on this in the past, but I couldn't find it. I remember Saddam Kongulu had a policy that all songs dedicated to him had to be the best on the album, or there would be consequences. Like blocking releases.

Junior had a much better sound from that South African studio they recorded at, but you can tell they had more fun with Wabelo Rango, as it wasn't a forced dedication. Both top notch

Wabelo Rango is better. The animation of Wabelo is far better than that of Junior, which done by Manda Chante and Doukoure. Many people weren't happy with the animation of Le Monde Envers, hence why they recruited Patou Bofosa & Bizima Kondos (voted as Palme d'or by ACMCO in 1998). Don't forget that the chorus of Junior was done by 3 singers (Manda, Depitsho & Marie Paul) and that of Wabelo by 8 singers. 

But if we will talk about Silva against Fortis, then will choose Silva above the remix Fortis.

« on: January 12, 2018, 03:29 »
Sometimes I'm asking myself if the gouvernement isn't paying Congolese artists to do polemic. In order to distract the population. Because everytime of something big is about to happen against Kabila's regime, then suddenly Congolese artists start to beef very hard. Remember Koffi against JB Mpiana in 2014, Ferre against Koffi last year with that première soin and now this. Just at the moment that whe lost 48 people with the big flood in Kinshasa and all those people who lost their life on the 31th December with some being shot death in the church.

« on: January 12, 2018, 03:20 »

Wow Saddam what a asshole. Was it the reason why their 1995 album was never released ? Or was it because of JB and Werra ?

No, the reason was that Saddam turned against them after having reconciled with Wenge Musica 4x4. Wenge El Paris was under Saddam's wings, who wanted to finish Wenge Musica 4x4. In 1992 he invited to them to come to Kinshasa and perform at his wedding in Gbadolite. Many members refused (Ricoco, Cesar Loboko, JF Ifonge, Diva La Marquise, etc.), because they didn't have French papers, didn't trust Kongolo Mobutu aka "Saddam Hussein" and were scared to not more return to France if they came in Kinshasa. Aime Buanga who founded "Aile Paris" and Wenge 4x4 refused, because Saddam wanted to use him for a lawsuit against Wenge Musica 4x4, in order to forbid them to use the name Wenge. Only 7 members went to Kinshasa (Marie Paul, Zing Zong, JDT, Depitsho, Collegien, Maradonna & Rento Vena) and they recruited there ex'4x4 members there (Delo Bass, Alain Mwepu, Djolina, Rose, etc.) who were left behind in Kinshasa for the Europe tour of 1992 by Wenge Musica 4x4. They were also joined by old staffmembers of Wenge 4x4 (Jean Belis Mfumu "R.I.P.", Fortis Navuangi "R.I.P., Polesha, etc) who were dissapointed by Wenge Musica, who became big headed and turned their back against the guys who helped them in the beginning. They helped Wenge El Paris to sement a big fanbase in Kinshasa before their arrival, which made the guys of 4x4 angry. They let even Jean Belis arrest for creating El Paris-fanclubs. The tour of Wenge El Paris in Zaire was a huge succes and they returned to Paris. Manda Chante who stayed in Europe joined them. They recorded then an album to reacted against 4x4's Kalayi Boeing. They signed the same year a contract with Saddam's company Yoshad Productions and Saddam in meantime threaten 4x4 members in Kinshasa and even disturbing their concert with soldiers. Because they refused to give Manda's passeport back. Wenge El Paris returned to Kinshasa after that and were giving 4x4 headache. But then they fell out with Saddam and the album they recorded being blocked. Wenge Musica 4x4 had the same problem earlier with the Pleins Feux-album of 1992. They were also not able to return to France. With them being blocked in Kinshasa for years. I don't know what Saddam did say about them to the Europe-embassies, but they even not able to return in Europe in the years that Laurent Desire Kabila "R.I.P." was in power. They were blocked for 7 years in Kinshasa and only returned in december 2000, when they started to lose it in the game.

« on: January 10, 2018, 17:09 »
I think that Felix Wazekwa will slowly retire from music and write more books.

« on: January 10, 2018, 17:09 »
hmmmmm monstre.

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