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the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

They remained bothers without complexes. Grand Job & Quattro+1 are two really fantastic albums; I play both all the time.

There was that on Clan Wenge album with Tata Dominguez & Lacoste (Kuma kukiele, 2001), but let's be real it meant nothing at all. The sad part though was it sounded better that Dominguez's first album. He handicapped himself by not recording in Europe

With Clan Wenge I meant Werrason, J.B. Mpiana, Blaise Bula, Makaba & Masela. Imagine if they recorded in 2009 a reunion-album and to counter the power of G5. They would have then gained alot of money.

I saw Kuma Kukiele like a preview of Affaire Tonya Tonya. Kuma Kukiele was like a zong-zing album. I remember that Maison Mere-fans saw Serge Mabiala & Didier Lacoste as traitors when the album was released.

If Aldophe Dominguez had a serious manager instead of Jacko Sayala, he could have brought a mobile-studio to Kinshasa and record the album the way Somo Trop of Papa Wemba and Sponsor of Wazekwa were recorded.

I didn't like their first album "Grand Job". But Les Quatro+1 is one of my favorite albums. Many people don't know that the song Penitance na Nga is the remix version of the third song Penitance.

Aah motema pasi R.I.P.


the former-members of the Zaiko-generation of 1971-1974 gained alot of money by making reunion-albums and concerts in the '80s and '90s.

« on: October 18, 2017, 01:55 »
exactly in that period not only the throat but the spiritual part of his job was affecting him i dont want to elaborate on it but in i think the famous mama angebi concert werra clearly hinted who is who in the spiritual section of the group he was sick a lot of times prior to that throat thing and i guess its part of why he has been so media shy he knows he will be asked about how all of a sudden things went downhill and whether its due to spiritual reasons

Was that animation of "Eeh baboyi nga nadima Jesus massiya eeh, naboya te..." in Pentagone not a hint towards the problems he got ? After that Werrason said that, they started performing Pentagone and Ekokota was not really looking happy when he started animating. Did the problems not start after Anges Adorables ? Because before that album Calugi was nothing but after it he came with alot of new cries and started to be a face-to face atalaku, but people started not noticing that Ekokota started to lost it and not long after that he started to dominate Ekokota, who had then nothing to offer to counter him very hard, except that Jesus, Toyoyo, Kitaku-taku and Mabuidi-animation.

« on: October 18, 2017, 00:13 »
Please, I would like to know what he(Ekokota) has been up to since he is no longer doing music.

 Roberto, Djuna Mumbafu, and Nono are the fathers, in my opinion.

Oh how could I forget to include the great 3615 Code Niawu? So popular and influential throughout the late 80's -90's. He has by far the biggest album resume of any atalakou

Can somebody give me any more info on this Code Niawu individual. I believe he did anition on the first wenge aile paris album but im not a 100%. Was he signed to any bigger band at any point ? And also unrelated how come I hear so much about Bana Odeon and yet have suxh a hard time finding anything about them on the internet lol

He was a member of Bana Odeon and then became a mbonda-player in Grand Zaiko Wawa of Pepe Felly Manuaku until their last Europe-tour of 1990 and then started to do animations on Soukous-albums. Ricoco Bulambemba who wanted to record a pure soukous-album, invited him to his solo-album Molangi Ya Molasi, because he was reputated as a big soukous-atalaku in that era.

Congolese Music / Re: Are we biased
« on: October 17, 2017, 23:43 »
Talking about documentary films here is one for Mzee Papa Wemba.

lol, if ever a documentary did a giant disservice to the lead figure this is it. Bad example because the BBC made Wemba and Congolese Europe look like lies, cheats, and steals with no morals.

@Matebu isnt that crazy that thats pretty much the only documentary on our music? (other than the few documentaries about Franco of course)

« on: October 17, 2017, 23:26 »
his real name is jean-robert which was turned into roberto
yes actually its part of a song bana odeon used to sing at funerals tutu and co modified later into animation(for example the way recently some guys modified gospel into animation)

Ooh yes i see. Because the lyrics is about a mother who died and girls who died, if i understanded it well (my kikongo is very bad). Why don't the 5th generation use those kind of folkloric animations anymore ? I'm really fed up with those sex-animations tchip..

« on: October 17, 2017, 22:22 »
ROBERTO EKOKOTA WUNDA  was born in 1971 and raised in kinshasa in the area of kintambo were he started music in early 80's as a dancer in traditional groups playing what we know now as bonioma and playing mbonda aswell
around 1985 he will be trained to play shaker and start animation by late vieux obigo the creator of the word "atalaku" in the group bana odeon and he will quickly  learn his trade and in 1986 he will arrive in final of a competition between street groups in the group attraction babylone of kintambo along with the likes of patient kusangila and ali mbonda
in 1987 1988 when wenge musica is looking for an atalaku as full king who they had in the band did not convince them, werra will discover  ekokota thanks to his friend papy mavuzi (the older brother of blanchard mosaka) as roberto used to work with their younger brother "levieux" mavuzi and they used to live on same avenue as mampata and straight away he is invited to join wenge musica and take 1st spot next to full king and he will bring with him the style from bana odeon which is also already exploited in zaiko and empire by nono and djouna mumbafu
 while he missed out on first album mulolo he will participate on second album kin e bouger where he adds his first song ngoma maguy which is a song from bana odeon in which he anticipates wenge music getting "champion du zaire" title shouting it in the sebene part of that song
he starts earning himself a solid reputation as he matches djouna with his energetic style aswell as dance skills and he will confirm his status of one of the best atalakus of the country in kalayi boeing with "boma liwanza"and becomes a big favourite of the leaders of the group
as he will continue to shine in les anges adorables he welcomes another atalaku tutu caludji to complement him and will form with him a solid partnership
 in album pentagone he will be credited the generique which is also an old songs from bana odeon which he reworked but in this period he will start having a drop in performances as he faces a lot of problems with his throat and to add insult to injury he will have serious problems which will require surgery but in the meantime he is technically part of the team creating wenge bcbg as generique of titanic is credited to him due to start of generique coming from him
in early 2000's he'll go back to kin and brazzaville to try forming a band but it did not work out and he disappeared from then

so Roberto is his real name ? is he Angolese like Nyoka Longo, Manuaku, etc. ?

Wow is is that beginning only "totala ndenge titanic ezali kondida ooh" or also that part of "tala maman dileh, bana nketo dilooh" , which Theo Mbala and Mboshi Lipassa also animated ?

Man I would have seen him doing those Bana Odeon-Intro's in Anges Adorables and Kalayi Boeing, because I used to love their folkloric music. Did they ever recorded an album ?

« on: October 17, 2017, 17:02 »
No that's not true because in 1997 he was already finished and he had not new cries. In concerts only appared animate old Wenge 4x4 songs and that little part he had on Masuwa & Top Modele. Werrason was at that time already looking for atalaku who could replace him.

To be honest the other problem with this album was it was the beginning of albums getting overhyped and of course they did the koyimbi ko dance to death at concerts that it was getting boring

if the album was released 3 or 6 months earlier, then the album would get the respect it deserved at that time. Because people waited to long for that album, which made it getting not well received at that time, despite the lies of the Congolese press. The album got luckily the respect which it deserved after 5 years. The beginning of albums getting over-hyped was with Temoinage.

« on: October 15, 2017, 14:44 »
yeah this was the greatest atalaku battle ever. I always wanted a battle between Djuna Mumbafu Bileku and Roberto Wunda Ekokota. 

Congolese Music / Re: This guy is so jealous of Fally's succes
« on: October 15, 2017, 00:30 »

I knew that Vicent and Jazz would talk about it and knowning Celeo I'm sure that he would reacted very hard against him.

Lola messed up Dulcinée too. Archos,Mvulusi can you tell me what happened to Eric Tutsi,CNN,Mamale & Babia in Quartier Latin in 2001. From what I heard CNN,Babia,Eric were left in Kinshasa for the Europe-USA tour and CNN and Eric joined Cultura Pays Vie. Babia signed a 2-year contract with Jolino. Did Koffi have a problem with Eric at that time ? I heard a incident with shegues damaging his car. What happened with Mamale ?  'cause I heard he was left behind for that tour too.

Yes shegues damages his car after performing at Cinemax. Because at that time the shegues declared war against Koffi, when one of them died after a car-accident. So Eric Tutsi asked Koffi for money to fix his car, but it made Koffi angry. At that time Michaux Chamberton just rejoined Quartier Latin, after meeting Koffi in Paris. Koffi Olomide decided then to humilate Eric Tutsi by letting Chamberton sing his song Dulcinee in every concert in his presence. Then Eric found it to much threatened Chamberton, saying that he would kill him if he would sing Dulcinee again in his presence. Chamberton was so scared that he told it to Koffi, which made Koffi more angry against Eric Tutsi. So he fired him from Quartier Latin. Eric Tutsi went then to join Cultura Pays Vie, but didn't last long then he went to College des Nobles. But people were tired of about his behavior (same case like Adjani) and returned in 2004 to Quartier Latin, but left it in 2005 again.

About CNN archos and some others people confirmed me that he left Quartier Latin, because of Sandralina. Koffi Olomide discoverd that he and Sandralina had a secret relationship. While in Quartier Latin it's strictly prohibited for singers to have relationships with female-dancers, you can ask it to Willy Bula, Somono Dolce, Bouro Mpela and Suzuki. So to punish CNN Koffi Olomide called him if he could go to his house. CNN then came in his house and saw that Koffi Olomide was fucking Sandralina, which broke his heart. CNN promised to himself that he would never forgive Koffi for the thing he did to him. He went then to join Cultura Pays Vie, but didn't last long. Then Wenge BCBG after that Quartier Latin Integral of Lebou Kabuya & Pathy Bass, before returning back to Quartier Latin in 2003.

I don't know why Mamale missed out their concert of Zenith de Paris in 2001 and the US-tour, but he rejoined Quartier Latin in Europe later on and even participated in the first recording sessions of Effrakata, before leaving Quartier Latin.

you can see Koffi Olomide singing with Mamale from 4:23 min. It's an extract from the l'Assureur-VHS.

Not long after that Mamale decided to leave Quartier Latin, after being angry against him for steeling one of his many girlfriends after a concert. So he decided to join Wenge BCBG, where he would be followed by Champion Djikapela.

About Babia Ndonga it's his own fault, because he didn't care anymore about his career. He became drug-addicted and he was not really fitting in the Quartier Latin-team who came back from Bercy. Paparazzi who came from Jolino started to do his role as tenorist in Quartier Latin. Babia Ndonga was not happy the way Koffi left him Kinshasa again. So he decided to join like Bendoson Jolino, where they signed a 2 years-contract. But things didn't work out. So in 2003 he decided to rejoin Quartier Latin, but he didn't really fit in that team and his addiction became worser and worser. I remember a time that he was hospitalized. But from 2008 things started to go better for him.
O.O KOFFI Fucked a dancer only to show CNN a lesson? What is wrong with that guy and again his wife...
I really really doubt that Koffi's wife is all happy with this Playboy thing that Koffi does it must be a secret behind the reason of their long relationship, anyway I am sorry for CNN that shit can tear you down look at Cellulaire RIP

His wife already asked several times for divorces. But Koffi Olomide does always everything to not lose her. He met Aliane in 1993, during the 40-days commeriation of the death of his brother Didi Olomide. Hence why he gave his daugther the name of his late brother. Koffi Olomide always want her to be present on all big events, because the break-up with his ex'wife Gode still hurts him. Who was fed up of waiting him at home very late and not seeing him for months, etc.

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