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Hair or no hair, I miss this Werra. This lineup pushed him as a singer.
I agree 100 percent. Actually Werrason was at his best vocally during the 2002 to 2009 period.

My guess for Volume one was that the photo looked too basic so they decided to another photo to make it look better for the Wenge fanatics.

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Koffi Olomide will be 64 years old. My dad will also be 64 years in two months.

Here is some of his songs that I posted myself.

I am not surprised. I told you guys that there was going to be conflict with Levyson and Sonor Digital. Most people preferred Sonor Digital. Good luck to Levyson. He will be fine. He has a good voice and confidence. If he can get good management, he will be very successful in the Congo Brazza market.

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Let's hope Bill Clinton's generique will be a classic. I want the old Bill Clinton back. The one with creative cries. He is a very good animator.

I agree with you but I get Celeo Scram though. Celeo wants to be good terms with Bill Clinton is partly he can barely get along with other Wenge colleagues apart from Heritier and Ferre Gola and of course his former boss Celeo Scram.

I hope Congolese music can at least go back to 2014. We need songs like those. I like Innos'B but I want original Congolese music. Not only some annoying Afro-Beat shit that we hear now days.

Franco had become the OKJ leader after Vicky left OKJ in 1960 for Africa Jazz of Grand Kalle. He would be the leader in 1961. However, Vicky decided to return to OKJ in 1963. From there, Franco and Vicky were a force of nature together under the OK Jazz banter. Franco and Vicky would be great when they did their duets together. It was in great harmony. Franco was the second voice singer while Vicky was the first voice singer. Franco and Vicky would hang out and go to events. By this period, Vicky would be vice-president and Franco was president. Franco was younger than Vicky Longomba but thanks to Vicky's departure in 1960, Franco would be the sole leader of OKJ.

Franco and Vicky's relationship would go to a downhill in 1970. Why? According to World Service Fan (a African/Latin Blog), it was Simaro who played a role by bringing back Kwamy. Since Franco allowed Kwamy's return in OKJ, then Vicky would be angry and let to a fallout with Franco and Vicky left officially in 1971 to form a short formed band Lovy du Zaire. Kwamy would leave OKJ around 1972 and 1973 period before he would end his music career with Tabu Ley.

I got the impression that Vicky and Simaro were never friends. They seemed to just learn to tolerate each other for Franco's sake. At the end, Simaro won and his moves would get him to be Vice President of OKJ.

Roger Milla made Pepe Kalle the legend that he was destined to be. There is no question. I became a fanatic of Pepe Kalle due to this classic soukous song.

Apart from JB Mpiana, the only Wenge man that can be around Werrason is Adolphe Dominguez. Adolphe Dominguez is a tough man and can deal with anyone. I know Adolphe and Werra are not close but they can be at the same room.
See with you I honestly think sometimes you comment just to troll, how many times do you have to repeat the same thing, we get it you don’t want the Wenge men to be together you want them all to hate Werra WE GET IT. It’s just getting embarrassing now.
Hehehehe ;D ;D ;D Werrasonic Man, calm down. I am also Team Werrason but truth is truth. I listen to Werrason much more than JB. Please calm down sir.

Anyway, I have watched interviews of Didier Masela, Blaise Bula, Alain Makaba, Aime Buanga, Alain Mpela and Titina. I get the impression from them that they want nothing to do with Werrason.

The only one that has positive things to say about Werrason is Adolphe Dominguez. Yes Adolphe does takes shot at Werra but he is the only one who has good things about Werrason.

One thing that I will say is about the past is JB was the common person for reference to Werrason, Adolphe Dominiguez, Blaise Bula, Didier Masela and Alain Makaba.

Thanks for the update. In my personal opinion, I think Antonie Banabo is Koffi's son. Antonie Banabo has a voice like him and his face really resembles Koffi. I think there is a huge hatred between Koffi and mother of Banabo. That could be why Koffi does even want to hear about him. It looks to me Koffi knows that might be his son but he does not care to know since he hates his mother so much.

Apart from JB Mpiana, the only Wenge man that can be around Werrason is Adolphe Dominguez. Adolphe Dominguez is a tough man and can deal with anyone. I know Adolphe and Werra are not close but they can be at the same room.

Koffi Olomide is having another controversy coming towards. Apparently there is one man who claims to be his son. He wants the government to help him get a test to prove that he is the son of Koffi Olomide. He calls himself Antonie Banabo. Here is the videos of him.

Koffi Olomide has responded to him in this video. He says that Banabo should ask his mother. Apparently he mentions Papa Wemba SMH.

Banabo has responded to Koffi.

There is one person who attacked Koffi about this. That is former dancer Nono Ba Diamant. Here is her take

What do you guys think?

Congolese Music / Re: But na Filet - Tirer (Clip)
« on: July 05, 2020, 06:03 »
This is a average song but he has a memorial hook where he says "where you are leaving me and where you are abandoning me" but the animators were not given room to give their artistic expressions. That is what kills this song.

Hmmmm according the late Edo Nganga, musicians like Josky Kiambukuta and Paul Ndombe, he would often not pay them well or not pay them which forced them to become gigolo’s.
There might some truth to that but remember Josky and Ndombe would return to Franco. Franco had his flaws but he always respected Josky, Ndombe, Ntesa and others. Now with Edo, it looks to me that Edo and Franco had a fallout. Why did Vicky did not become OKJ during the early days of OKJ or Edo himself? I will always wonder.

Thank you so much Archos. We will do well here in spite of corona virus and racism.

Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Native Americans are together as one (English)
Blancs, Noirs, Asiatiques, Hispaniques et Amérindiens sont ensemble comme un (French)
Mindele, Bayindo, Baaziya, Bahispaniki na Baamerika Natives baza elongo lokola moko (Lingala)
Wazungu, Weusi, Waasia, Wahispanique na Waamerika Asili wako kwa pamoja kama moja (Swahili)

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