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This is a great song. I love this song. It looks like Blaise Bula love this JB Mpiana song. Some of the guitar tone came from this JB song. Je ne te calcule pas.

Towards the end of the song, Blaise redid this rhythm into his own style.

« on: August 12, 2019, 23:14 »
Sad news. I feel for his family. I hope his family will stay strong. I wonder what his rival (I forgot his name) will say now?

Congolese Music / Song of Claudia Bakisa with Werrason
« on: August 12, 2019, 23:04 »

It is a good love song but it is fucked by too much autotune. Werrason can actually sing somewhat and Claudia Bakisa should use her natural vocals more. But it is a good song regardless.

« on: August 12, 2019, 23:03 »
As I said before, most people of my age don't know or appreciate music one bit. That is truth.

Actually it is a very good song but the only issue is the lack of solo guitar but the old Koffi is coming back slowly and gradually. Just be happy that he finally listened to his fans.

Next generique needs more solo guitar like Jour de Joie had with its sebene.

So what he repeats the rhythm. I prefer a artist to stay to his sound than do rubbish. Like I said, most people especially my generation don't know what music actually is.

I am dancing. Koffi, keep going, you are going into the Koffi we actually appreciate. Also, he used less autotune which is a good sign.

Are they setting a rap group together or is it that JB's son producing one of Ferre's kids song?

Congolese Music / Madilu Tribute: Great Duet with Dindo Yogo
« on: August 12, 2019, 02:56 »
August 11, 2007 when Madilu left us.

One of my favorite songs of Madilu.

Pardon with Dindo Yogo. Their voices were on point together enjoy.

The problem is with Fally Ipupa himself. He is trying to undermine anyone. Funny the people he targets two people that don't have the near fan base he has. I am speaking about Celeo Scram and Bouro Mpela. They are not as known as Fally but Fally is such a thin skinned man that he sends people to harm Celeo and Bouro.

I would not be surprised if at some point, he turns on Koffi and tries to undermine him too. There is a reason why he wants to be called KING. Anyone else who undermines him, he tries to destroy them.

Celeo Scram has a point about Fally. Fally just cannot handle a little criticism and he wants to attack so viciously others but yet he wants his people to create trouble. Tutu Callugi is wrong when he says that Fally did not try to humiliate him and Celeo. He did. Fally clearly wanted to send a message to Celeo Scram. I don't know what is wrong with Fally Ipupa.

About Werrason, I think Fally Ipupa hates him but the only reason he does not come after him is because of Sankara De Kunta. If Sankara is not with Werra, then Fally will attack Werrason openly but as long as Sankara is in the picture, then there is no beef.

Congolese Music / Latest Werrason Concert
« on: August 09, 2019, 20:59 »

It is actually a good concert. What do you guys think?

Is Omanga or Julie Maningo the real of the woman name "Gina"
Remember he said Se yo yo, Gina Wanyi. The song Petit Gina

I'm with Deplick on this one...I believe everything he said about Fabrike. Fabrike is one fake ass nigga and the biggest hypocrite. I want Deplick to release his version of Epave.

It is amazing that people overlook Deplick. He is actually a talented musician and he is more real among the third generation of Wenge Maison Mere. But people prefer fake bastards like Robhino or Fabregas.

This generique is a lot better than most of the generiques that we have heard lately. We need to appreciate good music instead of bashing it like we are costumed to these days. Now days, we don't know even know what music means. We care about bullshit instead of actual quality music. For once, not too much auto-tune that we hear from many artists these days.

I give a 10/10 in today's music standards but overall it would be 8.5/10.

I got a heated question. Some people will hate it. Do you think that Celeo Scram would have fitted in Quartier Latin. I only ask because I think Celeo Scram sounded similar to Mposhi except Celeo's voice was more crystal clear than Mposhi's voice was more rougher. Also Celeo Scram did a collaboration song with Koffi Olomide which was nice to hear. Mposhi and Celeo Scram were part of the Tutu Callugi School.

Please give me your honest response.

I got the song of Celeo Scram and Koffi Olomide

Congolese Music / Happy Birthday Bouro Mpela
« on: August 06, 2019, 02:46 »
I will give a happy birthday shout out to Bouro Mpela. One of the best singers of QL. I give his great song from one of Koffi's best album Affaire d'Etat.

Congolese Music / Re: DEFAO IS IN KIN
« on: August 06, 2019, 02:43 »
Defao will be working with Lofombo on a new project. We will wait and see what it is about.

The problem is that most of our artists are too addicted to western music that they forget about the beauty of Congolese music. They think that they will attract fans by playing R&B style music or pop sounding music when many people won't give a damn. It is not really afro-pop but more western sounding music like R&B sounding that you hear from most Congolese songs but to be fair, it is also a crisis in Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa, Angola and many others. It is not a Congolese problem but a African problem except in Nigeria.

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