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He goes by the name Parfum Divin. He is the from the school of Didier Lacoste. He sounds like him but with a little Amelia effect in his voice well. Werrason got him in the band. I hope this man sings a lot on Werrason's next album Formidable.

« on: April 24, 2019, 02:43 »
I like to see Werrason get along with a former musician of his. But I wonder how Robhino will feel about this since he does not along with Werrason and he too recently performed with Werrason.

Durrel Loemba never used to be a singer. He used to be a rhythm-guitarist in Extra Musica BPBL and became a lead-guitarist when he created Extra Musica International in 1998 with Quetin Moysacko. Espe Bass was even surprised when he heard that he started singing and started laughing.

I think that it still hurt him how Z1 International collapsed because of Regis Touba wanting to be the only leader and the most focus of the public being on the singers instead of guitarists.
I forgot. He was indeed a guitarist. I am probably thinking of another person. But this individual however sounds like Adolphe Dominguez but a better version.

Congolese Music / Re: Robert Ekokota
« on: April 24, 2019, 02:36 »
Now you got a good debate going. I am going to say not necessarily but he allow the sebene to become more useful for bands and even older bands like Bana OK. He was the one who created some great animations that other bands would copy and his voice made other bands get animators like him. Case in point Koffi Olomide. He got a Ekokota copycat with Quartier Latin. I forgot his name but he sounded like Robert Ekokota.

Congolese Music / Re: 3 years already.... RIP
« on: April 24, 2019, 01:02 »
These two songs show his voice how it had some strength in these songs.

Papa Wemba will remain one of the best singers in Congolese music without question. So shameful that he left us.

@Franco Pepe Kalle

Pepe Kalle was the glue that kept the crew together. When he died, they fell out over leadership issues and disagreements on how to preserve the musical legacy of Kalle.

It's been almost twenty-years since the fallout, I feel like it is time to make peace between the two men. Life is too short to hold grudges over music
You are so spot on. Indeed they had a fallout and most of them have been never recovered from it.

As for Lofombo and Mumbafu, sadly as a Empire Bakuba follower, you will see a better chance of a reconciliation of Kinanga Boeing 737 and Papy Tex than Gode Lofombo and Djouna Mumbafu. It is sad to say but I feel this way because clearly Lofombo has resentment towards and Mumbafu has the same thing towards him. If you watch Ado interview, you can tell that Djouna Mumbafu wants to hurt Lofombo in a way. His hatred was very evident towards Lofombo. Also Djouna Mumbafu still some grudges towards Dilu Dilumona and Papy Tex. The only person who could make this reconciliation happen would be Biya Chante. At least all the Empire members love him. I hope Biya Chante can find a way to get these men to at least tolerate each other for the memory of Pepe Kalle. Biya Chante is Pepe Kalle alike singer.

It is not a great song but it is not bad compare to most new songs. He actually sounds a better version of Adolphe Dominguez. He can sing still. Hey at least he is not completely relying on autone unlike his counterparts such as Roga Roga and Guy Guy Fall.

Jb Mpiana has lost a lot of pounds. Wow he looks different now. I guess he has done lots of walking.


Happy birthday Blaise Bula. A song from his recent album Rendekita.

It is ashame that Gode Lofombo and Djouna Mumbafu hate each other. I don't know how they managed to be together for 6 years that they were with Pepe Kalle. It is heartbreaking as a Pepe Kalle fan.

I hope one day they can at least be civil towards one another.

Do Robhino and Fabregas have beef or what? This is weird. I know Deplick and Robhino have problems but I thought Fabregas was cool with everyone from his WMM team. What happened?

Which QL interview you believe is more against Koffi Olomide. I will try to put all the videos concerning Koffi. From CongoMokili.

This was mostly of Werrason but Jitrois speaks briefly of Koffi Olomide

Titina speaks very briefly of Koffi with a seek of invitation


I don't know but I get a feeling like Maitre Ninja would like Papy Kakol to leave Maison Mere. Werrason likes drama too much sometimes.

Jb Mpiana- Ndombolo
Pepe Kalle- La Rumba
Fally Ipupa- Nyokalesse
Madilu- Sa Majeste
Madilu- Fifi Alonge
Ferre Gola- Maboko Pamba

These are just examples of suggestions for your car.

« on: March 03, 2019, 04:28 »
Happy Birthday the great Ferre Gola.
His current song give some joy

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