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this guy and most of all of them piss me off,they have such mental control on people they are no better than people they use as example
100 percent in agreement with you Archos. Funny enough, this pastor has several skeletons in his own closet. The same Marcelo Tunasi who pretends to be pure, is anything but that.

Pastor Marcelo Tunasi is looking for buzz. He decided to attack the lates Papa Wemba and Kester Emeneya. He talks about Papa Wemba. He says that Papa Wemba being the king of sape, he got people to look for clothes instead of looking for houses and also how people want to do superficial things but have no money and no value with business, etc. He also attacks Kester Emeneya (King Kester Emeneya) implying that he is the champion of insults. He makes an example of how Kester would insult people and people have accepted this in their lives. Marcelo says Kester was a very average but he called himself the king. He also adds in how Emeneya's insults leads to Congolese people not add things to copy that are good.
The video is here.
From 13:00 to the end.

Tell us more...this is the day!!!
I will talk about it soon. I am preparing. I am watching many Empire Bakuba musician interviews to give my theory.

Paulin Mukendi must have been surprised how that man really well intimated his voice.

I wish them good luck. They will need as money does not come in easily much anymore.

« on: September 04, 2023, 23:08 »
This is a good generique. Bebe Kerozene has maintained his voice. There was a little portion from Operation Dragon generique. BTW Burkina Faso Mbokaliya did play on the generique itself

I am glad to see Lofombo played on this song. Gode Lofombo will be one of the best bassists in Congolese music.

This is a great group of Brazza. They did a lot of good in Congolese Brazza music scene. They are similar to Wenge Musica. Like Wenge, they could not keep their egos under control leading to splits and divisions that remain strong until today. For example, by now, we should have an official reconciliation between the likes of Roga Roga, Guy Guy Fall, Doudou Copa, Quentin Moyascko, Kila Mbongo, Durrell Luemba, Papy Jah and Herman Ngassaki but since many of them have big egos, it has yet to happen and sadly seems unlikely. What shame? SMH. Anyway, let's enjoy this great group while we can.

Was Chris Kale related to any Congolese musician or not?

I don't think it was necessary. He was already successful by doing the concerts that he was given. He developed a solid fan base in Europe during the years of 1999 to 2004. His concerts were always successful. So if Werrason did not perform at Olympia, it means nothing if you ask me.

Djouna Mumbafu is a legend indeed. Unfortunately due to his conflicts with other Empire Bakuba members like Dilu Dilumona, Gode Lofombo, Kinanga Boeing 737, etc, it led to Djouna being blamed for the death of Pepe Kalle. This obviously devastated him and I believe he was demotivated by these rumors and his conflicts. On top of that, he had a car accident in Angola during the 2008 and 2009 years. These situations are why Djouna is not as big as he should be. I think part of the reason of fallout between Dilu Dilumona, Papy Tex and Pepe Kalle had something to do with Djouna Mumbafu and Gode Lofombo (I will explain another day soon).

Actually Jimmy Cliff did a great job doing how the groups were. OK Jazz tended to be more social while Afrisa was more romantic.

Werra better prepare for another round of musicians leaving him.

What led to Anthony Sampaio to leave Victoria Elesien Dream Team for Viva La Musica Nouvelle Ecriture.

This song is actually good. It was better than I thought. Hopefully, they can maybe do an album collaboration together.

I think Minou comes from his first wife, I believe.

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