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She must be a dancing coach or is a gymnastic coach. I think she is in Washington DC or Maryland or New York.

Archos, why do you think he never wanted to talk about his collaboration with Pepe Kalle publicly. It is because of Wenge fans would be mad or something else?

Fally Ipupa is so immature as JV said. Look at how Ferre Gola and Koffi Olomide handled their controversies. Fally is such a manbaby.

Good job. He is doing us a great favor. I enjoy hearing this news.

Hmmm, this story could explain the conflict between Reddy Amisi and Lidjo Kwempa.

What did Koffi de Brazza do to have this? He is a fan of Koffi. SMH. This is why I critic Koffi often. SMH.

I am happy to see Aimelia and Tutu together in spite of their issues.

Stop jumping on a hearsay bandwagon. You have no concrete evidence to drag Werra in a failed project of Lobeso. The guy is just trying to find a ladder to be relevant again. And to get his attention, he has to drag Werra in his mess.
In the first place Lobeso has, was and will never be a factor in Maison Mere....he was never a good animator, he ruined our WMMM style. And we hadly miss him. And putting him in the same equation with Celeo and Bill is a misplaced comparison. He has no legendary status in WMMM. Even from an insane point of view, Werra wouldn't even move a muscle to block a very ordinary atalaku like Lobeso.
From a reasoning point of view, it's in the nature of human beings to despise and soil the reputation of their former employers. It's not Different from the broke Lobeso. The idiot should be thankful Werra gave him a name.....we are having this discussion becoz he was given a platform to be known.
Every band has a business and artistic philosophy....JB has a philosophy of maintaining his old guard for reasons known well by him. With the revelation of the talented Pajo, Genta would be long gone by now... but because of Jb's philosophy he is still given room to exist. In contrast, Werra's philosophy is develop talent and release them to allow room for new talent. Unfortunately, he is antagonised despite giving independence to young talented musicians. Personally I find these attacks on Werra, baseless.
The worst of all is the Lobeso rubbish......
Let the likes of Adjani, Bill, Ferre, Wata, Fabro, Baby, Kabose, J3, ..... talk unlike that Chap.
WMMM Till The End of Time
Do you think Werrason made a blunder recruiting Lobeso?

Now I see. This was a playback scene. In other words, they were playing older Celeo songs and older Wenge Maison Mere songs that he participated in.

Not too many silimarities but you can see how these two men scream in a similar manner and when they made solo vocals, the choir would respond to them.

Let me reveal one thing, Sisi Silvi song that Koffi did in 2005 was a combination of two songs here from Monde Arabe

Sisi Silvi

The songs from Monde Arabe



Congolese Music / Re: Fally Ipupa’s Stade Massamba-Debat
« on: May 29, 2023, 07:37 »
Actually the show was a success and fans of Fally definitely showed up. I just wish that Roga Roga would focus on making a good show whether to be better than Fally and also stop looking for unnecessary conflict with Ferre.

Despite the hype that the musicians, you can tell that Werra felt humiliated after the departure of the likes of Bill Clinton, Ferre Gola, JDT and others.

Fact is Lobeso doesn't have a good voice. Anyway, good luck if you love it but the bottom line is no one has business destroying Lobeso solo career except himself. He just needs to work hard. There is practically nothing to destroy. No sane person would waste time working hard to destroy Lobeso. He is just seeking attention and thats all!
I think you have listened to the interview,  if you did you would have seen that one he spent 75% of the time speaking about the situation in East Congo which he could have absolutely ignore and it is something that not many artists do, second it was Miki who asked him about Wenge not the other way around. I understand you being a super fan of Werra but even if you being blocked on his page doesn't make you ring an alarm then nothing will. You might not like Lobeso cause his style of singing is a slow pace style, Mongo style who slows and kinda make the tempo sleep compared to Wenge typical upfast style, but you saying Lobeso having a bad voice is just disingenuous and false, if he did have a bad voice, it wouldn't have last so long in Weng and exactly like Robinio in his time with Wenge he would have been used as a dancer same thing Werra did with Paul Batomene, which he himself said that Werra never brought him in a trip? Why because Paul can't sing and if it wasn't for the studio engineers that song he did it would be trash, if you have the videos and the song with Lobeso's voice and flexibility and you keep saying Lobeso has a bad voice then you are just biased, and as I have said before if Werra never tried to block people's career why would Ferre have kept distance so long from him? Bill in the past, Celeo in the past and so on, so all of these people have lied? Come on now.
Some Werra fans don't want the truth about his bad acts that he has done over the years. They want to make sure that Werrason is actually looked like a saint and he can do no wrong. Werrason has done a lot of shady acts and we need to always expose them but some Werra fans get mad when some of the truth of Werra comes out.

Congolese Music / Re: Was Tabu Ley born in 1937 or in 1940
« on: May 24, 2023, 23:16 »
This is a good question. Tabu Ley joined Africa Jazz in 1957, I believe. I guess it was 1940.

Gessac Tshimpoyi is very talented. I am glad that you showed the clips of his dancing skills. It is A plus without doubt.

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