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Congolese Music / Re: JIPSON WTF IS THAT MAN
« on: June 04, 2020, 10:31 »

his clip had always disturbed me!  I didn’t know if it was a true or a false wedding


Congolese Music / Re: JIPSON WTF IS THAT MAN
« on: June 03, 2020, 17:02 »
" Vazy Casse toi "  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Mopao's former spokesperson was right...

Yes, for example Abraham was the only singer to have as much privilege as Wata for example (trip to France, album, provision of the band etc.) he still complains about Jb when it has been four years since he left the  group and their songs didn't work!  I find it unfortunate the proliferation of solo artists, although there is internet, people do not find themselves anymore ... everyone wants to be a leader but they do not even have support or base...

If i am not mistaken then zaire was still high on value so it was quite some money,into the thousands for sure

yes but from the 1980s, the value dropped, then in the 1990s 1 dollar equal to 1,000,000! It’s Crazy !!!

How much dollars was 5000Zaire worth in 1983 ? Because Zinga says that musicians of Victoria Eleison were payed like that by Veve. It must piss the generation of Sampaio and co off who were getting nothing, but that was not the same Victoria Eleison anymore like the one of 1982-1990.

I just found on Google, in 1983 on the exchange rates of the Zaire currency, a dollar equal to 30 Zaire, I think that 5000 Zaire equal approximately 170 dollars

Congolese Music / Re: HAS LE QUADO LEFT BCBG
« on: June 01, 2020, 19:35 »
Yes Shamala !

i was about to say that too i remember he had an opportunity in south america with him and ferre only
 strange though that in two of the things which started polemic between ferre and werra sankara is at the center, sankara tells olivier not to talk and let him build what is the myth until today that marchouse never plays in studio,and same with davina
i am sure if that mandolin thing olivier plays werra hears it he'll give him a call "enfin donc enfin donc enfin donc petit na nga moyen oya te obetela nga eloko wana " and if its done he'll tell people that its an old man from guatemala who has been liking his music for years who played it at the start of a generique :D :D :D

Werra nkolo strategie

Yes him Johnmy Halliday

I agree, you saw on the death of dj arafat how some musicians reacted .... for ocean I saw no tribute from his former colleagues from Bercy 2000

Its hard to say but in groups once you are dead you are dead goodbye,have you guys ever seen even any ex leader inviting  the widow of a dead former or actual band member to a concert to honour his memory,never,even big names dying its the day of their death and funeral which matter to artists in the general from the 1st anniversary people have already lost any interest
in the last years djodjo man and the second drummer the son of lita bembo died,sunda died,werra's dancer amisi..who even remembers including people in the music industry except  sunda and mimiche who are big name
but who in the artistic industry can even say he still knows the date

To be honest the only guy who always made big things with his artist both when they are in and out is JB. JB might have all the defects of the world but boy he saved Kibesne, RIO and JDL, he gives money to Metrau (and until they were respectful) to Djino, Abel De Charme and Abraham and he made Cellulaire funerals like a soldier, I was too little to remember the dead of Taty Nsamni and I am sure JB is helping Sund Bass's family, JB is really good and I think that Dolain, Mboka Liya amd all those people who spoke bad about him are just bitter. Dolain for example at first sight he seems sincere but then mmmm he seems like he is doing everything to get clout and for Mboka Liya he likes to talk bad about Werra but I think he was just uncontrollable. Anyway wow, Koffi was so quick to speak about that French Elvis guy who died in France and on the other side the family.of this Elvis fremch guy never acknowledge him. Congolese people need to stop complexing to be honest

Elvis guy ? Johnny Hallyday ?

Rip Ocean

Quelle tristesse cette année 2020

Congolese Music / Taddet de monticule Acoustique
« on: May 23, 2020, 22:34 »

Maison Mere is the reason why African people worldwide know how to dance Ko Yimbi Ko and have huge respect for Congolese people. Maison Mere was more for youngsters and young ladies who had their favourite guy to pick from Koffi and QL back in the days were for oldies and sex related topic so that is why Wenge had the best popular solo dance of all time I was checking a snapchat friend and there was a Meme of Celeo dancing allowing to her dancing after she finished work. Vegedream the guy who made the world cup song who got extremly popular have shown multuple times doing the KoYimbi Ko Dance, Naza, KeBlack even Maitre Gims, Niska, Algerino and many many other French guys of African origin (not only Congolese) have paid hommage to Wenge. Even Stromae the guy who became the most known French speaking artist of his time paid hommage to Congolese sapeur. Why that? Maison Mere. What dances do you see people doing of Koffi days after? Any

I am of the same generation (early 90s) but maison mère  is not the reason that Africans have respected the Congolese people  musically.  koyimbiko is a very popular dance!  we must not forget that this is the last dance with kisanola where all the groups danced in the Congo, it helped a lot to promote the dance ... it allowed the Ivorians to invent their dance coupe décalé  ..  in France the Congolese who has been much respected is papa wemba, when I was at school, as soon as you said your origins, you were told "papa wemba!" He sang in a pub for ferrero rocher chocolate , he often appeared on TV , Stromae always talked about papa wemba in his interviews or koffi from time to time ... rappers (naza, niska, etc) grew up like us with the K7 à la maison .... often these rappers pay tribute to the artists of that time (damso sampled Jb Mpiana or niska likes to sing the old songs ... TH Solola Bien Loi  ETC or chilly who is a big fan of Kerozene and he  copied his voice by adapting for rap) too bad that Congolese music is a special world, all of its Franco Belgian artists dream of making a feat with werra etc but the Congolese organization ... koffi has just understood, he is enjoying  to make duets with as many rappers as possible

I saw him last week on television, he was talking about his trip to dubai .... he disses ferré saying that he was too local compared to fally ...!  it is a product formed by werrason etc ...
Where is Rice Matadien today ?

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