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Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 11, 2019, 15:00 »

Don't get emotional Mudala. Copyrighting is a totally different thing, you forgot that he left and was allowed back to QL at a time he needed a new life away from drugs. What we are talking about here is LIFE, Life of one of the most loyal and long serving employee of an orchestra.

No emotions whatsoever. If he had any compassion in him as you claim, he'd have allowed Babia to do the concert to earn a living.

Taking back former musicians is not the only way to support a former employee in need

I like the fact that Innoss B can speak fluent swahili & English alongside Congolese & French. It makes it easy to market himself through East Africa & West Africa

Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 11, 2019, 11:44 »
There's absolutely no proof that Werra is aware of Ali's condition & if he is, he hasn't offered any help. All I have seen is a picture of Ali not looking well & followed by an all too familiar Werra bashing.

Congolese Music / Re: Ali Mbonda is very sick and needs help
« on: September 11, 2019, 11:40 »
Koffi who wouldn't even let Babia sing his songs even after Babia having to kneel and beg? What compassion is that?

There will be no consensus on this topic because 'better' is not defined. Is it in terms of potential? Versatility? Or actual animations on songs released? Is it on moving the aiduence? Is it just repeating what others have done? Or is it just repeating a few lines during rehearsals or TV interviews? If it's potential, versatility and overall talent, where does that leave Jamaique who can sing and animate like any person he wants? He can do all types of animations, improvise, create, move the audience.

So let's just appreciate them all. We have different tastes that's why we like different artists. When Ambulance was with WMM he was crap, he went to Herritier he was fire, he left he is crap. When Bercy was with WMM he was crap, he is with Herritier he is fire with literally zero generique?? Even Ferre was called all sorts of names while in WMM, he went solo he is fire? Herritier himself was called finished, he goes solo he is fire. Even songs he sang while in WMM are now super fire.

We are nothing but music cadres.

Ambulance was better in Maison Mere than after he left though

Ferre knew what he was doing & he knew the reaction that would follow. Maybe Maison Mere fans are being petty & silly but Ferre cannot be absolutely absolved of petulance either.

« on: July 29, 2019, 12:52 »
Whoever said La Zamba is a dead place with no life though...

« on: July 29, 2019, 12:01 »
They haven't destroyed him yet after all these years. I doubt they'll do it in the near future

Congolese Music / Re: KIMBANGU VISIT LA ZAMBA?
« on: July 22, 2019, 12:49 »
The man is an adult and knows what is best for himself. If he feels that rejoining Maison Mere is what he wants then by all means he should do so. Whether he hacks it or not is entirely something different. It's not like he's doing so well musically anyway

1. Ferre - barring Babia Ndonga, hands down, the best voice of his generation. (I'm not really sure Babia & Ferre are of the same musical generation though)
2. Bill - There's a reason why his is the most imitated style to date.
3. Kapaya - He revolutionized the solo guitar. And always played with a smile on his face
4. Kakol - The man people love to hate. His drumming is up there with the best
5. Lacoste - In his element, he had some of the most memorable vocals in Maison Mere. And he did more than just singing. Also his charisma, charm & creativity on stage
6. Adjani - His husky almost melancholic voice has never been duplicated & nobody even dares to try. Not even his brother could
7. Zina the dancer
8. Eboa - He came up with something crazy & unique
9. Fabregas - Same as Eboa he came up with something different & his captivating. His continued success beyond Maison Mere also says a lot about his ability
10. Brigade - He lifted the whole place when things were starting to sound rather gloomy. He brought back the famous Maison Mere energy even though it didn't last long

Quote from: Manzambi94

At 7:35 you can clearly see something was wrong.
And once again the Miss Margo mentioned in the 3rd and last song recently died in a very bad car accident. I will never work with a Congolese based Congo artist.

Jeez, Miss Margo has been mentioned by several other artists and that's not the reason she died. Come on man, people die. It's the way of life

Congolese Music / Re: Papy Jah
« on: July 10, 2019, 13:03 »
I'm still trying to get hold of his album Sainte trinite. Anyone with references kindly share

Nice!! Congratulations & all the best

Werra is the typical childish and greedy person that bantu Africa has full of.
It is always somebody else's fault, it is always peoole who try to hate you, diminish you and so on.
Dear Werra you lost because you are not  competent period.
Is getting annoying with all this "Oh people try to stop me and all that" and I am a Maison Mere superfan.
The recent half empy spots in La Zamba shows how little Werra's group is becoming. Like many leaders he doesn't want to hear his flows he doesn't want to be criticized he doesn't so the quality declines and people (like me) are getting fed up of him

Wow!! Fact is political leaders in Africa rarely get elected into office for their competency, they get elected for many other wrong reasons tribe, ability to bribe voters, ability to rig elections, party affiliations etc. Werra winning or losing the deputy position can never be a benchmark of his competency or lack of thereof.

If you are so fed up with Werra, why don't you just pay attention to any of the many other artists who excite you & stop hiding behind your "maiso-mere super fan" tag to spew pointless bile. I mean why are you still a super fan is you are so super fed up?
If you have a friend or an uncle who is an alcoholic what would you do? See him dying or try to be harsh with him to make him understand that alcohool is bad? I will be harsh like alcohol can be deadly if not controlled the victimism get people fed if everytime something doesn't go as you plan you cry. And werra is making this effects of people. Maison Mere except for the Atalaku department is dead

If Maison Mere is dead by current standards then there's no Congolese group that can be said to be alive

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