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Congolese Music / Re: WERRASON - SANS CONQUÉRANT (Clip Officiel)
« on: September 09, 2020, 10:51 »
Werrasons  should stop recording new songs now, and concentrate on live performance of his old songs. I now understand why JB is not releasing. He wants to be remembered for the classics he produced. Werra risks to be remembered for the craps he is currently producing.

You can listen to his old songs and live concerts if you don't like his new work


Yes F'VICTEAM instrumentalists are definitely sabotaging Fally. I mean this is the same group who made Allo Telephone? They are definitely cooking up something behind the scene, Fally must check his bandmembers I would be mad if I was Fally and saw musician made a better song for another musician leaving me with a shitty generique

Are you implying that Fally has got zero input in the generiques or instrumentals? That he simply takes what his musicians give? IF F Victeam are doing songs like Allo telephone, my guess is they are doing them just the way Fally wants them done

« on: August 20, 2020, 13:21 »

RIP Mbuta Mutu. The guy had great influence in East Africa. His influence is still felt here. At min 3:41-43 is Professor, one  of the founders of offshoot bands from Station Japan, Rhumba Japan playing in Nairobi and Professor is still going strong today in Nairobi.

Is that Gobin at minute 4.04? I'd like to know how Rhumba Japan ended up in Nairobi and with Gobin as the leader. Was Station Japan based in Nairobi at some point before the split?

« on: August 20, 2020, 13:16 »
Someone new going through discussions in this forum might leave with the impression that Werrason is the most evil Congolese on earth. Bogus is washed out, has nothing new to offer & is looking for relevance by resurrecting a feud that is over two decades old. People can defend him all they want and call him courageous & all but to me this is all bullshit. If those were his songs he can release his version of the same songs, sell them to another artist....whatever, just do something useful FFS!

Another washed up artist trying hard to remain relevant

« on: August 14, 2020, 12:53 »
With good management he can do well. I listened to his acoustic performance and it was quite good too


I sware I will beat up everyome who will try to say that I am a Werra hater

You are a Werra hater. Come beat me  ;D ;D ;D


At 6:10 I couldn't hold it my God the impersonation of Werra was on point, beside that I mean we all know Werra is like that.

I mean there is a reason why people are getting fed up with musicians and their macchiavellian ways, it is true Bogus is talking about Ali Mbonda without mentioning him and it is true he didn't do nothing for him, and he make Photo Joel Mbetenge beat up when Photo Joel was one of the biggest fans of Werra, do you hear Werra talk about Didi Kinuani again? Of course not because Diamonds are over, or even Vital Kamerhe have you seen Werra or any other artist mention him? If we wanna go far as a culture we need to stop to treat Werra and guys like that like God, I mean all the people in the comment insulting Bogus would be the first one to cry if something like that happens to them.

Musicians make money out of mabanga. For one to get mentions & songs in their names they should be able to pay for them. Why do you expect Werra to sing songs for Didi & others if he hasn't been paid for it?

We've been having this "Werra can't sing, Werra is a faux chanteur" conversation ever since this forum started & even in the old forum before this. It's all a matter of preference IMO. Werra is not the greatest singer around but he's not as bad as people here try to make it sound. Adolphe, Wazekwa etc don't sing that well either but I never see people get so heated over their singing abilities. I'd rather listen to Werra all day than listen to Adolphe. That's just me & my preferences.

A lot of people think Papa Wemba was one hell of a singer. Personally, I can't stand his singing. That doesn't make him a bad singer either.

The fact that you don't like someone doesn't necessarily make them bad

Congolese Music / Re: WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO WMM?
« on: July 27, 2020, 13:17 »
I have never considered maison mere as a wenge.. It is a different group created by 3 ex original wenge members.
Bcbg fanatic strikes once again SMH, shocking comments.

Bro i could be wrong but maybe he is saying that in the sense that some people say neither bcbg nor maison mere are really wenge's even if they have that name,surely some sort of strong nostalgia of wenge 4X4 or the fact even musically both are doing something different to 4X4

Now that Koffi & QLI are doing music that is quite different from what they used to do in the past as original QLI, they are no longer QLI?

Even if Wenge had stayed together up to this day, their music would have changed to adapt to current circumstance like technology, fans desires etc

Congolese Music / Re: WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO WMM?
« on: July 27, 2020, 13:15 »
Wenge is not dying ...its actually maison mere dying.. I have never considered maison mere as a wenge.. It is a different group created by 3 ex original wenge members.

As if your approval is what would make Maison Mere more Wenge. Ridiculous sense of importance

Did I read someone saying Robino is the future of Congolese music?

Didn't JB & his BCBG guys do the same to Alain Makaba, Blaise & Aimelia?

Yes that's satellite. Dinara and mwaka also feature in other songs. This is a very good album. The generiques were overplayed before release making them sound so weak. I think Werra needs either Bercy or Ambulance back. Diego and Golbert are too average for such a big group. Jamaique needs serious competition. He has potential and is versatile but he lacks Bercy's energy.

I'm of a different opinion. I feel Jamaique is not living up to initial hype and I have a feeling Werra might ditch him soon. Goldbert is not being given the spotlight he deserves but so far he's bettering Jamaique in all possible ways

Congolese musicians always do this to each other for whatever reasons. I don't like it but I also don't understand why Ferre fans are always up in arms when it's done to them. Maybe Ferre too needs to look at his relationship with his colleagues and decide whether he's OK with things the way they are or whether he wants to change them. If it doesn't affect his music then he shouldn't be bothered. Werra has been the official "unwanted" guy for a long time either by design or by default by he found a way to make that work for him.

In showbiz there's nothing like bad publicity. Just make all the "hate" attract attention towards yourself then capitalize on it

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