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in kinshasa there are rumours that should he go there longterm,nicodem will take the leader role because werra loves and trusts him to handle it

Yeah Kakol ain’t gonna let that happen...he sings aswel, better than Werra even...he will be the leader

Kakol sings but he doesn't sing better than Werra

Congolese Music / Re: Is it true that ADT Yanki Mpuy died ?
« on: July 22, 2018, 12:22 »
Oh No!  What happened to him?

Congolese Music / Re: WMM CURRENT LINE UP.
« on: July 21, 2018, 18:54 »
Left to right

1.Cristiano Ozil, 2.Mushiga (not sure of the spelling), 3.Dinara, 4.Chinois,  5.****I don't know his name but he sings very well with a deep voice like Jitrois***, 6.Nicodem, 7.Djino Bass Standard (standing behind Dems), 7.Immeuble, 8.**I don't know the drummer's name**, 9.Bikorino Arc en ciel, 10.**I'm forgeting the guitarist's name, 11.Hugo Synthe, 12.Cafe Rhoum, 13.Bobby Ronaldinho, 14.Sattelite, 15.Wangila, 16.Djenny, 17.Arnold Basele

I understand all that about Roga Roga's influence. But it's rather obvious that he's not interested and will not do it. Someone else should take the initiative especially for the case of Herman

no its real,in the early days the buzz and polemique overshadowed album except bm which was released before,but i can guarantee you especially in kin half that album at least has become automatic on bars nightclubs and co playlists
its not a success like a storm obviously  like in early 2000"q but still  went pretty good in the long run its like some people discovered album months later and though wait a minute that album was actually good
so it maintained and even increased the demand he had for concerts

Fair enough.

I Still think Herritier does himself a lot of injustice by engaging in useless polemic with Werrason & Maison Mere. Fere & Fally caught all the important attention because their debut albums were quite good and fans only focused on that. From that point onward it was somewhat easier for them because they got an almost immediate acceptance & the fanbase was looking forward to their subsequent releases & concerts. There is a level of acceptance that once you gain is not easy to lose unless you completely slacken up like Tata Dominguez did.

Retirada could be good but in all honesty it lacked that big bang effect. It's more of a squandered opportunity. We didn't see any major concerts like Ferre's Bandal. All we remember with the retirada is the beef with Werrason.

When an album picks up 2 years after release, to me there's no difference to when I bumped into group Djolino's Impact or Manda Chante's Je suis in the sense that the window of opportunity is somewhat closed.

Watta should go ahead and release another album but this time give all his attention to promoting his music than beefing with others. Fabro's first release wasn't such a big hit but he still found a formula and his career has gained traction.

Why do we feel that Roga Roga should be the one to do something for Herman? Why can't any of the other former Extra Musica members or even Congo Brazza artists do something like a concert for him. From the way I see it, the other former band members could have done something for their 25the anniversary & no one would stop them. They just don't care about their former colleague but it's easy to heap all the blame on Roga Roga

I noticed that people are now paying attention to Retirada, while in the first months, people were saying 'will not listen to him because he talks to much' or  listen to Sankara and the maison mere-camp who were doing everything to let the album fail and Maison Mere spokemen everytime saying 'album ya petit wana esimbi', etc.

Some people are against Heritier's decision of releasing his next album this year, while Retirada will soon become 2 years old. I see him already taking Ferre place over, like Koffi took Emeneya place over and started competiting against Wemba.

How do you ascertain the fact that people are now paying attention to retirada? Is there some source for this data or is it just personal opinion?

Werrason clearly regrets losing Ferre Gola as he was the one who helped Werrason get some fans. I know Werra is weeping every day seeing Ferre Gola shining so strongly.

Which fans now?  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

She's very fine

He should join Jet7...they need that deep voice with Bercy gone

i bet he'll do his single then negotiate with yanki sankara kakol and co to organize a fake test with big buzz while he already is accepted
the way he idolizes bill,i believe he dreams of stepping into bill's shoes in maison mere at some point

Werra & Fabro are on good terms. I don't see this being a viable option. Maybe he should join Fally

I agree. My favourite song is M.M International. It brings back memories of the old Extra Musica

There goes the end of a promising career

When you have hate you lose objectivity.
...........You lose objectivity and miss out on good music because the more you keep hating Artist X you will not want to enjoy good music from him yet he is not affected much so in the end you become the loser!!

Every time I see a topic on Werrason on this forum I can almost always predict the reaction before hand. Most of the times the reaction seem to lack objectivity & strays away from the topic to some trivial stuff. Guys should learn to love the music more than the musicians

Congolese Music / Re: IS THIS TADDET BACK AT WMM?
« on: June 12, 2018, 19:38 »
The new Ferre voicewise is a reserve guy. The reserve guy is the fan favourite and i should confess, he is tge closest WMM has ever gone to Ferre. Natural and sings with ease.

yeah. I've seen several clips where fans demand that he takes over Djenny's parts. I don't know why MM fans don't seem to like Djenny. In one instance Werra had to stand up for him and defend him when fans didn't seem to want him

Congolese Music / Re: IS THIS TADDET BACK AT WMM?
« on: June 12, 2018, 14:01 »
Yes thats arnold basele

And not to be confused with Gabbana Basele.....Thanks a million and he really knows how to sing. From which band is he? And there was this singer called Iniesta who was said to have participated in Guy Malela Remix(Prince de la Ville Remix)where did he disappear to?

I think his brother is Fila Basele. I don't know if he used in his group though. Iniesta changed name to Chionois. He's still very much active in Maison Mere first team

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