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Congolese Music / Re: 7 JOURS'S MESSAGE
« on: Today at 12:41 »
If you choose to look at everything from a spiritual angle, you'll realise that even tomatoes, mangoes, meat, eggs, names of men and pretty much everything else can have a spiritual interpretation.

I acknowledge the use of black magic and satanism in Congolese music but some of the stuff is just too far fetched. My opinion.

« on: February 19, 2018, 13:33 »
I thought Miel De Son had also left Maison Mere?

And where is Sarah Solo?

Piroger says Sarah Solo hasn't left Maison Mere but she's pregnant. So probably she's on maternity leave.

« on: February 19, 2018, 12:23 »
The most interesting part about Maison Mere defections is the recruitment tests that come after. After the Oliveira, Arnake, Lobeso, Eboa exodus Sarah Solo came and lifted the spirits. Now after Anti Balle & Ambulance we have Jamaique and nobody even remembers Ambulance anymore.

This guy is now the big fish. I'm already soooo excited. He's a perfect and natural Maison Mere fit and the La Zamba crowd really loves him. I like the way he eased his was smoothly as the test went on

The last time Werra was this excited in a test was when Sarah Solo played the Kibuisa Mpimpa licks

Beef in showbizz can be a good thing especially for buzz. A lot of great stuff is inspired by these feuds. But beef should be limited to equals or age mates. Abraham should not be starting any form of war with JB irrespective of what JB said or might have said.

When the need for change becomes a necessity I trust Werra to adapt accordingly. But sometimes change requires not just change in style of management but also change in personnel. For example, for some time now I've been wondering if Werra has ever felt the need to shuffle things up a little bit in his choreography section. But to do that will mean Maitre Mao will have to be pushed out. He pushes Mao out and the usual song "Wenge ekufi" becomes a hit. It's hard being Werra at times. You are damned if you do, damned if you don't.

But like Archos says, these leaders are self sustaining & departure of musicians alone cannot kill their careers.

About "other stuff" as suggested by Archos, the younger lads seem to be even more fiercely into it. I don't see how it's gonna make Maison Mere any less attractive.

Werrason was mad he took ambulance lol

 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D I was wondering who'd be the first one to suggest this. Now wait for Wata & his people to start pushing this angle too

Is Sarah Solo still in Maison Mere?

This is good work. Hope he does a great video

The death of Wenge though and especially Maison Mere remains just a wishful thinking by those who don't like Werra. Every time Werra loses an artist or two we hear the same same claims... Wenge ekufi. The much I know about the man, I am sure he'll always find a way to re-invent himself, just like he did with 7 Jours de la Semaine. DRC is overflowing with talent & Werra sees and feels the need he will adapt accordingly.

I have never considered Youtube views as an accurate measure of how well an artist is doing or how good a song is. A song like Socrate by Manda Chante is an excellent song, but has never hit 100k views mark. A rubbish song like Eloko Oyo has what, 32M views? Original by Fally has 24M views and it's just a kawaida song. Would you say Fally is better than Ferre going by such numbers alone? Yes, it could be an indicator of how good one is at promoting their brand/product but that's just about it.

Ok then. But can someone ask Oliviera to poach Bobby Ronaldino please? Unfortunately these days there are not that many outstanding stars in Maison Mere. Apart from Cafe Roum & Limousine, there really aren't that many stars that I look forward to listening to. I was disappointed that they allowed Francis Bokeli to leave that soon.

MM nowadays doesn't Compare well to LM Villa Nova where there is an overflow of fantastic vocalists. Maybe Werra has become complacent with recruitment & he doesn't push hard enough. He seems comfortable with cherry picking Ferre's people and luring back former members which is not good enough. I'd really love to see an improvement & maybe a proper reshuffle of the first team.

If Brigade is available they should bring him back

Werra shouldn't touch Bercy (too toxic), Lobeso (he's past it now) & Gessac (surely, why?) even with a 200m pole.  He should use this opportunity to bring in something fresh. Jamaique would be a nice touch. Kunzardo too in the sense that he hasn't been with MM initially.

The only ex atalaku I'd glady welcome back is Brigade but there's very little chance of that happening

Anti Balle too? This is hillarious. Just when I mentioned elsewhere that he's probably going to be the next big thing in the atalaku department after Ambulance left.

What I wonder hough is why does Watta insist on this push & pull with Werra? Can't he find relevance in any other way without trying to piggy back on Werra's stature? But while he is still keen on picking MM's musicians, could he kindly do me a favour and take Bobby Ronaldino too? I can't stand the much I have seen of him so far.

Werra was already making him a star but then again if it's money issues then he has every right to leave. Nobody eats stardom. At least not in the short run. But the good thing with Maison Mere departures is that they always open opportunities for new talent to come through. Probably Anti Balle will be the next big thing. Kunzardo will also be a good addition to MM.

I still don't feel Goldberg that much. I prefer atalakus who have excellent capability to improvise on stage and not just churn out what is on album word by word repetitively. Ambulance has got the same limitation and I see he just did the same material from 7Jours.

« on: January 10, 2018, 07:36 »
Sounds like pure fire. I kinda love Levyson's voice and charisma

Fabro Maestro for me. All he needs now is a formula to break past the DRC borders and find greater acceptance in other African countries especially. I'm  talking of Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania,  Zimbabwe. I don't know how his fan base is in Angola and Abidjan although I somehow assume it would be automatic. And he needs to maintain his good relationship with werra as well.

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