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yeah he does not care about warriors,but he does about fally,possibly because of donors influence who got him into a position where if he does not want to lose some advantages he has to sit on the fence 100 per cent he'll play diplomatic on tv against fally if he did not like something while he will make his thoughts clear even indirectly about ferre
ever since they meet twice in plane and in a restaurant there has been some mind games like will he fully submit to aigle or show his true colors and on his side is not it better to sit on the fence in order to escape a bit the "mediatic bulldozer" fally now has around him which funnily enough consists in more than 90 per cent of people who were around heritier at some point,especially when its release time and he has to secure some "peaceful" promotion

So basically Fally is untouchable of the young artist? Like nobody is near or on his level in terms of donors, fanbase, and success? At least in the 90s and 2000s, JB Mpiana and Werrason had some competition with no clear and sustained winner just dominating.
Ehh are you guys forgetting Ferre?? looool

Why would he target Ferre and Fabregas?

I'm thinking to have the support of Warriors, and to be Werra's cherished child.

But the issue is, despite all the conflicts, Ferré holds a special place in Werra's heart, much like Bill. Similarly, with JB, there's Mpela and Calugi.
He definitely doesn't care about warriors because one thing the Warriors and Golois have in common both fan bases find heritier annoying. They both came together and celebrated Heritier's martyrs not being full.
Werra surely misses Ferre but compared to all ex Maison mere musicians the stuff Werra and Maison Mere did to Ferre publicly and behind the scenes was worse compared to everyone else.

« on: December 01, 2023, 06:05 »
Funny thing is the combattant's wouldn't have been able to get near the place it was so surrounded by police it was unreal. Plus during the queue the crowd started taunting the combatants and even inside the hall too.
There was one guy that decided to troll everyone in the crowd not too far from me and he decided to dress in all brown pretending to be a combatant and then someone called him out telling him to get out, and every started chanting "Bima" and he started saying Fally won't play tonight. He almost got his ass kicked by everyone then it turned out he was not only not a combatant but he was also Cameroon lol smh  ;D ;D

Congolese Music / Re: LOL, JB IN A HEATED ARGUMENT
« on: December 01, 2023, 03:48 »
Ahh why put the sound over it, Lmao this doesn't even look that heated. It looks like a football argument about who's better between Messi and Ronaldo  ;D ;D

« on: November 30, 2023, 19:37 »
Gims wasn’t there simply because him and Fally don’t have a song together. All the guests that was there they all had songs with Fally. Fally and Gims don’t have any problems Gims even congratulated Fally for U Arena.

« on: November 30, 2023, 07:36 »
Champion is retiring from music? Really, is he having health issues? That's unusual, you don't really hear musicians in Congo retire...
Loool out of everything I said that’s all you took from that? ;D ;D ;D But yeah he announced it last year after Fally’s stade de martyrs but then he went back to performing with the academia guys, so I don’t know why he made that decision, he said he’s done everything he’s wanted but then again we might see him again if Fally calls him

« on: November 30, 2023, 07:20 »
I stayed at a hotel nearby the stadium and from 2PM some combatants were local to the area trying to interview people asking why they're going to the concert but other than that nothing happened. We left the hotel before 5 and it took us 10 mins to get to the place.
Already 15 mins away from the stadium there was already security and policer in the area
There was so many entrances but we got to where we needed to get to and queue was long already some people were there from 3pm. The fans were already chanting for Fally and singing bloque.
We went past the security check and were able to enter the perimeters outside the stadium and its there I saw none other than Zacharie Bababaswe, He was filming the queue from live lol.
We waited maybe 40 mins and the doors were meant to open at 6pm but they opened 15 mins later. Just before 6 it was then where they put Fally's poster on the screen that's placed on the stadium. The doors opened and we went inside one by one and surprisingly it wasnt chaotic everyone was patient and went inside one by one, I got inside and there were people inside and at the front.
At the very front of the stage it was the VIP section, I had a good view I wasn't too far from the front myself.

The DJ started playing Music first started with Karaoke of Fally's songs and the lyrics were on the screen for everyone to sing along to. Then he started playing all types of music.
This is as the hall it starting to fill up slowly, but the seated areas didn't have much people, the DJ announces the opening acts and the first person that comes out is Mignon Abraham and I'm not gonna lie to you guys everybody was confused, no one knew who he was I had to tell people that he's a former bcbg member.
He performed the song he dedicated to Fally last year and no one knew the words and they were just staring at him he only got cheers towards the end we started saying "warriors" loool, but it was very painful performance to watch.
The next person that came out was Petit Fally and he got a good reception and he did a quick acapella and everyone started cheering for him then he went to the back. Then another guy came out who's name I've completely forgotten and did his thing to a decent reception, then lastly the group that signed to Fally's label f'victeam came out for their set and they were joined at the end by Abraham and petit fally before going to the back.

The DJ started playing a couple more tracks and then once again made everyone do karaoke but was a rubbish with his song selection. Another artist came out and nobody knew who he was or what song he was singing and everyone was again confused and people around me were saying some of these opening acts are shit, Fally should've brought Robinio back for the opening act like Bercy "Wapi Mundibu" lol.
The show was on pause for more an hour and the seated places were still not filled up there was a bit of problems outside as the people who bought the seated tickets were going to the wrong entrances and had to walk all the way around outside the stadium which took 30 mins, which caused the show to delay by an hour.
It turns to 9PM  and suddenly the hall is PACKED, and the lights go out and everyone gets excited and start chanting for Fally. Suddenly the group appears on stage and then the dancers appear and the spectacle starts playing and then the pyros go off and Fally appears from the bottom of the stage, and the place erupts and he's standing still taking it all in.
He then starts playing Droit Chemin and the whole crowd starts singing a long with him he then stops. Good entrance 8/10.

He takes a minute to acknowledge the crowd and then then he starts playing 100 and it sounds really good, and really gets the crowd to sing along with him. 7/10 no much to be said but its a mix of playback and the band playing also.

He then stops and asks the crowd if they're here for Rhumba and everyone screams yes and he suddenly plays Service which has the crowd going insane as no one expected it this time the crowd are singing majority of the sing as he's taking it all in, and then switches to Liputa and tries to get the crowd to sing along but most of the crowd forgot the lyrics lol so he did majority by himself. But still for both rhumbas 7.5/10

Next song is Original and Fally dances really well with his band and backup dancers there play good extended sebene and the whole crowd are dancing and even the atalkus add in some new cries, Fally comes off the stage whilst the dancers are still going. Fally actually made effort but you can tell he's still holding back a bit compared to the great dancer we all know but I'll give it a solid 8.5/10

Next song is probably my favourite of the whole night Mal Accompagne from Formule 7 and oh my gosh Fally SANG. he came back and even changed and had the stage to himself and started singing, even some people in the crowd were crying because he sang with a bit emotion and I won't lie I found this live version better than the album version in my opinion 9/10.

Next Tayc comes out and starts singing suit moi and is joined by Fally. Tayc you can't tell loves the Congolese culture loool 6/10.
Up next up is Migrant des Reves and Youssou Ndour comes out from under the stage the way Fally did (he's the only guest to do so) good performance from both 6.5/10.

Next is Amore with Danny Synthe  and the ENTIRE stadium is singing along with Fally and once again people are crying and also waving their hands. Fally announces to the crowd that Danny composed the song along with him. 8/10 
Mokobe comes out next and they perform Carre, not really much to say about this peromance I didn't really care for it to be honest. Some people enjoyed but meh not for me 5.5/10

Up next is Mannequin with Keblack and Naza and good overall performance they know how to get the crowd rocking. The dancers come join them on stage and do a bit of sebene and Naza joins and whines his waist lmao 6/10

Next is Allo Telephone with just the band and without Fally, they play this version exactly like the audio version but with a bit more energy once again new cries are added in some of the mics aren't loud enough to hear all the atalkus. must've been about 4 or 6 on stage if I'm not mistaken. Good performance and routine, 7/10.

Next is Afsana which gets a good reception and is just dancing along and singing no more to say about this but good song sounded just like the album 8/10
Un coup starts playing and Dadju casually walks on the stage to the point no one noticed until they put his face on the big screen and the whole place erupted after they finished that set Fally requests they sing his favourite song Jaloux. Both fally and dadju have good chemistry and should collaborate more 8.5/10. After they finish their set Dadju gives Fally his flowers and congratulates him for selling out U Arena and not even many French artists could even sell out the stadium so the fact that Fally a kid from Bandal did it shows courage, good heartfelt moment.

SDM comes out for Droit de veto and decent performance, SDM was using autotune but in the correct way.5/10 performance for me, I didn't really care for it but the whole crowd was digging for it so on that alone I'll give it a  7.

Science Fiction is next and the performance is good but man his singers mics are wayyyy too low man throughout it was an obvious issue but here not was showing again. it's like Fally was relying more on the crowd then his own singers. For that alone because the song requires a lot of chorus I have to give it a 5/10 which sucks because I love that song.

SL is next and it's not too long good enough but the crowd are singing along. 6/10.
Bakalos is next with special guest is Champion Djikapela on drums who fally announces that after tonight he's retiring from music and U Arena is his last show, it was good but I felt Champion didn't do his typical signature sound but still did powerful drumming so for that case and also the singing and Champion as a guest but unfortunately it lasted like 1 min so I'll give it a 5.5/10.
Fan favourite song Mayday is up next and the crowd erupts. Fally put more energy into this performance and the crowds energy was one of the loudest here so I'll give this one a 8.5/10.

My favourite song De La Renta played I just love this he played it for 2 mins so I'll give this a 7.5/10 if it went on for longer it would've been a 10 but then again I'm Bias loool

Aya Nakamura comes out for Bad boy and her performance wasn't that impressive even the crowd wasnt as into it compared to the other guests, but still vocally she's good, 5.5/10

Bloque & Libres Parcours my Godddddd this was the spectacle of the night and what a way to bow out, Gaz Mawete came out to make a quick appearance. But the way they transitioned from Bloque to Libres Parcours was impressive I feel like that's how they should've done it with the real song and end Bloque with a hard hitting sebene.
The dancers that were on stage really did their thing and there was this dancer in a white vest that was battling Fally and it's the first time we've seen it fally not totally outshining his own dancers. Everyone was dancing and then Fally did the eagle sign and then the eagle appeared on the screens and then Fally totally disappeared.
The dancers slowly disappeared and started waving goodbye and so did the atalakus and singers until they came off the stage then the stage went dark, and everyone was confused if the show was over or not until the main lights came on signalling everyone to leave.
Some people tried to stay thinking if Fally would come back lol, but the ending was too abrupt because of the curfew. For this one I give it 9.5/10 only because of how abrupt the ending was.

My final thoughts Fally sang really well and you can tell he planned this show to a tea and it wasnt boring at all, the rhumbas later won were cut shorter in favour for the tokoss songs and due to the late start.

The singers you couldnt even hear them their mics were wayyy too low and they didn't even get to sing their own vocals or do mabanga which I'm sure pissed them off and we might see some run away.

I thought there was a bit too much guests but I understand he needed French artists to entertain the urban crowd, it would've been nice if he included more of his QL friends to come on stage but again time restraints.

The dancers were really good I understand why he gets dancers from Europe they're young and energetic and help fill the void of Fally's singers who appear old.
I thought the stage and effects including pyro and confetti are some of the best that's been done in our music so a well done to fally, the crowd energy was amazing I've never been in that environment like that. I do wish he played more of his Rhumba even though he sang an Acapella of Canne A Sucre but I guess because he was running out of time he couldn't perform the good song

Overall it was a really good show If I could go back in time I would go again, I will definitely go to the London show. I give the show a 8/10, I'm proud of the guy we first witnessed make his debut with Koffi in 1999 to see him now perform in a packed U Arena is impressive it's like we all watched him grow up. He also announced that he will play at Stade De France, for possibly next year.

Congolese Music / Re: 37 YEARS OF QUARTIER LATIN
« on: November 29, 2023, 18:33 »
A lot of talent has gone through Quatier Latin over the past 37 years, sucks that Fally is the only one really doing his thing on a solo level where as Maison Mere have everyone else it seems. So it seems that Koffi doesn't care anymore about the perception of Cindy being his second wife or first wife now I should say.
True but to be fair in quartier latins defence the amount of solo stars is due to Koffi stoping the group system in 2006, like with maison mère at least every generation has a strong solo artist. Imagine if Maison Mère stopped producing stars after the dream generation left in 2004/5 it would only be Ferre going strong as a solo artist, and Heritier too to an extent maybe. I do agree though the fact that only Fally is doing well as a solo artist from quartier latin is a joke but majority of ex quartier latin members are in Europe, Before the generation of Fally no one was able to make it as solo artist before 1997.
Why did Soleul, Montana, Bouro (no Bouro actually tried) Mirage never tried to make it big solo and focus in making it a career like Fally did, cause yes I can understand not having stars after 2006 but it is really crazy that only Fally was the only star that Fally was the only star came from  QL (AND NO Ferre and Brigade don't count, Ferre was already famous and if he wasn't broke he probably would have gone solo earlier, and for Brigade, I don't think anyone was expecting Brigade to have a successful solo career if he left QL and never joined Maison Mere, look at where Bebe Kero is)
Mirage did try and his debut album in 2007 was actually very successful they were even placing him behind Fally and Ferre along with Lacoste and Kabose. Them 5 took 5th generation by storm, but mirage didn’t succeed because he didn’t go back to kin to promote his album, and didn’t even have a concert in Europe to promote the album, instead he chose to rejoin Koffi for concerts in Europe which pissed off Fally Apocalypse and co because they felt like he wasted his career. Even till now Fally still reminds him how he wasted a golden opportunity. That time they met in America a few years ago Fally went to go see Mirage’s showcase and introduced him to some guys and told him that he should’ve been bigger

Montana had a decent start and actually had a good group but his problem was he overstayed in QL after everyone else left and his career was blocked by some leaders. Soleil not having a big producer like Bouro.
Loool you need to stop saying Brigade is successful, Mirage did better in his solo career then Brigade did, but if you ask brigade he always says he’s a QL child first and foremost maison mère he just passed through. Ferre has been saying recently he’s Wenge and QL child.

« on: November 29, 2023, 14:17 »
I was meant to do it a few days ago but I lost the file where I wrote the review so I rewrote it.
I will be explaining my whole experience from the beginning till end stay tuned..

lol sakana na ba musiciens congolais,they have tons of children like that all of them like prince says their pullout game is poor
even somebody like genta who is not even that big of a star just had twins in europe,which makes it 17 kids without ever being married
it seems that he has decided to reassemble his children now with whats going on,because when they were the perfect couple and family it became as if only three olomides ever existed
Their pullout game is atrocious. But yeah ever since his divorce Koffi has been paying attention to his other kids. He has over 10 kids even Minou said in an interview that she doesn’t know Didi that well and some of his other kids have accused Alya of blocking relationships with their dad.

This only proves how unfaithful he has been to Aliya. A child younger than Del Pirlo smh…This man is not only cheating but having kids while cheating wtf lol
LOL my guy why are you so shocked  ;D all of these artists are the worst  ;D some even have kids by different mothers the same age, look at Jb, Fally, Ferre and even worse the Mpela Brothers who have over 21 kids some even have the same name LOOOL

Congolese Music / Re: 37 YEARS OF QUARTIER LATIN
« on: November 27, 2023, 11:45 »
A lot of talent has gone through Quatier Latin over the past 37 years, sucks that Fally is the only one really doing his thing on a solo level where as Maison Mere have everyone else it seems. So it seems that Koffi doesn't care anymore about the perception of Cindy being his second wife or first wife now I should say.
True but to be fair in quartier latins defence the amount of solo stars is due to Koffi stoping the group system in 2006, like with maison mère at least every generation has a strong solo artist. Imagine if Maison Mère stopped producing stars after the dream generation left in 2004/5 it would only be Ferre going strong as a solo artist, and Heritier too to an extent maybe. I do agree though the fact that only Fally is doing well as a solo artist from quartier latin is a joke but majority of ex quartier latin members are in Europe, Before the generation of Fally no one was able to make it as solo artist before 1997.

Congolese Music / Re: 37 YEARS OF QUARTIER LATIN
« on: November 26, 2023, 21:32 »
What about the drama that Cindy’s brought into the group and his personal life? The amount of guys that have left because of her is long itself. Let’s be honest 2007/08 squad was quite decent and he could’ve made stars from that squad but then when that team got phased out by 2009 it was dead. The recent team in légende had potential but again they’re slowly getting phased out.

Congolese Music / Re: FALLY PLAYED AT U ARENA
« on: November 26, 2023, 16:39 »
Another forgetful event from Fally Ipupa. Never in our music history an artist can perform on lots of concerts yet not one is remembered for show performance, vocal ability, show performance.

Also why have fans been lied to that he was performing in front of 40.000 while in truthiness was for less than 20,000 as the venue was halved also ticket sale was poor as some tickets were being handed out for free round chateau rouge.
Loool typical salty Golois. Go listen to your God Ferre , you’re embarrassing yourself

Congolese Music / Re: WAPI @MFUMU?
« on: November 26, 2023, 14:59 »
Mfumu yo pe zonga ko

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