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 but take somono out and put mbochi in (somono doesn't deserve to perform freely)

LOL why ?

He’s a hardcore combattant. He was on the scene celebrating when they lit the car on fire outside Olympia to cancel Héritier’s concert last minute
Exactly fuck him

Wow. A beautiful thing to see.

I wish Blaise could join the rest of the Wengemen in Europe (Alain, Patient, Didier, Aimelia, etc) and gave us a double concert with the Latino team in Europe (Sam, Bouro, Somono, Suzuki, Modogo, Beniko, etc).

It will be huge !!!
That's not a bad idea actually... but take somono out and put mbochi in (somono doesn't deserve to perform freely) and also get ekokota and makaba and titina  for wenge and also likes of willy bula and others

Wonderful....... Was listening to Ferre's generique and i discovered that in DRC now generation  there is:
Fally, Fabro on top
Ferre, Robinho, Cappuccino, Brigade and Heritier following
Then Tresor and many more
Main point Ferre doesn't deserve to be ranked with fabregas and fally ipupa they are out of his league (hard truth)
How can Fabregas be ranked at the same rank as Fally and Ferré at the same rank as Héritier and Robinio?
Fabregas explores different horizons it's true but he is not at all above Ferré musically and is far from equaling Fally.

I would say rather that Fally and Ferré are at the same rank (even if Fally is a very big step ahead) then comes next Héritier, Fabregas, Robinio, Cappuccino and other...
People still have their mind on Mascara, you need to understand that having Koffi as a promoter can only make you good, he promoted Fally and then the first serious generique of Fabro (Mascara he had someone called Tshimoke but was a mini generique) and Fabro got spotlighted everywhere you had ivorians, Malians, white people in Europe (France) and everyone dancing Mascara, so people respect him more than Ferre because of that, this is why I said Ferre should do a generique of Hus own and don't let guys and girls like Ruth Nzele, Bercy (when he was there) and many others to waste his generique, it is ugly to say but people most of the time care more about the generique than Rumbas, Fabregas had only Lokolo and some two other sings on the group album who were a little bit of success, but people credit him more because he made that song of Zigida, she Ferre despite delivering something like Jugement he is not respected because he is weak on generiaue
For once I 100% agree with you

Going to have to unfollow him IG for sometime, kiekie. The man blows up my feed reposting every single submission for his hashtag challenges whenever he releases something
The kiname challenge was the worst.... remember when I did that topic about how it was getting on my nerves....

I unfollowed koffi for the same reason with that stupid #BAESCLAVES challenge, I don't understand this challenge thing fally, koffi, fabregas and even ferre has started doing it

Congolese Music / Re: RENDEKITA!!!!
« on: July 19, 2018, 19:27 »
Blaise is actually taking the piss with this promotion I'm still sooo confused by this tactic

Oh God.....Chai Ngenge next, then Abraham then Djino lol
The way these guys have flopped is insane, chai had a lot of momentum and a bit of buzz when he left in 2013 had he released his album in 2014/15 he could've easily rivalled someone like Lacoste but now it's too late that windows closed now. Abraham what has happened to him everyone had high expectations for him to finally be the first successful jb child but God knows what happened he could've rivalled someone like heritier but it's not too late for him. As for djino dissed bcbg way too much

These guys should've all just formed a band such a wasted opportunity

Not looking forward to seeing old ass dudes who can barely move. Unless Fally has some younger energetic talent dancing with him in the video he can keep it. He should've released Canne a sucre instead.
So you've spent the past year complaining about him not releasing a generique or rhumba now he's finally doing it and yet you're still complaining.... leave it out mate

Looking forward to this!!!


I'll give credit where it's due; So Far Gone to Take Care were consistent in quality from production, lyrics, and featured artist. Since the rollout of Nothing Was the Same, Drake has been taking a half-measured approach to his lyrics while placing emphasis on featuring himself on breakout hits of new artists to keep his brand up to date.

More Life was undercooked, which is why Drake dodged the L by claiming it as a "playlist" and Scorpion is basically reminds of Nelly's Sweat/Suit double...super garbage Pop/R&B first disc and underwhelming radio rap second disc!

The double album would have been accepted wholesale as "good", had it not been for Pusha T ethering him with Story of Adidon. Since that beef, he released the album from a position of weakness than the hype he had for previous releases.
This is all true, the album views was straight trash by far his worst album, more life.. till this day I haven't listened to it in full. Scorpion I only like A side so the rap hip hop side, side b was just trash except for side for what and that Michael Jackson song. But I think when time comes people might accept it

If I was drake I'd have released that alleged diss track on scorpion as the opening song  that would've saved him a lot

But so far my hip hop album of the year has got to be J Cole KOD, I also thought that jay z beyonce album was a flop

On a serious note, I think this experience is good for Fally's growth. We've all been through humbling moments that changed our outlook on things. Black Americans care less about African culture (Black Panther the big exception) than many white Americans - my observation from living here for some time.

Wemba went through a similar sort of thing when his "world" audience disappeared a while after Emotion, and then he subsequently went back to focusing on authentic Congolese music and having his poplarity grow when he adapted to the dance era with Ecrita.

I've also notice Fally chilling out on the whole greatest, "GOAT", King, etc rhetoric that peeved some of us last year
I 10000% agree with you you're right about everything you said, I think this is going to be a blessing in disguise.. and also I've been hearing that he's finally starting to recruit younger guys in his group,  and the goat king thing he has slowed down but let's not jinx it

I was just thinking celeo best not see this otherwise he'll have a field day on all social media making videos and memes lol

This is disrespectful and just cringe they could've at least pretended to take pics lol

kiekie, they said all said "f that, I gotta save space on my SD card"

Thing is he'd be treated as royalty at any African awards show. He's out of his element here
Hahaha then take the pics and delete them looool

But in all seriousness I feel bad for him even though I'll admit I chuckled a bit but I couldn't finish the whole video it's too awkward. What I would advise fally to do is take his time with his world  career like he's doing with his damn label, clothing line and everything and not rush like he has done he's got a lot of time he just needs to work on his rhumba music and release an album with big impact like koffi, Wemba, and even werra did to be considered very very well know abroad wise

This is disrespectful and just cringe they could've at least pretended to take pics lol

Well, he is innocent until proven guilty. So the burden of proof is on the accusers. Am not in a position to say how the outcome would be if he availed himself to the French authorities, but the fact that he has not gone to clear his name means his accusers may well have valid accusations against him.

I await full verdicts from our forum’s self-elected Supreme Court justices (since they apparently hold a moral high ground) , but I share the same sentiments as you.... I strongly believe in innocent until proven guilty, but it’s become way too long in the tooth the guy has been ducking the case so it makes very hard for me to have confidence in him.

That’s why I found it very particularly ironic seeing him in full French football jerseys singing their praises on social media, saying je suis la France and what not.

In interviews he’s stated that he has no interest in being in Europe anymore, but i know it’s really the opposite. He used to spend most of his time in Europe prior to ‘09
Hahahaha yeah I'm waiting for them too,

I'm with both of you but that being said it's hard for me to give him the benefit of the doubt it's reaching almost 10 years now like it's just getting ridiculous he's talking that he's gonna lift the ban but come on just face it like a man his lawyer is convinced that he can beat the case so just go

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