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If I was Baby Ndombe I would have beaten Lacoste after the interview for singing this 41:40 min hahahahaha
Marius has difficulties to not laugh.
Loool maybe he did, the way Baby started singing over him after he sang that part loooool

Yeah Baby messed up completely by refusing to join les Marquis in Europe. Even if he knew the split was gonna happen he would’ve had a better career, because he was stuck in kin for a while and his concerts were sabotaged.

It would’ve been weird seeing him with the alerte générale team if he went back to maison mère.

This version is better but the constant stops piss me off.

Afande’s lost a bit of weight by the looks of it. Will he be involved in the next Wenge 4x4 project? if it even happens lol

I know my guy JV will be in attendance front row  ;D

I saw an interview where Wazekwa wished Ferre good luck for stade de martyrs but he won’t say his name again. So what happened between the two whats the issue?

Congolese Music / Re: Burna Boy's La Defense Arena
« on: May 24, 2023, 13:19 »
It were pages like ndombolhino and congolese pages who were posting pictures and videos of the part that you call fosse at U-Arena not being full. When seeing these I was confused because it was reported in the media that the concert was already sold out since weeks. But it seems that it were just pictures when the 1st part started.

Fally had to go for the 40k straight away to prove that he's a big star in Africa, instead of 27k. It doesn't make sense to perform at U-Arena when doing that. This just because of wanting to be the first Congolese artist to perform there. I wonder if his team would change the capacity again if Koffi's team succeed to plan a concert-date before his event, to prove people that he's more popular than him.

Why don't you leave Fally alone. Fally has been in the game for 17 years now and has done it all, Fally has nothing to prove anymore to you or anyone else. Where were you when Fally did Stade de Marty with more than 100k people in attendance? Burna boy couldn't even pack a 50k in attendance at home
Leave it out and watch who you’re talking to. He’s not attacking Fally if anything he’s encouraging the guy to get a bigger capacity because he’s capable. And if anything where were YOU when he did stade de martyr, Longwa kuna.

« on: May 23, 2023, 23:04 »

So even this boy has already caught JB Mpiana on number of solo albums eh
Loooool ehh ;D ;D

Congolese Music / Re: Jalousie XL Félix Wazekwa
« on: May 22, 2023, 20:04 »
No, I refuse to listen to whatever Felix's Rhumba until he learns how to sing properly.
Ehh so why click on the topic then lol

As a Clan Quartier Latin fan I support him 100%. He just needs to be serious and do it right because we need someone else apart from Fally defending the Latino flag.

Yeah I was disappointed that Andress was cut short it’s my favourite too

I also forgot to mention Beevens Rappeur was another dancing atalaku before Somono arrived, so Iit started with him then Somono to Gessac. 

Gessac Tshimpoyi is very talented. I am glad that you showed the clips of his dancing skills. It is A plus without doubt.
He isn’t creative. Watching the Abidjan clip he’s literally a complete copy of Bill.

I just realised that since Somono left Koffi in 1999 there wasn't really an atalaku that danced until Gessac came in 2007. Brigade and Kerozene danced in a couple of clips in affaire d'etat and effrakata but they wasn't really dancing in concerts like the way Somono or Gessac were and they were also doing solo dances. Somono danced in all the clips he was featured from V12 all the way to Loi. Another thing was after Mboshi and Somono left Koffi slowly stopped using his atalaku's for clips, CNN appeared in 3 clips in Attentat in force de frappe he didn't appear.





John Scott could've been next in the list if Koffi didn't dump him so quickly in favour of Kerozene, because he was dancing at concerts and was a great dancer, it could've been a battle between him Fally and Bouro if he stayed. It's still so strange the way he got rid of him quickly when he came to replace Ocean and Koffi was promoting him everywhere even when he went to Europe to prepare for Parc des princes he was promoting John Scott at a press conference.


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