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these songs were one of my favourites on each album its a shame adolphe's career's gone down he should be at werra and jb's level

Congolese Music / Classic album from Zaiko Langa Langa
« on: August 27, 2015, 19:25 »

Poison what a fantastic album from this group and papy cocaine, nono monzuluku and doudou adoula what a great combination one of my favourite albums from zaiko!!


with suzuki, Junior Kingombe, Modogo, champion, soleil, chamberton, pathy bass

at 9:05 junior really interprets babia's vocal in sans suite very well at the repetition


I honestly thought it would turn into a sebene when I first heard this when it didn't I was a little disappointed but its still a good song though


he reveals he's preparing an album of 4 titles called gauche droit he also reveals he started in a street group and was briefly in wenge tonya tonya and bcbg and says it was always his dream to join quartier latin and his idols were soleil, bouro mpela, eric tutsi, babia ndonga, and suzuki. he says he joined quartier latin around monde arabe and when the group returned from europe he joined and he participated in danger de mort but his vocals were removed when the group went to europe and he participated in bord ezanga kombo and he had a vocal in the song bomengo he says he became a mineur and was the only singer that was in the group for a while to become a mineur he interprets his vocal from bomengo and also interprets modogo's vocal from sisi silvi (which he interprets very very well) he spent 8 years in the group and onl got one vocal. he reveals before quartier latin he was in quartier latin integral with the likes of cnn, lebou kabuya, and pathy bass, after he left quartier latin he went with montana kamenga and was chef d'orchestre of the group he is asked about cindy dominating him and the others n the group he says she's like a little sister and she's a fantastic singer and he didn't leave because of her he reveals his song that's going to be in his album was supposed to be in chicotte ya papa but it wasn't released. he interprets songs like parking ya baba and dulcinee.

another talent wasted thanks to cindy oh koffi what is wrong with him

Congolese Music / One of my favourite songs from JB MPIANA
« on: August 17, 2015, 14:25 »

champion kapangala I just love the whole song and when I listen to it I know all the words and I like the chorus of JB, bula, Aimelia and Mpela and also JB and aimelia's vocal and also Tutu Callugi done a great job in the sebene

Congolese Music / This was a powerful album
« on: August 16, 2015, 16:32 »

This album was one of my favourites Suzuki is so underrated


Koffi is such a fool for ignoring this guy


I used to love this guy when he was in QL can someone translate please  :)


This looks like a great concert with when he's with some of the mineurs and quartier latin with Suzuki 4X4, Rolly Maymba, Arabe Youssouf, Montana, Asso Ferrari, Gibson, Bapinces Kapese, Mon Ami Guerlord and Gessac doing the animation :D is there a dvd for the concert anyone know?

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