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Working on it! Decoding the DVD now
I'm looking forward to it, I can't wait :D :D

Yes I have it
OMG really? is there a way you can email a copy of it to me or upload it on youtube?  ;D :) :D

lol prince,cindy is mucb more than just a singer to koffi so unless a massive massive  argument happens,there might not be change,imagine he is still promoting her that much despite her slapping him during a concert,which is not even thinkable if it was one of the male singers
let's hope someone slaps koffi so that he can get some sense in him and get rid of that liability hahahaha  ;D ;D


This looks like a great concert with when he's with some of the mineurs and quartier latin with Suzuki 4X4, Rolly Maymba, Arabe Youssouf, Montana, Asso Ferrari, Gibson, Bapinces Kapese, Mon Ami Guerlord and Gessac doing the animation :D is there a dvd for the concert anyone know?

i hear you archos but the saddest part is that they are so good you wait to listen to them in the next album or even concerts promoting the album but they are gone so fast you dont know what happened to them. If there is an artist i would want to go solo its Cindy so she could leave my QL alone. But knowing things, that is a dream i will wait too long to happen. I really like Lindalala and wish he has quite a number of vocals.Where was he 'stolen' from archos?
Cindy just needs to go she killed QL i'm sick of her presence has someone ever told koffi to leave her or asked him why he constantly prefers her i mean its annoying man

I've never liked cindy i remember when she first joined in my opinion she ruined QL Koffi had so many talented singers at the time for example the late Babia, Asso, Rolly, Guelord, Arca, Youssouf and so on I always listened to  koffi's albums but now i just don't listen to the new ones its just painful haha especially the fact that he always focuses on her and doesn't do sebene anymore to me sebene is important to congolese music

« on: May 16, 2015, 00:48 »
Depitsho came to QL before Wenge El Paris wanted to record Couvre Feu. Bouro Mpela wasn't the only who didn't like Depitsho, because Sam left QL because of him and many members were happy when Depitsho left QL. Depitsho himself also said that in an interview that the most members didn't like him, when he joined QL and that he almost died, because he was many times victim of spiritual attacks.
Why did Depitcho and Jf ifonge leave ql exactly because i remember Depitcho came late to a concert and was suspended but why did he leave? I've always wanted to know

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