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These guys are such morons when will they ever learn

Yep kharma is a bitch they had it coming the other person I really wanna see get their comeuppance is that moron ronsard ngoma he's been talking smack for years smh

Apparently Ferre's pressed charges against them

« on: January 10, 2018, 19:47 »
Oh boy I knew this was gonna happen.... MATEBU WHERE ARE YOU?? your worst fears been confirmed  ;D ;D

i'll pay the channel owner to put the whole tape in youtube, effrakata/affaire d'etat era was the best era ever,
from the futuristic cover, the songs, the team, the videos everything was great, he was on another lever.
There were classics albums that year (viagra, internet, bonheur) but effraka (& as well operation dragon) was revolutionary.
i would like to know how it would sound with mamale, sarbatino & spino.
we should make an effrakata topic whit some "things you didnt know about", some "facts", "funny story" ect.

Yeah, one of these days we should collectively document the golden "Mopao Mokonzi" days 2000 to mid 2003. I posted some Effrakata behind-the-scenes and 2001 Europe-US tour photos I kept in archive in a thread last year.

I'm still amazed at the 10/10 albums released 2001-03 by all the big groups, I find myself listening and enjoying that period the most.

Honestly if I had a time machine, I'd send myself back to late 1996 and throw away the time machine knowing what has happpened to the music industry. I'd make myself an advisor and tell them to avoid the certain decisions than ended up being catastrophic...
Let's build the time machine bro  :D :D :D
1996-2003 was by very very very far the best period in music everything was golden how I wish it could come back especially with all this monotonous garbage these days

Congolese Music / JB Mpiana and BCBG live Montreal Festival 1999
« on: January 09, 2018, 22:51 »

Oh come on!! This is just getting ridiculous now >:( >:(

Back in the 4x4 werra really liked doing some animation in concerts lol

Eboa will never be successful...he will be like Jipson and other QL impact
Ex QL majority of them flopped for the same reason they all stayed in Europe 98% of them are in Europe either releasing albums that no one buys, or doing them little concerts in bars and cafes or doing interviews talking about releasing an album that no one cares for lol

This one is underrated I prefer the first one then this one the second generique comes last

Good job

Our sister, Mwana Nsalu (May she RIP) was such a big supporter of Deplick. Makes me sad she is no longer with us to discover his new work
I was thinking the same thing  :( :'(

Yeah I can't wait

Kiekie, Lady Esobe - Le comédien le plus suspect  ;D

I swear did anyone else find lola trying to outshine everyone on the chorus so annoying he messed the whole thing up

That's Lola Muana for ya. He was too much of a try hard. I guess one could say he was in the band for bragging rights, he was Dindo Yogo's (RIP) favorite son

He could've had the best rhumba on Affiare d'etat, but he ended up sounding le a parody of his father. Like Didier Masela would say "le peitit chante bien, mais il surpasse la note"
He really did, I hated tendrement he ruined his own song with that sheep noise he kept doing,I've always thought he had the advantage cause of who his dad is like for example at bercy during the song number one I thought it was unnecessary for lola to do soleil's,babia, spino's parts and even worse he did depitchos bit on the reworked cd and when there was also mustapha who was going to do soleil' bit but lola hijacked him and took over when there was mustapha, Gibson and Eric who could've done it

In my opinion he left maison mere too late

Wouldn’t of made any difference....good singer but he faces the same problem Chay ngenge has....not very marketable in this modern age.
It might have.. chai another example left wayyyyyy too late as well had they both left in 2006/07 they might have had a small bit of success like someone like Lacoste Eboa it's too early to tell but he'll probably end up like chai but most likely better

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