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I forgot to add this one. If I was an artist that was recording a rumba-album, I would invite Beniko Popolipo to play these kind of solo's towards the end.
Speaking of Beniko this is one of my favourites

« on: May 17, 2023, 16:49 »
Better than any of the Generique on Gomme
Loool I forgot about that album, but yeah definitely.

Hopefully Cambodge can join Team Wata and Heritier can treat him with great respect.

It won’t last. Even more dangerous, Cambodge might end up putting his hands on Wata lol
lol, is he aggressive ????????????

agressive is an understatement lol man is a savage,seen him fight in a nightclub back in the days and people and beers and seats were literally flying
Don't forget to mention that he kicked Seguin's ass a few times lol

This guy…. Try Olympia or Zenith first, Bercy is too big for him.

like some of us arsenal fans love the "above tottenham"trophy,wata loves some "before ferre" aswell ,tembe ne tombera jamais loool
Don’t mention Arsenal. But yes he's obsessed with performing before Ferre and also he loves performing right after Fally, because Fally will be at U Arena in November and this guy wants to perform at Bercy in December. I don’t think he’ll fill it I really don’t.

This guy…. Try Olympia or Zenith first, Bercy is too big for him.

This man is just frustrated that he released a album and no one gave a F and now he needs new hype to make himself relevant again
Loool and dynasty was his last chance but he blew that opportunity. I’m curious to hear the diss track

Bill needs to actually release a proper album first. Don’t worry about dissing anyone and focus on growing the genre.
What are you on about? He just released an album a few months ago

Looool Bouro looked high and bored whilst Deplick was singing at 1:51:24, he was probably thinking ahh "When is this crap gonna end so I can go smoke another one:"  ;D

I’ve noticed most Koffi’s concerts in Kinshasa from 1991 to 2005 are quite rare to find. The Europe ones are a lot easier to find if you were to compare them.

Congolese Music / Re: Papy Kakol is an evil person
« on: May 05, 2023, 08:24 »
Someone show this to Kakol loool the day he got his ass kicked. It’s only in Congo he will go that far because he knows if he tried that in Europe he’ll get smoked

Congolese Music / Re: A snippet of a raw Ferre generique
« on: May 04, 2023, 18:54 »
I feel like people are exaggerating loool Ferre has decent generiques to his name the last one Ekoyebana was good, these generiques are good.

It’s true you can never do something like that, Kibens whose older than Jb you tbh ink you will ever see him publicly say Jb’s his petit, or Felly Tyson say Fally’s his petit. Especially with the 5th generation excluding Fally and Ferre, they all hate being called petit so you can fired for doing something like that.


So Koffi not only reconciled with Alpha Blondy but also with Zacle ?
Zacle and Koffi reconciled long ago, when Koffi had his surgery a few years ago Zacle went to the hospital to visit him

Congolese Music / Re: GOMME VOL 2 IS OUT!!
« on: May 01, 2023, 18:55 »
Faux album moko boye.

For real the album was not it, he’s done. His peak was from 2014 to 2017.

champion also performed with sam,i believe he'll just step back but its difficult to retire like that unless serious health if even djudju music and co cant stop past 60's i am sure for him barely being 50 its too hard to stop fully now
Then why do an entire interview announcing his retirement? Such a waste of time. I can only think that he said he was retiring so that he doesn’t have to perform with Koffi anymore, seeing as he openly took Fally’s side with his beef against Koffi.

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