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I swear did anyone else find lola trying to outshine everyone on the chorus so annoying he messed the whole thing up

it pissed the absolute hell out of many maison mere fans admins and possibly nsone himself but he will never ever talk he lets the guys do dirty job
and you know how is it when maison mere is into conflict loooooooool you'll get attacks left right and center
Oh right yeah that we all know I thought you meant something happened between jb Adolphe and ferre

if i am not mistaken it had been posted earlier,the concert of jb with ferre and tata as guests did not go well at all to....let me say like arsene wenger euhhh welll it lead to them posting archive of them both attacking jb  and jb's camp also started to counter
 sometimes our musicians are soooooo childish my word
by the way tata is a big comedian lol he never had any problem with jb he did not stay with bcbg partly because he wanted that number 2 spot  blaise was automatically getting
Why didn't it go well What happened?

Here is an interview with Adolphe from 98/99 confirming pretty much most of what you said archos ironically it was uploaded last week  :D :D ;D

Hey archos this is also a big ask whenever you have the time can you also write about the early stages of maison mere and bcbg all the way till how blaise, makaba, masela, Adolph were forced out and how and when jb and werra respectively got those ideas from

In my opinion he left maison mere too late

Thanks archos
The way I see it the split wasn't werra's fault he was just used as the scapegoat I think the blame was more on jb's side, if alain was against the money being shared among the main guys then he should have stayed in kin with the group instead of just being all over the place in Europe, well kharma is a bitch for all of the guys that went to bcbg especially Blaise cause he was the one that was fuelling it and turning cold and he became the first one out of everyone from both sides to be kicked out followed by makaba, kusangila, Burkina Faso, aimelia and so on

Congolese Music / Re: One Of Them Single JB let die
« on: January 05, 2018, 15:44 »
no titina was gone already its seguin

Sssshhh Emo will get a fit of rage... Hehehe
Just what I was thinking  ;D ;D

Lol...then do another one when Chikito leaves
Which will be in a year or two lol


« on: January 03, 2018, 18:26 »
"Is your boy Ferrè Gola" ahahahahahah that is all I have to say
Hahahahahahahahahaha do you know how many times I had to rewind to that part  :D ;D :D ;D

Things are starting to go seriously hardcore between camps of jb and werra,when you hear them starting to throw in allusions to their tribes you can be  almost certain that things are getting very very serious,there are just fights and musicians starting to participate in polemic  away from getting back to how it used to be
 ferre and heritier visit did and jb's interview(and the way its interpreted of course in a contaxt with some tension already)brought the whole shxt to another level, yanki just posted a video of werra arriving in lubumbashi and in the title took a dig at  jb calling him tatu ngeleka which is the name they used to "coach" ferre in in naming jb to become some sort of second rival to jb and in the same time roger ml who does some kinda similar role to yanki when he has time( bcbg is not his main work ) posted an old video of christian mabanga saying that  if a musician is just interested in exposure he'd go to werra to benefit from the system but if somebody wants to have a long career with a leader  and be respected by the leader he'd go to jb and stuff like that
 this brings me back to words of roger ngandu who surely attended with jb at that meeting at werra's home and he claimed jb suggested to werra to let clashes apart and support clan wenge musicians(while nsone if its 100 per cent true surely expected and expects heritier and ferre to make some strong apologies before even considering it) so it let to theories that jb is siding with them and so on and now with my experience in clan wenge  its not too far from becoming very very serious
and will all due respect to my beloved  maison mere  they are not the type to take L's lightly  :D :D :'( :'(
Until I hear JB and Werra directly or even indirectly admit there's something wrong or even someone like Sankara I won't buy any of this smh

Congolese Music / Re: Taddet new generique Nanu Nanu
« on: January 03, 2018, 05:12 »
Lol I even forgot about this guy what a load of crap

Good he deserves it, can't diss Fally one week and then the next do the same thing you dissed him for. Guarantee this album isn't that big of a hit like Tokoss.
Fally started it not Ferre, check Fally's interviews of that period, enough is enough Ferre usually is calm but nobody can accept to be disrespected the way he has been
If we're gonna be real about who started it ferre has always sent marchouse and tresor to attack fally and co and then ferre went on papy mboma and said he didn't know any fally songs but was happy enough to sing everyone else's songs but yeah around this period ferre was talking nice about fally in interviews and so on but what I dont like about fally he acts like he's against polemic but does his own way

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