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Exactly, look at that line of singers especially the likes of Asso, Rolly etc. Imagine Babia vocals were even deleted from Bord Ezanga Kombo leaving only one vocal only one maybe because the engineer failed to edit it as it was close to another vocal by someone else.
which song was this that he had a vocal in? because in bord ezanga kombo i only listen to 7 songs bomengo, lovemycine, salopette, ikea, cle boa, festival and bendele and also babia was humiliated because cindy kept singing his vocals in concerts when he was there present he even had the guts to speak out against koffi and cindy after he left and thats why i applaud him for that even when eric tutsi left (before returning again ;D ;D) he even spoke against koffi and cindy in an interview I just hope bouro doesn't let the same thing happen to him

Not harsh at all,she's had negative influence on the band and Koffi Olomide because of their extra ordinary relationship. She's a fantastic singer and so is Koffi but both have lost it and have become extremely boring. The rest of the band members have been turned into passengers that is why most of us old fans of the band are not happy with Candy's presence. It's time she moved on like the Meje's

Unlike other genres, why do women catch the harsh treatment in Congolese music?!!!
my friend i have no problem with women in Congolese music i like meje 30, mbilia bel etc but the problem i have is the fact that koffi constantly uses cindy in his songs instead of his Quartier latin singers and the fact that his music has gone downhill ever since Cindy came in I would have no problem with her being a solo artist if you look at some of the singers in the bord ezanga kombo era all of them fantastic singers but they were overshadowed by cindy the singers I am talking about are Dvd musica, rolly mayemba, arca dinheiro, Asso Ferrari, scottie pippen, youssouff arabe, monami guelord to say a few he even had some of the older guys he didn't wanna use eric tutsi, babia ndonga, suzuki 4x4  the men are just background singers and its not quartier latin anymore loads of former members even acknowledge it and say its now quartier cindy and even mock koffi for it another main example if you watch koffi at zenith 2009 the men are background singers and the concert is called koffi presente cindy fair enough he has his favourites but i don't remember koffi having a title of a concert saying, presente fally, bouro, depitcho and so on, I even liked that female atalaku who was featured in bord ezanga kombo

I put my money on Manda too, i would rather listen to his original rhumba than listen to 13th Apostle coz i already know what it will sound like with Koffi and Candy!
exactly!!! Koffi and Cindy are trash!!!!!!!

Congolese Music / Re: The poster for Koffi's 13eme Apotre
« on: September 14, 2015, 23:27 »
I reckon this album is gonna be crap

its annoying how they just put little extracts instead of the whole concert yes i've been looking for '01 and .03 but its 0'7 I've been looking for especially '07 because you can see he was doing fine after the departure of fally and co.

Congolese Music / Re: F'Victeam at rehearsal
« on: September 13, 2015, 20:05 »
I'm so glad that kabuya is still in the groupb  :)

same here mate, they should have made the clips in europe since the clips of rond point and especially droit de veto weren't that good it was lazy filming and you can see another cameraman in the way, and yeah i hope they do release zenith 1998 on dvd even though its unlikely has anyone else noticed that all of koffi's zenith concerts are very very rare to find except for 2009


This is when koffi regrouped and showed he still had a great team and  what happened to most these guys cause the people available in the video that participated in attentat or in the clips were depitcho, mamale, gibson, soleil, babia, eric tutsi, jf, jordan kusa and sarbatino but most the other singers weren't even used after the arrival of fally and co.

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi & QL with nyoka longo 1999
« on: September 09, 2015, 21:47 »
i remember jf saying he was sent to attack nyoka what did he say for him to get arrested

Congolese Music / Koffi & QL with nyoka longo 1999
« on: September 09, 2015, 20:56 »

with savanet depitsho, fally, mamale, babia ndonga, mustapha, lola and cnn performing SOS and later joined by nyoka longo and lassa pembele and papy cocaine during the sebene if you listen at 7:31 koffi says kibuisa mpimpa a shoutout to werrason who was there this was back when koffi actually got long with most people haha  ;D

« on: September 07, 2015, 15:12 »
right here's my frustration with papa cherie it has been nearly 3 years since he announced balle de match and he has taken a very very long time to release it werra has already released fleche ingeta fally and f victeam have released libre parcours so what's the hold up? and the other main problem with his band is the old lot that are still in the band he had no problem unsettling and getting rid of blaise bula, makaba, aimelia lias, alain mpela, titina and tutu calludji but he can't unsettle  kibens, rio, JDL, seguin, cellulaire and others now the first original team of bcbg the guys that he kicked out these are the ones that should still be in the group right now and they had way better influence on jb then the current guys right now. like aimelia said instead of firing kibens he can give him another job and still get him to write songs for him, JDL I don't mind him staying in the group for another year or so but the others need to leave and do they're own thing especially rio. can't JB tell that the fans are getting sick of bcbg because of that lot JB do yourself and the band a favour and get rid of those deadwood directly or even indirectly be JB MPIANA again be the same guy you were from 1997-2003 because if I look at you from there till now I don't recognise you anymore he's not the same guy he once was. 

is the album that babia was working on before his untimely death gonna be released?

« on: September 05, 2015, 21:10 »
i have some update but i think i wont say it because after if it does not happen exactly like that i will be held as responsible :D :D :D :D
Archos reveal it... NOW...........

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