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He's been performing at small venue concerts in Kin in recent months with the advent of a reborn Empire Bakuba. Is it me or has he lost his voice?

Say what you will about his (mis)leadership of Empire Bakuba following Pepe Kalle's death, Papy Tex is a great composer and chorus singer. Nevertheless, even in his prime Bakuba days his voice would lose composure when singing high notes.

Congolese Music / BRIGADE FLASHBACK 2006
« on: May 22, 2016, 17:17 »
His early WMM days after making the switch from QL. One of the best, pure talent

Congolese Music / BEST SONG FROM 13ÈME APÔTRE?
« on: May 21, 2016, 21:27 »
I gave the album a listen back in October and got to the end of CD 2 before deciding the album wasn't to my taste. Like  "Abracadabra" (an album I still haven't listened to in it's entirety), the second half of most of the rhumbas are so similar in structure it gets boring.

After many months, I gave the album another try and the song "13ème apôtre" stuck out and I think it's the best song from the album. The Koffi/Cindy combo works quite well here:

Any best song suggestions from members who have listened to the album in it's entirety? Patronne and Symposium are also well done.


Before the first QL group album Pas de faux pas released later that year.

Kot-Kot (Do Akongo Dikoël) 04:42
Mulherengo (Rigo Star)13:50
Qui Cherche Trouve (Koffi) 21:30
Petit Frère Ya Jesus (Koffi) 28:48
Djino (Koffi) 38:35
Zéro Faute (Koffi) 47:05
Desespoir (Koffi/Wazekwa) 55:31
Papa Bonheur (Koffi) 1:09:50

 ;D Just poorly written works - Yes there's factual information, but the fan bias is quite evident throughout. You have to look at the French versions to get a thorough biography. Years ago Koffi's english page was well done, but African celebrity pages aren't protected and verified like Western figures.

Werrason's and Papa Wemba's Wiki page are very well done and informative I must say. Kudos to the author(s).

What a way to bring in New Year 2002, a year full of massive concerts for Wemba & Nouvelle Écriture/Fioti-Fioti. Being that Wemba's Bercy came a while after the other artists, the sound programming is the best, every instrument is audible.

Also hit songs Est ce que & Mi amor

Chance Eloko Pamba

Some of the translations are inaccurate.

Featured are a number of the biggest figures of the music industry in the mid-90s - Wemba, Wendo Kolosoy, Simaro, Saddam Kongulu, Zacle (biggest journalist of the 90s), & Colonel Jaegger.

Wemba was a big promoter for Skol at the time, which had a big marketing push to tap into the chégué market. Thus concerts at rond point Victoire in Matonge were held, where he let chégué talents shine - "Chance eloko pamba". Supposedly this was the big motivating factor which led to the creation of Nouvelle écriture a year or so after. Wemba and Pépé Kallé were the two artists who made huge efforts to reach to and be a part of the common folk of Matonge-Kinshasa, especially as poverty rates skyrocketed in the 90s. 

At 25:55 - Wendo, Simaro, Wemba and Jagger explain the very beginnings of rhumba - the impacts of Kabasele, Bill Alexandre, Frank Lassan and then Wendo and Tabu Ley. When Wendo began there were no guitars in Kinshasa.

Ah Colonel Jaegger, he was such a character in the 90s - always with a cigarette in hand  ;D

I was always amazed by the difference between the serious, on-camera Zacle and the passionate, opinionated jokester he was off-camera. 

Lastly, this a much better work than BBC documentary from 2003, done a typical BBC condescending manner, failing to present Wemba as the individual he was.


With Koffi playing some bass and Modogo showing off his drumming skills. During the 1997 Europe tour after Ultimatum, pre- Loi. This is actually the best Koffi concert I’ve attended.

Chorus: Modogo Balongana, Sam Tshintu, Suzuki, Bouro Mpela. Babia was in prison for drug charges.

Guitars: Felly Tyson, Do Akongo, Beniko, Lebou Kabuya alternate

Bass: Binda Bass

Drums: Champion esthétique

Percussions: Nseka Passé Kosse

Atalakou: Mboshi Lipassa & Dolce Somono. Both play the shakers, which is a rarity now.

Synthesizer: Ondoma Motema

Congolese Music / A Rather Sad Photo...
« on: May 03, 2016, 00:39 »
I debated posting this...I must say it's quite sad how these musicians have almost no privacy in this day in age, whether alive or not. First the supposed morgue photo now this.....  RIP Vieux Bokul

« on: May 01, 2016, 06:21 »
Wemba's touching tribute to Djo Kester and the other fallen greats of Viva La Musica. Mawa trop; Really pulls at your heart strings.

Live version from the beginning of this year:

Maître d'école is the best Congolese album so far this decade.

He explains the song in this interview with Noella Madinga:

In most his interviews 2014-16, he always made a point to speak about passing on the next life.

Missing from this list are instrumentalists, but just wow. Almost none of the great singers are still living and most have died from similar causes.

A few missing are Mayula Mayoni, Babia, Max Mongali, Djo Mpoyi & Aime Kiwakana.

Wendo, who lived the longest by far, stepped away from music for decades.

Ahh, just too much sadness this week. I can't think of anyone who has had more positive impact of the lives people than Papa Wemba.

He's on a plane now heading to Kin -Stade de Martyrs

Congolese Music / Maman Amazone's Arrival in Abidjan
« on: April 27, 2016, 17:39 »

So sad. Papa Wemba will return to Kinshasa tomorrow with his family, then funeral preparations will be finalized.

Congolese Music / An Exposition of Papa Wemba's Greatness
« on: April 27, 2016, 05:25 »
One of thousands....Stade Des Martyrs 2002. One of the greatest concerts ever, free of charge for over 100,000 of his biggest and most loyal fans. The amount of pure talent is overwhelming. I don't think I've seen a happier crowd.

100% Star

RIP BULATULU Aphatchino & Deo SFR "Meilleur Drummer de l'Afrique”.

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