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Congolese Music / Generique de Grace Mbizi
« on: August 21, 2015, 13:33 »
Something is truly not right with this lady. She has a corrupted mind of shegue who has made it to Poto. No shame whatsoever :D


Not that its any of my business - Most people in Kin won't realize the car is borrowed, she probably lives in a hostile in a banlieue, and that she does more than just "journalism" to get by.

Great forgotten Sebene from "Vaccin d'amour" of Simolo Katondi whose past drumming credits are seemingly endless. Nice short album from 2010.

Biguine Dance feat. Somono & Celeo

Papyto interpreted by Miriage Supersonic

This was in 1988 at Studio Transat recording A/C Yakini Kiesse's "Elikia". Boy have they come a long way. You see shades of the formerly shy and relunctant Koffi.

Been searching for the full concert for years.


Koffi's version version of Dream Team, Dream Band right before Affaire d'Etat.

The good ol' days now, unfortunately. I was in attendance for this concert and boy was it good. It had the energetic combo of Brigade/Bebe Kero and a good mix of songs. Koffi's and everyone else's vocals were on point. Guest appearance from Gina wa Gina. 


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