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Congolese Music / Re: Surprising fact about Pouvoir
« on: May 24, 2019, 18:16 »

When I was reading the booklet on Discogs last year, I was surprised to find that almost half of the album had been recorded in Kinshasa. I mean, I knew that Madilu had done some songs with his Multi-Systeme band, but I didn't expect that. I guess I was fooled by the top-notch mixing and sound quality.

Also, why did he only record two albums with his own band (this one and Tenant du Titre)? Do you think an already excellent album like Bonheur could've benefitted from a few contributions from Multi-Systeme?

Yeah, the album was done in a mobile studio with just about all mixing done in Paris. Somo Trop Disc 1 was recorded in the same manner- that album also had stellar sound

He never had much confidence in his band, which is why he had the usual session backers on his albums. Tenant de Titre is a wonderful album however


Wow, has hell frozen over?

Those guys make up and fall out every week on schedule - they both still have thug mentalities this late into their careers

The part he talks about how apparently rihanna called didi stone is going viral

«Rihanna a bengi mwana»  ;D ;D

« Anglais ekota ba 82% »

Here I was recently thinking he couldn’t possibly top his “I chilled with Puff Daddy in Miami” tale  ;D

Is she a female? Because I am concerned

Haha no, Sandra is a man. He was basically Koffi’s family guardian in his 10 year Europe absence

Not sure who convinced them this is a cool hairstyle  ;D ;D

I really like Koffi, but his superiority complex has always bothered me.  Especially towards Congolese journalists.  He always tries to prove that he is the most intelligent who knows everything.  Why was he up standing during the interview ?  It looks like a Boss who talks to his employees?  He clearly likes being control. Ado correctly reminded him that he was not acquitted as he wanted people to believe he is on suscepended sentence. It seems to me Popol and the others played into Koffi's hands in this interview only Ado was courageous enough to ask the difficulty questions.

He said he was at their disposal for any questions, but in anticipation of tough questions he immediately went to take over the energy of the room by standing and relaying his famous “over-comings” before the interview really started.

Adding to @archos point - It’s mind-boggling really how calculated Koffi was with this interview. Even down to how he had all 4 journalists in the room knowing their secret rivals.  You can realize just how experienced he is with being basically a top level politician in these sort of interviews.

The thing is, is that they keep performing the same old songs over and over again. They barely perform any of their newer stuff.

Most of WMM’s latest catalogue is pretty forgetful to be honest. Some good songs here and there

why should werra “forgive” Ferre? He’s the one that sent them fans to try and assault Ferre and also sent sankara to insult Ferre’s mom. If it’s about the Vieux Jaloux song then yeah fair enough.

You took the words right out of my mouth...Forgive my ass

Kiekie; bro you decided to call a spade a spade and brand yourself critic ;D ;D

Apologies, don’t have time to de a translation at the moment. Definitely a must watch

Koffi also confirmed he’s watching all the Ado “controversial” interviews

I like Ado, but he was definitely out of his element here. I think he should be more prepared for interviews at times

Anyone know if he's still schedule to perform at the Apollo? Haven't seen anything online yet; my promoter friends know nothing

« on: May 17, 2019, 18:03 »
Man, 2 years I've been waiting for this clip. Top notch composition from Damba

Yeah, they’re extremely close in voice

Mukena sounds a bit unrefined, Doudou Copa's voice is richer. I think Mukena was trying to copy Doudou's singing style.

It’s a real shame Doudou lost his voice. He was/is one of my favorites

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