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Thanks guys for the suggestions, will give the songs and albums a listen

In my opinion-
1) TP OK Jazz
2) Zaiko
3) Wenge Musica 4x4 TT
4) Extra Musica
5) Choc Stars

Closely followed by Empire Bakuba, prime Viva La Musica, prime QL, prime WMM, prime BCBG, Academia, and few other notables
Nice list, but ain't Extra Musica from Brazzaville

Yes, but whether they should be exclusively from DRC wasn't specified, otherwise I wouldn't have added to my list

In my opinion-
1) TP OK Jazz
2) Zaiko
3) Wenge Musica 4x4 TT
4) Extra Musica
5) Choc Stars

Closely followed by Empire Bakuba, prime Viva La Musica, prime QL, prime WMM, prime BCBG, Academia, and few other notables

Every now and then I have the feeling I’ve exhausted my entire catalogue of classics/good music and have a mental block for finding good music to listen to. The feeling is compounded by the saddening lack of new releases in 2019.

Do you guys have recommendations of music you’re currently enjoying or music that may not be too known to the rest of us (I know that part is hard)

G.S ”leader éclairé” and also giving Hamed Bakayako a shout out when he part of  the rebel party

Imagine if Defao had a good staff behind him all these years??; he'd be in a much spot.

Poor decisions like releasing the same album under multiple labels, band management, and etc have really held him back

Congolese Music / Re: It was Reddy Amisi's birthday yesterday.
« on: September 03, 2019, 21:07 »
Le Grand Baiylo Canto; the most rustic singer of them all. HBD

Yeah, don't you remember the botched promotion of the album as well by David Monsoh and a few of his then staff? The US market didn't get their albums until long after the release. The DVD also suffered from bad promotion.

Even Koffi himself didn't seem too enthusiastic about the album because his focus was already on Monde Arabe before the release of ADE

just got info minutes ago from kin that an agreement is close to be settled with producer to release cd's at last in kinshasa which had never happened except the cd's sent to tv stations
and blaise will add two three news  songs to boost promotion

Too late.. the damage is done. People patience for albums is not what it used to be.

It still befuddles me his signed such a contract.

Kiekie, on a scale of 1 to 10... how salty on the inside is Fally now that his Bercy has been completely overshadowed?

Wow, you guys know that La Defense is the second largest indoor arena in the world, right?

Now he needs to bring back some legends and recruit some strong new talent

You know, aside from Arafat’s main rivals being barred from all events for security reasons, I’ve never seen so much continental unity among African artists. It’s really put a smile on my face

« on: September 02, 2019, 04:30 »

Are those accusations even warranted? That's an extreme thing to say, is he known for doing such things?

Actually, there have been rumors for a long time of him doing some unscrupulous things to increase his power, so really the allegations are not too surprising to some

Whats wrong with these idiots. I am beginning to think kindoki here. Who does such a thing

From my experience, Ivorian kulunas are actually worse that DRC kulunas

Wow that's disrespectful, they should've had security guarding his body. @Matebu, how are Ivorian kulnas's worse then the ones in DRC?

I lived in Côté D’Ivoire for some time during the civil war. Many of the kulunas were street enforcers for the old regime, led by Charles Ble Goude who brainwashed them to commit horrible atrocities.

They were lured into Satanism and canibalism much earlier than Kin kulunas. Some of those guys wouldn’t hesitate for second if told they’d have to kill a family member for sacrifice.

« on: September 01, 2019, 03:52 »
im flummoxed that they were no cops to guard the tomb just in case or that some willing weren't there to guard the tomb. people are stupid they fell for the few ai heads who spread rumors that it was a body double....shameful

Shame on the funeral planning team for this massive oversight. They either should’ve sealed the burial site or interred him at a private site. 

they wanted to see his tattos and see if his penis was still attached to his body, some of them believe them believe that ahmed bakayoko cut off his sex for occult reasons

Insane, but the way Hamed Bakayoko is so power hungry... I kinda see why. I’ve never seen a African politician so obsessed with spreading his tentacles of power. He has like 5 posts in CIV. It’s a given he’ll end up president of CIV

« on: September 01, 2019, 02:22 »
Happy birthday Rogatien

happy birthday to him, I did not know he was of the same generation as fally and ferre (in age)

Yea, he was mature waayyy beyond his years. Looking back it’s crazy how young he was when Les Nouveau Missiles, Shalai, and Trop c’est trop came out with how legendary those albums are

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