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i just like  the beat nothing more waiting for ferre release tomorrow 

Fally ipupa is not killing congolese music, he is balancing it with modernity and originality. So you chose which road to move on. Ferre on the other hand using the name odemba very very wrongly. Odemba done back then by grand kalle, Franco, tabu ley all had the solo guitars and songs had the principle of togetherness. Ferre does not follow that principle. He can sing on a one hour song alone. That's pathetic. I can not say anything about his generics because I don't have words I can use for them.

I'm not going to reply to your comment again because everything you are just saying here is rubbish fally is balancing congolese music ? i guess you should clean your ear very well secondly pls stick on your fally song leave ferre alone he is doing what he knows how to do best 

Prince, I dont care whether I annoy anyone. Truth be told. Ferre Gola has annoyed me really. The guy should have been on top of the game had he been releasing balanced music. If he releases a ballad, it has no solo guitar partitions in the melodies. If he releases a sebene, it sounds as though its a song on speed button.

If ferre is killing congolese music what about mr international? 

His instagram is so annoying. He puts clips of random people listening to his lame and boring rhumba.
stop hating my dear we love the rhumba is a classic

this is why i hate some congolese people I'm a nigerian and no nigerian can ever do all this rubbish some of you guys do here everything ferre gola do he copy it from fally ipupa i don't  really understand so fally is perfect in everything ? can't ferre gola live life anymore this is why nigerian musician is still strong please Jdog get a life and leave ferre gola alone stop acting childish every time ferre gola copy fally what is so special about fallyi ipupa? Jdog or what ever you call yourself respect yourself here leave my ferre gola alone he is the reason why i'm listen to congolese music 

I actually want someone to put an end to the saying that Ferre is not international like Fally etc. Please define an international artist or career, and please try not to mention playing concerts outside Congo or in Europe or doing Featuring with none Congolese artist cause Ferre has done all that....I'm waiting   ::)
Fally, Mohombi, Maitre Gims, Toofan, Stromae, Magic System, Meiway, P-Square, Sarkodie, Yemi Alade, Koffi when he was a serious person... The fact is that Ferre don't sell internationally, is not about views but about the fact that Fèrre on his full potential should be internationally worldwide known but is known in Congo and in Africa and on the other places only from the Congolese diaspora, while Fally is known from the french, american, portuguese, and for the other of my list they all sold worldwide milion of disc being African or of African origins. And Férre still can't do it, the reason why he can't is bad atalaku system, he is god in the Rhumba but if you don't have a good generique only African people will listen to the Rumbas. Taking P-Square all of their song went worldwide are dance songs, Magic System, they got famous with 1er gaou, Stromae alors on danse party song, Toofan Gweta dance's song. So this is why a lot of people say is not international. He is not selling as he should being an artist of his caliber.

Is funny how you guys disrespect Ferre gola a lot i have been in this form almost a year Retirada can never reach ferre gola level i said it with clear eyes ever fally is not popular than ferre in times of international I'm a nigeria  in my country we listen to congolese music a lot, nigerians like fally ipupa because he can dance and make all the ladys go gaga  nigerian like ferre gola because he can sing and he have a golden voice all the west africa country knows ferre gola very well come to lagos club you we hear  ferre gola generiques come to bangkok club you we see  dj playing ferre gola generiques I'm not hating on fally or heritier, And for the congolese people here you guys complains a lot about  Ferre gola cut his hair you guys said he copy fally he make a music video you said he copy fally his dressing unah say he still copy fally now if he want to sing with all international artist you guys we still say that he is copying fally  please leave ferre gola alone let him do his thing ..... make my word no nigeria we tell you they like fally than ferre you can confirm it if you think I'm lying ask any nigerian between fally and ferre who they like most .... abeg make unah repsect Ferre gola abeg 

Congolese Music / Re: ferre's dreads
« on: June 09, 2016, 03:53 »
who cares

And who care for your comment

Eh Oh! Brotherly!@Kendrick500, how na?
Bros,comot sentiments o. If Ferre do wetin nor make sense,make dem talk am. Being a fan does not mean we should worship these artistes.  I get plenty Congolese artistes wey i like die! But dat one nor mean say make I dey excuse their misbehaviors. abeg@Kendrick500.

bros i dey ooo na true you talk sha, but we are here to have fun

Na wa!(Nigerian way of saying "this is serious!")

hahahah abeg nigeria dey here ooooo nawaooo for koffi and fabregas .......but let no involve ferre gola in this matter Le padre is the reason why i join this form

« on: April 21, 2016, 17:22 »

after returning from a trip to nigeria for a concert for the second richest man of africa,i have not watched it all yet,but in the beginning they are insisting about power and saying they went to nigerian villages a part from the capital abuja and did what it takes to get more power and came back as chiefs hence their dessing and the two main men of the current extra sonor and levyson says they have got  important chief roles there,especially sonor who describes himself as the man who "holds the deep secrets"

On the day of my wedding day i we invite  Ferre Gola Le padre again to my country nigeria God grant my wish

« on: December 23, 2015, 01:32 »

is Ferre the one that tells him to say all that ?

Not necessarily - just like Werra with Sankara Wewa, he lets Marchouse get free rein just aslong as it gets buzz and the attention of competitors.
Ferre must be jealous of fally or something what has fally done to him tho?  ;D
why would Ferre be jealous of fally  can you explain please ??

Congolese Music / Re: An extract of Ferre's song in Swahili
« on: December 12, 2015, 18:45 »
Tika buzoba wana yo a pesaka nga kanda.

Hahaha it we be nice if you write it in English, now i mark you as one of Ferre enemy

Congolese Music / Re: An extract of Ferre's song in Swahili
« on: December 12, 2015, 18:44 »
Tika buzoba wana yo a pesaka nga kanda.
Hahaha it we be nice if you write it in English, now i mark you as one of Ferre enemy

Congolese Music / Re: An extract of Ferre's song in Swahili
« on: December 12, 2015, 18:42 »
Tika buzoba wana yo a pesaka nga kanda.

Hahaha it we be nice if you write it in English, now i mark you as one of Ferre enemy

Congolese Music / Re: An extract of Ferre's song in Swahili
« on: December 11, 2015, 19:20 »
very soon Le Padre we hit nigeria i can't wait to see you collabo with top nigeria star like flavour wizkid davido don jazzy psquare and many more i want you to go far to the top so that ur enemy's we be put to shame you are very great super star

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