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Whats the name of that guy who sings Adjani's part in the song 13 ans at 13: 54 minutes?

Good to see Cafe Roum .I wonder why he rarely is used during concerts apart from when doing his songs.

Notice he leaves when dance parts come on!
So its the issue of being poor in dancing skills.

Good to see one my of favourite three (aside from Miel De Son and Olivier Chalvie) Cafe Roum still going strong. I wonder why he rarely is used during concerts apart from when doing his songs.

chai is on the verge of signing 3 albums with koffi central,the clan of seguin,jdl,roger did wonders again in gossiping to jb to abandon helping him because he was seen several times at koffi's house

Sad development. JB must really trust that clan of gossipers coz from what i gather here he literally never makes independent decisions.

Its sad to see such a talented guy struggling. He really should be well established by now. 

Chai Ngenge should not have left BCBG. What happened to his album wasnt he promised sponsorship by Papa Cheri?

Huh so Polystar Coreen is now with Lobeso. Lol

« on: February 24, 2017, 11:55 »
I think Arc en Ciel will run away soon,she is just too polished for him

Wow!!! I like the guitar at 1:23 minutes.This is a major coup for Grande Formateur Werrason.

His name is ISIPA ex Maison Mere guy. Yeah for me it was the song of the last quarter of 2016 from the new generation of artists. Too much potential in this guy. Surprisingly i never used to see him during his time at Maison Mere. Could be one of the guys who were rarely given the time to shine like the Cafe Roum guy for example.


Whats the name of this lady who appeared on this concert at Venus Hotel concert ? And is Zagogo still with BCBG?

Congolese Music / Re: Bebe Kerozene new rhumba
« on: February 13, 2017, 11:14 »
Koffi would be proud.

And Deplick has a track titled "Confusion" with similar lyrics and melodie?? Any copyright infringement Master Archos or is it a case of buying from the same songwriter?

Congolese Music / Re: Merlin Bouton - Pos Na Mbonda
« on: February 13, 2017, 07:11 »
Gaining some steam from where? His friends and family?
Hahaha. This is a seriously funny.

I think in showbizz you have to be able to create your own hype and Heritier has been able to do this with a lot of ease and success. So many of his seniors and peers have not been able to achieve the kind of hype that Heritier has.

But besides the hype, he's got to be able to back himself up with some solid product. Personally I expected so much from Retirada after all the hýpe but from the much I have listened to I remain grossly unimpressed. Just the same same music that everyone of his lot is doing. There's no "Eureka" song like say Manda Chante's Socrate.

The hype s good becaue it helps an artist catch the attention of his market, the music lovers. But it's the product that will help him sustain the hype. Otherwise the hype will soon become empty talk and nobody will pay attention.

My two cents

Exactly my thoughts. I personally am a fan of Heritier from his days in the dream team maison mere to when he became the main man behind Le Roi De La Foret even though his arrogance was already there for all to see. With the hype that Retirada generated before it came out am grossly unimpressed. The songs sound monotonous for someone of his talent.

« on: January 27, 2017, 07:35 »
that topic inspired me to get a bit of information in private and what is said is that what made bill lose it was that when  werra shifted to primus he got a hefty increase  in 2010 which made him go almost on par with jb and werra and from then it was all over he bought over 10 houses and  started treating music as something just for fun almost,luckily for him he is the only good artist remaining for skol so they have accepted the fact he performs less and less for them as long as he does spots for them

Archos you mean Bill got a hefty increase in sponsorship from Skol?

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