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Les Jour les Plus Long is one excellent album which should have much more success outside of Kinshasa and Europe.

 Quelle grâce (in JF's voice). Merci Archos for the translation.

So JDT was pianist, that explains his very good author/composer skills. I was watching the Delo Bass interview with Ado, I get that Ricoco and JDT had an uneasy relationship during their time together in Aile Paris with JDT at one time referring to Ricoco as petit and it ending almost in a fist fight. Lol... Kindly PM me the anecdote you realised on clan wenge after watching Delo Bass interview.

Where was Maman Amy living at the time of her death? Poto or Kin?

Congolese Music / Re: SO LEVYSON IS SERIOUS
« on: September 28, 2020, 21:32 »

Lol. Levyson has been posting this track several times a day on his socials like it's a hit.

That signature Koffi phrase: Vraiment nayebi te kwa, is always funny... Aigle na Vieux naye Quadra. :D ... I am sure that the Koffi  away from the camera and entertainment industry is a very chilled and funny person.

Fally should be helping his musicians by even just appearing in their video clips. Even a baby who is learning to walk has to be held by the hand by someone older until they are really stable to walk on their own.

I see. So what was the issue of the fall out between King Kester and Mambo de Panama for Mambo to influence the departure of some musicians before Zenith?

Musicians like lying. So why did Seniora Patra de Uomo say that it was his idea to have the introduction of But na Fillet like that?  By the way is Patra De Uomo related to Stella Uomo of Viva la Musica?

Mopiwi looks a little like Samuel Eto'o. Lol...

This will be my Sunday interview to watch.  Stories of King Kester interest me.

he says he is hated in the group because he is not a hypocrite who says yes to everything just to please the chefs and that kakol and arc en ciel are creating a mess in the group by unsettling the best singers and overcherishing somebody like nicodem because  he pays for them in restaurants,he brings them gifts...and that nicodem has a 14 song album in his pocket but he is playing waiting game because  there is an announced euro american tour next year so he wants to experience that glory of trips for concerts unlike the trips  he"s had  for private things
he says he feels one the main reasons he feels targetted in the group is how he gets along with jenny atula who they have strong issues with for making officially chouchouna mabelo be his girlfriend and be pregnant of him when the group needs her,so when you are cool with him they will find things to annoy you he gives example of hugo synthe for which within the group rumours were created that  heritier is willing to recruit him to make werra lose trust in him then later on that ferre is offering him a car and money to join his group but the guy is still there
he says when they were recording last album many times because of kakol  was not informing him of studio schedule until he got a chance to sneak in with few contributions and that recently after the chez ntemba concert they were in studio to modify some things to  publish a clean and better sounding video of the concert and nicodem were taking hours struggleing to correct his parts so since he had things to do he told kakol he'll do his little thing and move which did not please kakol who already targets him
and about that concert he says when he started his vocal of hugo synthe's song and crowd started cheering  they cut the song short and went to sebene just so that he does not shine
the first public reunion they had few times ago was mainly because of him as he came in concert with his little brother who they refusd to let enter then one bodyguard sneaked him in after a lot of begging, and when he was on stage singing he saw from there that other bodyguards were beating his brother so he jumped off stage to go defend his brother,which got twisted as indiscipline to the ears of werra(reminds me of when they attacked baby ndombe's close guy dodo saga tete de con and he jumped in to fight them and it was used to make him miss the UK tour)
then the recent reunion was also focused on him,they created a story that he is creating behind the scenes a group with jenny and hugo synthe which is false because first the donor they say gave them rehearsal place is close to werra to so werra would have called them to ask after hearing from the guy himself (vice governor of kinshasa) and they took some people and did audios where you could hear that people were whispering to those people talking that they are seeing them rehearse so people should be careful about them and president of maison mere's europe fan club golf kizola made those audio public to expose him to maison mere fans and he says golf should have at least called to personnally check whether its true  he is an europe man and normally europe people are smart enough to detect suspect things and make difference with genuine ones
so when he came for the reunion he already felt a hostile atmosphere with diego cao already sent to diss him and even choreographer mao manchesta and obviously being an honest person he was saying when he disagreed and he reveals that the cut parts where he said positive things and cut also some parts where they went way too hardcore,like when secretary and former bodyguard of the group junior katakata openly threatened to beat him during the reunion and what hurt him is werra's silence and he was also hurt with remark from mao that he should know maison mere is not victoria so he should stop acting like kester who had a big mouth and that kester died anyways so he should humble and bow to chefs,because it reminded him of the pain of losing kester who was like a father to him
and he also said he regrets the silence of werrason himself,but it seems thats really how the group operates good is evil evil is good and remembers they tried  to send him to unsettle miel de son so he is seeing them repeat same tactics here and he  wont go to the group again  before something really ugly but all he asks is that they do not come with the traditional created "theater" against musicians who leave,or he will counter very hard and expose a lot of things
Thank you Maitre Archos. Ronaldinho should just join Heritier or Ferre's group. Clearly he is not wanted in Maison Mere. Am sure the fact that he also spent half an hour talking about King Kester instead of his current group in the last interview he did with Nadege did not please  some people as he himself predicted.

Congolese Music / Re: Bercy Mwana heading back to WMMM
« on: September 17, 2020, 08:46 »
This guy is very unstable.

Congolese Music / Re: IBRATOR LIVE FIKIN 2020
« on: September 15, 2020, 08:27 »
The FIKIN Concerts are now back?

I heard Nono Fudji left, soo meaning the album will be re-done for the millionth time lol...too much farting going on in that group not enough motivation to release anything  ;D
;D. So all that visibility by NF was planned. Anyway cant really blame him for leaving. There is no future for one young guys at BCBG.

« on: September 13, 2020, 02:20 »
Mr quantity over quality.

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