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I like it, it reminded me of Toi & Moi at the beginning Ning, finally Patrick is doing decent music

Congolese Music / Re: Celeo Annoys Ferre's Fans
« on: Today at 01:40 »
Some Ferre fans are not happy with Celeo's alleged statement that only Fally, Kofi and Papa Wemba have played in big venues in the United States of America. They are unhappy because Ferre just recently had a some performances in USA shortly before SDM concert and he just announced he will be having some concerts there soon. They see this an an irresponsible statement given the heightened competition between Ferre and Fally.
Sometimes Congolese fans are children, a person can't have an opinion, Celeo cannot say good things gs aboutFally,MPR saying that Fally is monotonous almost killed his career and so on and so on, I miss the times where you could just focus on the music and if there were comments about an artist were about how great his music was not this gossip people who just find whatever word an artist say to go back at him

« on: September 22, 2023, 14:54 »
He has not signed with sony,he had a partnership with sony for two songs i think via the label which co releases his work publicom of lenny bidens,and i think their condition to sign him was to reach a certain number of views to prove that he can be succesful
What were the views number?

« on: September 22, 2023, 12:19 »

their plan was that they record his album,he sorts out his papers then he allowed them to stay in europe if they want and he'll use them whenever he comes since he cemented the 10 year thing now
Why doesn't he do like Innoss become a one man band with a beatmaker? Is useless to spend all these money on a group when the results aren't there,  plus he should do more to ask his label to give him African and Western tours, it is crazy that after signing for Siny Music hos career still haven't changed

haha i realised it after
but in some way jokes aside that is not too far to be factually right because when he went to kin and did his generique and all that,kofif was once again on that "one foot in one foot out" desire of promoting male again like he almost tried with joss jitrois and co until the area big brother and lil sis relationship of joss and cindy messed everything up,he was starting to be semi convinced to build something around omba mayase and co which motivated bb j3 to join thinking he'll be the main man since he is muana poto and will be the one featuring more,and at the end of the day i think even paparazzi has more vocals than him in way less time
Joining any Congolese group as a Mwana poto gotta be the dumbest move any musician can veer make, Generate, BB J3, Nando, they made a massive mistake by joining Kinshasa band, Generate lost his car after he went to Maison Mere and God knows want Bb j3 and Ngando had to go through to be in a group and not be featured in trips often or like in the case of Ngando never.

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 22, 2023, 00:45 »
lol yeah its like werra just accepted whatever name which had mayi just to change from the name he had with bill
Is Bill Clinton a Kimbanguist? Because he did a lot of cries praising Kimbangu and or giving his musician Kimbanguist names.

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 21, 2023, 21:38 »

like i said mayi ya nkamba's name would be changed as werra insinuated,so now they renamed him mayi ya lobo
What does Lobo means?

« on: September 21, 2023, 21:37 »

Who is the guy on the right? I know he was in 'S Grave but I never understood what his name was

I wish he could put this energy into his career, at thus point he is becoming a sidechick of Fally and Robinio might think it will give him rewards but actually is the fastest way for people to not take you seriously anymore and to see as nothing more as a non official porte parole

I really wish that Congolese people would understand that  is talent and marketing strategies which get you success not spirituality, Wazekwa's Martyr concert didn't flop cause of spirituality but for stupidity and stubborness with that said I can see Kene Kene being a singer before being transformed into a Bill clone he used to have a very beautiful voice who to me was a natural 1er veux rather then a 2eme one.

Congolese Music / Re: WMMM 1st Team Interview after London!
« on: September 19, 2023, 12:34 »
Knowing Werra it is even possible that he put himself the news of only 4 musicians returning to create buzz, Werra is the master of strategies.

What do these guys left in London do? Look for a job in London? Most likely a menial job? Is that better than being in Werrason's band?

What is Cafe Roum & Makaba doing in London?
Do you still believe that working for Congolese groups is something that can get you money? Fame surely but money? They are better off doing menial jobs and get paid 8 to 15 euro per hour then to stay in whatever group and being paid 100 a month if they are lucky.

Are there any books about Congolese music artists out there?

Tbh in 20 years groups won't exist anymore, leaders failed to convert their success into a system who could have become a money generating asset in which  maybe with a label you develop this artist and you always own them with Disks, tours etc. Coming to you first, groups will only be the leaders some atalaku who will make a generique ince in a while and ther est just rhumbas.

Papa Wendo Kolosoy
Franco and Tabu Ley, Zaiko
Papa Wemba, Koffi, Pepe Kalle
Wenge Musica 4x4 as a whole so The group itself with Werra, JB, etc.
Fally, Ferre, Bill then after them at least from the 80s and 90s I really struggle to say a name I dont remember how Defao and Bozi were perceived cause I was too little but I trend to think that maybe Defao might deserve one. For the 50s to 90s period I dont really remember many bands/leaders so I have might have elft some very good groups or leader

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