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« on: November 20, 2017, 19:39 »
Oh, streams kiekie.  I was thinking the Tokooos album went gold. Congrats
Kkkkkk lol, albums are not this popular these days.

« on: November 20, 2017, 19:38 »
Eminem is one of the best though you guys don't like to give him credit because he is white he's one of the most well respected rappers of all time a lot of the legends in the rap game give him credit yeah some of his beats are trash but there's no denying what he's done he's also one of the greatest battle rappers ever if he was black everyone would say he was one of the goats
Please French Montana is a fool he needs featurings to survive
CM we are not saying M in M is wack but that him like many other white people stole something not theirs, the same thing that happened in South Africa white people now have the banks, and the economical power who was once of black people, even though South African economy is doing fine no one can deny what price that economy had.
For making another example why Kendrick Lamar is not showcased the way Eminem were? Kendrick is way more better than Eminem in his lyrics (Control is a superb example of that) but outside of America only the appassionati of Rap knows him, the other people refers to him as a coloured rapper here in Italy while when Eminem was making serious music he were everywhere, the Rap Eminem did towards Trump in this year Cypher has been headlining to the news in Italy but I have never seen the same news focusing on the 8 Grammy's the Drake diss in the news, there will always be a double standard, like when PAC was alive he was targeted as a criminal, as a crackhead and so on, by the white media and became a superstar only after his death, the only guy white people respected is Michael Jackson

Yeah it's always a pleasure listening to his interviews he's right over the ferre koffi thing it's something a lot deeper then the mabanga thing which is a shame lol he killed me with the Guinness book of world records comment kiekie
So what is the real reason behind Ferrè and Koffi feud?

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 20, 2017, 12:26 »
^ lol, Franco was the biggest African vedette of the 70's-80's. No African artist will ever be as big as he was. He was getting golden discs and Maracas d'or award when such things were unheard of for DRC artists. He even got an honorary citizen award from the city of Atlanta, GA when he came to the US.

That song, Kimpa Kisangameni scared everyone (myself included) when they first heard it, then people grew accustomed to it. All his releases were the talk of the town, in the 80's especially

I still don't understand why the European press portreted Papa Wemba as the Greatest Congolese Artist ever. While Luambo Makiadi and Tabu Ley had done more in their music-career than him.
Maybe because Wemba had more albums and song in France + duet with French artist unlike Franco who was more "ethnic"

« on: November 20, 2017, 12:22 »
Black music and African music has been stolen by white people since ages, Eminem & Macklemore in Rap that Elvis for Rock'n'Roll plus AC/DC, Nirvana and all those bands, and for African music you are seeing with French Montana, and many European artist who steal African music and then pretend is theirs

Congolese Music / Re: What did Fabregas say in this interview
« on: November 20, 2017, 11:51 »
in short he says he is the same guy that years ago but  people are jealous of him so they try to portray him as a bad guy and that he is  against polemic he is peaceful guy who just wants to talk about music but still in the same interview threw shots at koffi,fally,ferre,carine mokonzi,ibrator,robinio then still mentioned he is a fan of koffi ,fally and co
he is basically saying things and its opposite minutes after which is why many of the comments are saying he is the most hypocritical of our artists
Wow even to Robinio at least he didn't speak about his ex best friend Deplick, what is the reason of all this hate towards other people especially to Koffi who us basically the artist behind the success of Fabregas (do you remember how he was nobody after his first album? With that generique with Kimbangu

Congolese Music / Re: BOB AND GRACE
« on: November 19, 2017, 20:08 »
Wait what? How can the situation of Zimbabwe could came through just for a woman?

Lokolo is my favourite Fabregas and his ex pal Ibrator make really some good music especially for generique Ibrator more rumbas.
If it wasn't for the big shame (Zigida) I would have bought the album, anyway Lokolo is my favourite ilthey were ages I hadn't heard something like that no guitar just traditional vibes

Congolese Music / Re: Is the time of long generics over ?
« on: November 19, 2017, 19:39 »
Is the time of long generics over ? The trend started after the succes of Werrason's Alerte Generale with everybody from Kinshasa wanting to record generics of more than 10 minutes. The trend of on his peak with the succes of Sous Sol. Then Werrason came with the Malewa-concept, which was recording 2 versions for a generic, one sebene-version (mecanique) and one coupe decale-version (automatique). In the hope to counter the Coupe Decale-virus. The succes of Folklore-bands, DJ's based in Kinshasa & Brazzaville made some artists even record generics without the lead-guitar. The trend came to a end, with the succes of Fally Ipupa's Original and the succes of Fabregas's Mascara made people bash Werrason's Decollage of Fleche Ingeta with people being fed of generics who were longer than 10 min and suffering a little bit of inferiority complex, due to Trace Urban-music channel.

Unfortunately yes, Congolese people were sick of seeing Congolese music being less famous than Decals and so they ssk end to produce short generique so the songs could be more  catchy internationally, and mostly because of complexes, since a loto f Congolese people don't want even to listen Congolese music or if they do they want that it conforms to the Radio European standards (3 minutes), after that trend very few people started to make long generiques, I remember that Koffi with Selfie did a short generique the same with JB (Balle De Match) now there is a trend of not making long generique, not too much long and neither too much short but in the middle like Lokplo, Diemba, Charge, NYATAQUAMCE, Elok'Oyo, Boss, and many others, and it is sad because what people and especially Congolese people need to understand is that Congolese music is not European or American and you listen it for dancing not to sing it in fact the generique are lead by cries with dances and not vocals like Rumbas if you try to think like this you will find even 10 minutes for a generique short, because checking Se Na She you have this cries: Esi Ekomi, Ils Faut Ekota, Mama Mampata Mama Pasteur, Se Na Se, Osali Mabe, Nzungu Na Moto, Mwana Empoli/Kangula Ngai and then again Se Na Se but clicked as one cries for every atalaku except for Se Na Se if you analyze it like this of course you will think is too much but if you are in the dancefloor you just dance you don't think about the words you go and dance that is what is Congolese music about dancing, not hitting the radios or making views, if you take JB's Kiyunguzuna the same, a lot of cries: Debut Congolais, Police, Matondi, Kokodioko, Papa Cherie Aye, Tchuba Ye Ntshonga, Ba Zo Koka The, that tribal cries where they sing in Tshiluba I guess, a loto f cries but Kiyunguzuna is one of the best generique of Papa Cherie because you dance, and to be honest, yes Diemba has almost 1.5 million but can you imagine how much views Werra could have got with Se Na Se? All the song that you have mentioned in the post mvulusi are great except for some pieces of Decolage, because this is why we have guitars synthesis, ngongi, clavier, marimba, mbonda etc. For making people dance now a days or rumbas are longer than generique SMH

« on: November 19, 2017, 13:35 »
Bad boy this time, we can say everything for Fally but I have to give him credit, his doing work, it is important because Congolese people are starting to get known again are started to winning awards and breaking barriers again


2003 My God since 6:42 the song goes on another level the fact that Fally does the atalaku part is something g genial, and then th e wearing, American flag's trousers plus red T-shirt, with a red blppds's T-Shirt wearer like Tupac were doing and that dance a mixture of freestyle and different dance moves from the usual ndombolo, a masterpiece this is my favourite generique of Koffi along with Skol Longitima

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 19, 2017, 12:35 »

I friend said that all members of Zaiko who died in the 90's (Zamuagana, Baroza, Shiro Shiro, Alpha Kopeya, etc.) died from AIDS, because of having not protected relations with the wives and girlfriends of powerful politicians.

Yea, they were all sharing the same group of women, so it took lots of people out eventually. The same women sharing still happens today, probably modern medication is what a little difference
Wow it is sad, nothing much to say... I always thought Zaiko, Tabu and the others were clean hut I guess it is just human nature...

Hahahaha no, no, no. The founder of Zaiko D.V. Muanda was big a "ndoki", Tabu Ley & Luambo Makiadi were scared of him. Evoloko who was before's Wemba breakthrough the biggest star of Zaiko and the 3d generation was his carreer long blocked by him. D.V. Muanda always said "mutu oyo ako longwa Zaiko ako kende mosika te". He had done many sacrifices for Zaiko. There was no one from Zaiko who came far in his solo career, except Papa Wemba who became a customary chief in 1977 and Bozi Boziana who was produced by Verckys . Evoloko was long time protected by Verckys, when he formed Langa Langa Stars with his friends, but started to be attacked when he left Verckys-recordlabel. Since that people from Zaiko didn't want to see him succeed. Bands like ISIFI Lokole, ISIFI Melodia and Yoka Lokole were killed in no time, by people of Zaiko throwing "nkisi" on places were they were performing and houses where they were living. Evoloko suffered alot of them since that he was seen as the most talented artist of the 3d generation. 

from 8: 56 min Evoloko is explainig why he returned in 1978 to Zaiko. Saying that at a moment he was started to get ill often, suffering "maladi ya mpese" many times and they then discovered that DV Muanda wasn't happy the way he left his band and started to block him with nkisi and attacking him spiritually. So the said to him that it's better to return to Zaiko if he wanted to move forward in his career, since that his wings were there.

 Nyoka Longo was in the past seen as a big "ndoki", but people are starting to forget it, since that Zaiko doesn't have a big impact like in the '70's, '80s and '90s. The Zaiko-split of 1988 was partly because of that. Because guys like Ilo Pablo weren't enough paid and started to complain with Nyoka Longo saying that if they want to be paid enough they had to do sacrifices like him, which they then refused.

Tabu Ley was is the most stingy artist ever. He never paid his musicians. Papa Wemba who was then on the heigt of his career signed a 1 year contract with him and joined then his band, but return after 6 months to his own band Viva. Because Tabu Ley didn't pay him. Tabu Ley's career was marked by many departures and shot-off bands (Afrizam, Les Maquisards, etc.) because of that, who were then killed by himself, his friend Luambo Makiadi or Verckys Kiamungana, who didn't want to see them dominating the music-scene. Guys like Ntesa Dalienst, Sam Manguana, Josky Kiambukuta, Ndombe Opetum could have a better career if they weren't blocked by him. Guys from the 3d Generation also suffered alot. In the past you had a band called Thu Zahina, who was then bigger than bigger than Zaiko. But it was killed by Luambo Makiadi and Verckys, who saw them as a big treat.
Wow, my God I had no idea that Jossart was like this, my dad and my uncle have great admiration for Jossart my uncle especially for Emeneya anyway now I have wonderstood what Franco meant in his song Kimpa Kisangameni especially on the part where he was talking about the death of his brother

Wow 1 million views song without a video and made before the 80's I bet Franco must have been crazy popular back then

Funeral photos

I am glad to see that in happy and sad situation Wenge clan is always a family it was nice to see LBG there

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 18, 2017, 22:29 »

I friend said that all members of Zaiko who died in the 90's (Zamuagana, Baroza, Shiro Shiro, Alpha Kopeya, etc.) died from AIDS, because of having not protected relations with the wives and girlfriends of powerful politicians.

Yea, they were all sharing the same group of women, so it took lots of people out eventually. The same women sharing still happens today, probably modern medication is what a little difference
Wow it is sad, nothing much to say... I always thought Zaiko, Tabu and the others were clean hut I guess it is just human nature...

Congolese Music / Re: Koffi Olomide showing his house
« on: November 17, 2017, 22:22 »
@manzambi & @jv; serious question - why do you guys even bother with Koffi threads? Your post against him are predictable
I don't know for JV but to me is that being Italian and seeing with my own house everyday people acting like God because they have power I hate when it happen in DRC and I hate these two guys Koffi and Werra which I was a massive fan earlier.
Koffi is the most disgusting hu
Koffi is missing ONE thing to extend even more his legendary status,doing stuff for other people
i think sports is the only field were people became legends basically doing thing for themselves, in all the rest some people became legends for doing things which had massive impact on people while koffi jb and werra who are the three remaining legends people easily identify themselves too are too almost NOTHING outside from themselves
so for the young artists succeeding in music has become getting wealthy and become arrogant and nothing more because of the model they have above( for most)
Werra maboko makasi eee
Anyway I agree with you Archos and you know well how much I do not like thes e guys in their personal lives, mostly because of this also like Ferre said: "you wanna be a leader but his many houses you have built for other people, how many schooled you have made so young people can go there?"
Same for Werra I mean how can these guys praise Werrason just for having a good ear in music
Eboa, Kene Kene, Celeo, Bill, Ferre, Brigade and many others are the guys who suffered by Werra's arrogance and stinginess
Eboa and Kene Kene made 8 months if I don't go wrong in Kin without a cent from their boss because he went on tour, Celeo and Bill with that money thing over some Serra's staff, Ferre's mom insulted like Ferre did nothing in Wenge by the clown Sankara without Serra telling anything and Brigade basically almost killed by Heritier's friends without Werra doing nothing to punish Heritier, I can never admire this guys and then how many times Werra slept with dancers along with Hus pal Koffi, even though they are married? It is disgusting.
I am still shocked by the way Koffi treated CNN and his girlfriend
Hahahhahaha that story about CNN is nothing. If you hear the stories of Papa Wemba, Tabu Ley, JB Mpiana, Franco Luambo, Ferre Gola & Fally Ipupa you not more listen to Congolese music.
man being in the Congolese music and if I was mean I would call him with his real name violeur, and I hate how people especially in Congo go crazy and defend him no matter what if Koffi tomorrow decide to kill someone for some reason people will say "leave him alone it was self defense".
This kind of twisted and pervert mentality (I am famous I have power I have money so I do everything and I am over the law) it is what is killing Congo and most of all Africa, I don't say that Ferre and all the guy I support are perfect but surely has not the same level of perversion of Koffi or Werra, you Werra decided consciously to take a young woman full of dreams paying her nothing getting her pregnant and then act like you are the Ambassador of peace??? Really? That guy Brian I think of course will make question to his mom like who is my father and what that mom is gonna say? People must be aware of the consequences of their actions

Can't put the quote right (I am with an old phone) anyway for mvulusi96 what do you mean? I would lov e to know what bad they made but at the same time I know I will become very angry to them like I am with Koffi and Werra

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