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Don't write of Werrason guys, very few band leaders could take him on, when it comes to Dance. He dances better than he can sing...
Yes his only problem is that he is not fit like Koffi or Fally

Congo's first gay artist  ;D ;D ;D, i've always like his music thought, no denying
Nah, African people don't play that game s*** game Africans aren't homosexuals and we don't need homosexuals in our continent.

My family friend said that Congolese Brazzavillians in France basically boycotted Extra because they didn't do anything for contrasting Sassou Nguesso politics over the unpaid retired people.
I do not agree on the way of boycotting people for the good of the good of the country but I understand the reasons.

It is more like more flexible he is very agile with the Luketo I think that Iniesta of Werra Trezeguet and Mulala (male dancers of JB) aaaand mmm let me think  Abraham is a good dancer but it is not the best and Prince D'Angola is great at stunning acts like doing backflips and making dancing shows but he is atypical for Congolese music since he is not much into the luketo, which is normal because he is from Cabinda and Angolan dance with more attention on the technique

yes he has a band, i heard at some point him and his best friend brigade pondered idea to mix their groups into one  and work together,no idea why they did not d do it ,would be win win
Pride, Depick and Fabro didn't make a band for that and they would have been a new JB & Werra can you imagine the promotion of Mascara with the Rumbas of Deplick

Let's not judge or make any comment towards X please he was a great man, he was shot like most African-American got shot unfortunately, robbed for some money I net his robbery guy is black or Latino
RIP man

It won't happen EMO here in Italy the situation is sooo bad, you can feel the absence of powerful black guys or/and African guys who kill it, because all the white people making Italian trap here sucks, the best one actually is an Arabian guy (a Tunisian) who can't make a song without autotune, their live is terrible and they fail to convert in popstars on the other way white people in Italy make soooo much shitty music that even though if they got radio play, video on MTV, Spotify and all that they barely get decent sells and/or views.
In Italy we have a common belief which is: "Italian music will make important headlines, once a powerful black/African guy will get famous".

Not to be cocky but I KNOW I AM THAT GUY.

« on: June 18, 2018, 15:34 »
Lol , the production is bad but overall it is danceable even thought I really don't understand those unnecessary insults in the song

« on: June 18, 2018, 05:32 »

For the people who doesn't understand lingala DJ Kratos in the song says something "Now let's get this thing real you are dirty, all of your stuff is full of dirty people" and then goes on with "The first 20000 you earned it is because of me, you have lost a tooth  because of the police, and now you act all thuggish, if you are so happy then smile and show where it is your missing tooth"
Who he was speaking to?

I am not racist but I don't support white people making black music, still to these days I go crazy mad when white people say shit like "Elvis the king of Rock'n'Roll" or "The Beatles and the Rolling Stones are the best band ever" without knowing they were stealing black people style, I am glad that to these days Congolese music stayed between us and I am glad it is in Lingala so white people can 't really steal it.
I am Angolan and you have seen the success of Dança Kuduro an Angolan genre who benefited Dominican and Portuguese people while Angolan singers rarely get through.


The moment when Werrason gave Ali Mbonda the opportunity to put 2 songs in an album. His nickname changed from "La Main de Fer" in "La Main d'Or".

Typical Congolese Leader exploiting other people's talent pretending to be this big guy while not putting the same effort in paying their musicians proper money and being mad quick sending clowns like Sankara or Marchouse to insult them as soon as they leave... I will end here I don't wanna be too rude

Mankind is crazy sometimes...
I mean Koffi was the only guy caring about Wemba when in prison and Wemba didn't want to solve things with him dying hating him and denying him the funeral entrance... I mean hadn't Papa Wemba wonderstood that those so called "stuff" was full of fake people???

Examen video's braids and eating of JDT were also a clear signal.

The song was good though

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