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« on: November 23, 2023, 21:58 »
If i were in Europe Id attend. I see that concert is still not sold out - I expect so buzz surrounding that over the weekend
Is the U Arena in France or Belgium? Cause I an attending the concert on Belgiym don't remember how is called

yeah i believe he came alone for personal reasons,because i remember mosaka's son greeting him saying "masta na nga asso na kati ya paris" when they were coming from dubai,looks like he did a move like soleil in longitima days
happy for him,in the circle of quartier latin they say he is by a comfortable distance the singer who knows the most songs from koffi throughtout his almost 50 years of career,for that alone he deserves to be everywhere in case koffi changes song plan last minute
He should just perform at Koffi Europe concert and then leave how old is he? What sense would make go go back in Kin in a group where doesn't even have 10 vocals per album? Just leave and find a job in Europe


Tbh Chai brought his failure on himself, it is more then 10 years then his own generique and empire having a series of songs with Werra he never promoted it anywhere, for Lacoste man Vieux Wana aza comedien


Wow ahahahahah I thought JB understood to not put his name in politica but at the end of the day musicians simply don't care and just see money

« on: November 21, 2023, 23:05 »
there has not been proper promotion of the album,press conference then usa and the jesters more focused about drama with the wenge guys and now with rebo innoss than the album,and also him refusing to go through the strategy heritier and fally for example use of funding bareeee usb to spread to motordrivers dj and so on to quick boost the hype
the 2 1 seems to make better numbers than the 2 2  in terms of views so far
i wish i could read his deal with sony i just dont understand how it works its like they are doing their work in areas not easily visible to the congolese fanbase
Talking with my friends and many other Congolese people I discover reati actually a lot of Congolese preferenze Ferre vocally to Fally, in fact me and the other 10 people or so going to the Fally Belgium Concert are all Ferre fans, the problem is like my friend group says is that Ferre nel let his childhood friend and bana quart8er go and relies on them instead of having a proper marketing team like Fally, JB with Bebert Etou, Heritier with Monsoh and many others this hinterland his growth, if he just chosed to have a professional team from the start him and Fally would be like JB and Werra artists who have similar numbers whom popularity get boosted when they beef but instead he keeps going in circe always choosing to regarding his childhood guys, instead of relying on professional people.  I appreciate him signing to a label, but I think that Label didn't really understood what type of artist Ferre is and adeaterrible album promoging the album, even because everybody say is a great album where Ferre sang his heart out

« on: November 19, 2023, 23:18 »

many people in the comments find it controversial because ya jossart is 70 and the woman is apparently 32
She is 32 she is old enough to know what is wrong and right, people just need to chill and get a life

Sad to see that Johnny Mbembe wasted most of his career here in Kavose's group when he could have been great in Maison Mere or some other big group, Kabose isn't serious about music and him dissing Ferre (which it seems cool in the moment but giving your fanbase are ex wenge fans won't fly ) was rhe nail on the coff8n of his career, Djino, Abraham, Robinio and all of the Fally's sidekick who desperately try to get his help rellystruggle to get concert shows and to be recognized from the greater public with Robinio just being a YouTube star and the rest of them not even being in the map

Congolese Music / Re: Bill Clinton Kalonji - Mal Jete (Clip)
« on: November 18, 2023, 18:26 »

These Braids are getting more and more outlandish, anyway Bill is a clear example.of having a lot of resources wasted Video quality is super high but the song is so trash


She said her and cindy had been friends since she was 14 and cindy 16  and she was holding a strong grudge against koffi and cindy for her fake nudes  from a concert to bury any sustainable rivalry from her and the fact that koffi was one of the guys sharing it to people via his number(reminds me of back in the days of the vieux ebola madness mosaka showing that koffi sent him the mj nude)
but now that she is a christian she has forgiven
Tbh I wonder why Koffi year after year always act childish, even in his 70s despite people giving him the respect cause he is now a Koko he always does that game of I am innocent and everybody hate me like when he was acting surprised that Noko Beniko was mad at him

« on: November 15, 2023, 19:23 »

Congolese Music / Re: WHAT GOING ON HERE.
« on: November 15, 2023, 18:39 »

Here are the parts of fally and ferre

This is what Heritier hates lol Ferre v fally thing will never go away no matter what Wata does

haha he even managed at some point to have both fanbases double up on him,i think he's learned the hard way,he has not had a proper traction for a good while now,i hope for him that his new album wont be an opportunity to still try to fight on both fronts,they'll eat him alive now that a lot of golois have gone over that shame which was blocking them to openly show up as golois or that ferre is making them "lose less easily in discussions" and that warriors are also extremely noisy
Tbh it is like Neymar trying to beat Messi and Ronaldo, you simply can't,  Heritier is kinda unlucky, unlike But Na Fillet and Innoss he doesn't have the advantage to have a total Virginia market in which to venture, there are already Wenge fans who support Werra to start, Ferre, Fabro and many other ex Wenge Members and who won't really check Heritier's music, I think Heritier's biggest mistake was to get involved into Ferre and Fally and do a subpar second album when Monsoh really laid down the way to success with is first album

he's done it with every single robinio member he's taken(bassist,singers,dancers,spokesman)
sums up fabro to perfection,with how he wants to pretend having a different mentality an open minded but at the same time being a complete fool like his elders at times aswell,he needs to take lessons from heritier about how to finesse people with it,its too blatant with him that he makes a fool of himself living in constant contradiction with himself
haha robinio has pulled the petty thing of taking back all her house furniture since she was the sidekick and it happens that she left in the first place because she was fed up to be treated too much as a sidekick,with too much restrictions whereas in congolese music,you have to go out to look for opportunities to make more money
And that's exactly what is wrong with our music, Nigerians are out there winning g grammies Koreans selling discs I America and us? In Congo? We do those dumb shit in which you feel the need to weaken another Congolese musician by taking people when you know extremely well you can't pay them. Plus maybe Fabregas didn't get the memo nut people are fed up with his silly behaviour, emotional outburst and this faking acting nice while instead he back talks you behind your back

His last song barely cracked 80k views and he keeps doing those dumb things which made him waste every of the momentum he had with Mascara

As usual fabro clearly trying to make it clear that he's taking a robinio band member for polemic haha

lol looks like she was physically there but her mind was on another galaxy she looked stoned as hell
Bro check all of the videos in which she partecipate in with Robinio, you can clearly see that she acts weird on a regular act, tbh her style is really suite for Fabro since she has that comedic style of dancing

4:29 this is one of the many example of her acting "weird"

Congolese Music / Re: WHAT GOING ON HERE.
« on: November 14, 2023, 22:12 »
One long song?
I think that (this is only my assumption, this doesn't have any base) that basically is gonna be one of those songs like Primus AD were were each sing a portion of the song with maybe the most ancient/or the most successful sing more

« on: November 14, 2023, 16:29 »

many people in the comments find it controversial because ya jossart is 70 and the woman is apparently 32
.... wait he wasn't married?

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