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wtf is he doing thats sexual assault the fact that shes "enjoying" it dont matter assult is assault. african women throwin themselves at celebs should not be used as an exuces for this sick behaviour

Bro come on. Has me too brainwashed you? The girl enjoys it and it is surely not the first time that she has received it hence why she is smiling otherwise she wouldn't like it. Woman like sex too they aren't some sort of Angles who can't be touched


I just dont see cindy presenting herself clearly as madam olomide like the article pretends

I wonder why Cindy accept the role of being the second wife knowing she will never be seen as Koffi's official wife that if they have kids he will never recognize them as his and that Mama Aliane will always be his number one.  So why go through all of this just to be the sidepiece?

To be honest guys when you are celebrity especially in Africa women thrown themselves at you. Koffi, Leonardo Di Caprio, Drake, Steph Curry, Neymar, LeBron etc. Have women throwing themselves at them so  of course you would avt a certain way.  With that said. The woman is smiling  so she crealry enjoys it

Congolese Music / Re: Werrason ft Chay Ngenge - Homme Qui Assure
« on: September 10, 2022, 19:18 »

Chai should have chosen Maison Mere since the beginning because now it is hard to blow him up as a solo artist, this song is really good

Do you think any of the 3, Fally, Ferre or Heritier can fill the Stade? Am sure Heritier will tag along his music Dad to get significant numbers.
To be completely honest I think Fally is the only one. Ferre is massive but it seems that he struggle to pull big crowd for these type of event. Yes Heritier alone can't fill the stade by himself. I don't know why but his concerto are always low I mean not low as in terms of few people but low as in that you expect a 10000 but only 5k show up in that sense. Fally could pull it in his original days but his lack of interest in Congo lately might be one of the reason that he can't fill. For Ferre as I have said I don't know it is an incognito. He might pull but he also might not. Unfortunately despite the talent Ferre's staff is so incompetent that even a concert like that might go undercover in promotion.

« on: September 09, 2022, 12:21 »

Le Padreeee protect this man at all cost. Best singer of his generation.  Aaaah Ya Ferre

Tests should only be taken as a grain of salt. Its all about what new animations they can bring and what they can do in the recording session. Remember how amazing Jamaique looked in one of those tests? I hope this new guy can bring something new to the table in future projects. As for Golbert, he's relying too much on his old cris that weren't even that good to begin with. That new cri from him is decent though.
It is hard to perform when you are asked to copy a person's whole style. Is hard enough to be a singing Atalaku like Jamaïque is imagine being an atalalaku who has to copy Ambulance like Jamaïca or Bill like Goldberg. Being myself a musician tbh is hard to sing and I imagine if I was forced to I don't know start to sing like Micheal Jackson or Jaso mDerulo it would be very hard and it would even be harder to be creative with a voice that isn't mine and that I have to copy

« on: September 07, 2022, 19:23 »
New dance..typical NF dance,,

How many new dance and cries Pajo put out? At least 4 I thought Fusee was the contender for Number one with Genta but Pajo's creatività is getting crazy. Life is unfairly, Werra struggle to get his atalakus whom he publicizes a lot to perform while they appeared in multiple album while, JB has a very good range of Atalakus who aren't known outside of BCBG due to JB's lazyness

he has taken but na filet's main atalaku vegeta and a dancer and a couple of musicians that i cant really identify for now but i guess they also come from robinio but na filet,heritier's reserve
 thats the typical behavior of congolese leaders beef and poaching from the "rival"
Vegeta and the dancer must be really stupid. If I am not mistaken But Na Fillet pay his musicians right? So why accepting to go to a group where you will not see a penny for years? I wonder what's wrong with musicians sometimes
 And by the way Leaders should stop having riserve teams useless cost tbh the whole thing of having  50 musicians because you have 15 on stage and their replacement on the back is played out tbh you are just wasting your money


This is the upteemth good generique. But why are Generique like this being overlooked lately? Gabbana, Nono Fudji, and many other generiques despite being good are getting overlooked.

surely a way to indirectly say that he is not satisfied enough with them,this gotta be the starting pair of the history of maison mere which has recorded the least in songs per year ratio and if anything werra normally would never start and end a year without one generique minimum

It is on him tbh. Nobody told him to 1. Keep creating Copycats instead of finding original talent loke he did with the first Maison Mere team.
2. Nobody told him to keep doing that formula of kicking expert people put even tho they were talented to keep a "fresh and clean looking team"
3. He favored a lot of Atalakus in the past who were just trash, Bercy, Avatar (Brigade copycat) Diego despite him not being able to do a live and doing multiple sessions to do a crie straight and so on. I mean yes people want to see young faces but it is frustrating to see people faces change and change  and then to see not only a guy doing the same thing if thw guy before but copying his all flow. I am sick of seeing Goldberg trying to sound like Bill when in Lacoste's group je was way better and created better music and also of JaMarcus trying to sound like whoever he want to sound like instead of sounding like himself. With this current rate Maison Mere will die. Young people already moved on to Innoss B and Fally so Werra needs to Chang ehis formula if he wants to gain that power back


From 4:26 to be honest If I didn't watch  the video I would have thought that Roga was playing. So Sonor can actually play some very good solo music when he leaves that distortion thing alone. I wish he was playing more like that now in Nouvel Horizon I mean he does but not enough

Congolese Music / Re: Bebert Etou lost his son
« on: September 06, 2022, 18:47 »
He passed away on August 25. He was 17.

I don't want to be the typical African but... that's too much weird Kassoul, Papy Bastin's son and now Bebert Etou's son... I don't know anyway condolences to his family any report on his cause of death?


If i am not mistaken this is the award of nigerian hiphop which has been renamed into a more continental thing
 he faced among others fally dadju and blanche bailly from cameroon
and as i expected some people did what they do best lol

Now I want the sane respect and love that Fally gets when he just get nominated. Since all these Warriors have the energy to diss Innoss I hope they keep the same energy now that Innoss managed to win an American prize thing that Fally still hadn't done not only that but Fally got beaten in the sane category. I wonder if we will see a post congratulating his little brother

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