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He sings so much like Lacoste he is a great singer tho


This Parfum D'Hiver Interview will be interesting.


Lol this article says that people refused to come to second concert because she was dressing sexy in other concerts than drc then came to drc well dressed
I sware these gossip pages sometimes get extremely crazy

You mean AFCON qualification match ? Because there was no champions league match this weekend and how could people Kinshasa attend a Champions League match in Europe lol ?

If I remember well, one month ago Aya Nakamura posted on social media that she was having a small African Tour going to Congo, Brazza and Mali.
Also last week she was guest at TV5 Afrique talking about it, them having a reportage about the preparations of her show in Kinshasa with Ika de Jong who was the organiser. Warriors then giving people headache on social media about Aya saying that she would like to collaborate again with Fally Ipupa.

I think that the concert-organisers have just to limit themselves to VIP-concerts when inviting foreign artists and from next year when wanting to have a big public concert, organising it at centre culturel (capacity of 2.000) which will be open soon. Because this is not good for the image of our country. Look how foreign artists are received when performing in Abidjan. Its a huge difference.
Yes I meant AFCON I confuse the two

After a succesfull vip concert at Showbuzz, Aya Nakamura went to give a public concert at Athénée de la Gombe. But she wasn't able to sell the place out. Only 2.800 people coming while it has a capacity of 10.000

What is the reasons of the flops that Francophone artists have during public concerts in Kinshasa ? Is it because of the tickets being to high (25 euros to 100 euros) for the population who are for the majority poor or bad promotion only promoting in areas like Ngaliema & Gombe, social media and French media, but no promotion in Tshangu & Kalamu ? Or are venues like Shark Club (20.000) & Athénée de la Gombé (10.000) they are taking for these artists just to big ?

It has been said that Dadju was saved from a flop by distributing free tickets before his show when being in Lemba.
Tbh it is on the organizers and her staff, if I am not mistaken they let her perform during a Champions League Game and to be completely.honest nobody knew about her coming to Kin until now, I haven't really that being promoted, so I think it is mainly a promotion and for Djadju, I alsi didn't remember him or page posting about him coming to Kin

« on: September 10, 2023, 20:44 »
I was on the plane just left from a Marriage in Belgium and I just happened to listen to the Sebene of Amigo a Song who is contained in the album Les Jours Les Plus Long of the late Great Kigng Kester Emeneya Kwa-Mambu, and I have noticed that the solo of Amigo from the 7:03 of the crie Pigeon

And the solo of Didi Kinuani at 6:18 especially from 6:22 are extremely similar

Is it me only or you are also noticing the differenxe?

« on: September 10, 2023, 20:30 »
From 51.35

NGL if Fuse was in Wenge Musica Maison Mere he would have been seen as Kabuya was being seen from Fally and how was Ambulance was being seen at Werra, it is extra sad to see his talent wasted being force to sing on average on 1 Album per 8 years imagine all the cries and joy he could have given if he was in a group that was costantly releasing by the way that Obi Guy is great is he a dancer? Or a musician who can Dance?

Congolese Music / Re: Why didn't they nominate Ferre Gola ?
« on: September 10, 2023, 02:41 »

They claimed that the award would be the true representation of African music. But I didn't see Ferre Gola's name while his song Bizorbi being a big hit this year. But at the same time artists like Locko, KO-C from Cameroun and Emma'a from Gabon being nominated in the category Best Francophone artist. Where are Wally B. Seck, Josey ?

Also why is Aya Nakamura nominated in the category best album and not Fally Ipupa's Formule 7 ? Isn't she from the diaspora of France ? I will not surprised if they would give her that award, since that tv-channel Trace Urban is from France.

"Award ya cop".Why did Laudert Londala die that early, can't Adjovi bring Kora Awards back or Consty Eka team up with Junior Zogbo again to re-start Afri-Car Awards ?
Awards aren't based on musical talent anymore they become a popularity/advertisement contest in which even if you do the best music video ever with the most beautiful song you won't win cause you ain't getting views like a Fally, Innoss, Diamond would do


Everybody is talking about the kiss Fatshi gave Denise before the match kiekiekie

Will we now finally being able to bring the cup back home after 50 years ?

Finally, I hope that they keep the same energy for the AFCON

« on: September 09, 2023, 14:17 »
I give up... how did my No 1 favourite artiste become this wasted? People around him don't give him feedback? Because if they did he would/t be giving us crap generique after crap generique like this.....
Nobody can give feedback to the boss. I mean how many people say to their boss that their boss have messed up? Same for Koffi.


people are really using the political conflict to create a lot of unnecessary hate and prejudice,eric's dad is congolese from equateur and his mom from rwanda and there is many people like that or vice versa
we are in big 2023 and people still dont know that there is a lot of genetic mix depending on neighborhood and things like that from the 80 90's we had people of rwanda grown in kin who dont even look like the stereotype,skinny with "dry" face but then until today if you come from the east and you have those skinny traits and you have an accent you are suspected to be from rwanda or just for coming from east alone,its almost like an insult
somebody like innoss will forever have to justify himself despite both his parents being from the tribes of east
and i believe if lokua kanza had a kinshasa based career he'd have a proper nightmare to develop his career with that mentality
Loquace Kanza is from where? Yes tbh I have never seen someone being more racially attacked then Innoss it doesn't matter what he does, the moment he does something who goes against popular opinion "Oh tala Nderwa"

No they actually did those playbacks when the rest were in studio recording which is a clear sign that they left
this is why i appreciate the way deplick has handled his band in europe he was straight,as usual,to them like i did what i could to bring you guys here i know for many europe is dreamland so i will not mind some or even all of you wanting to remain in europe but at least lets have honest talk like adults instead of lying to each other until departure day
these guys who left nouvel horizon are among the quickest  to have got to europe,it took more than 10 for the generation of kassoul dido and co to see europe in extra zangul,willo fbi and bonbon saw it by two years in the group,i think they were not ready for the level of temptation

Did our musicians not learn anything from twenty years ago? Extra Musica struggled for seventeen years to get group Visas for Europe, because of the beginning of the ngulu affair. Aren't they afraid that they could trigger another travel ban for the group?

That temptation must really be strong for them to abandon their music career, won't they disappear to obscurity in Europe? All that hard work to make a name for themselves and they'll just walk away, for what? To do small jobs in Europe? It's not like they had a tyrannical leader like the generation of Kassoul Dido and co where I could understand them being fed up with conditions. They had a pretty good contract and freedom other groups don't have

It's just disappointing, because Bonbon, FBI, and Willo had so much potential. They were good dancers in clips, sang well, and were just at the beginning of their careers. It reminds me of the first generation of Cultura Pays Vie, they wasted so much talent running away (Tripason, Jose Nzita, and Yvon Bigogo)
Times have changed, Brazza ain't Kin plus we always see music as fans, as the most beautiful thing a man can do, but sometimes a lot of musicians don't have the same aspirations and drive that a Werra or a Fally or a Roga has, sometimes people want to have a stable life and not be on tour anytime, in Europe you have opportunities that you would never even dream about especially in Congo Kinshasa, I don't know for Brazza (I have heard the situation is way better there) like becoming a millionaire if you pick the right field, having no one trying to silence you cause of you are of the opposing party and much more, FBI went through a lot first the death of his first leader Yves Saint Lazar so who are we to judge what drives a man to change his life radically. With that said yes Nouvelle Horizon lost a lot FBI was bringing creativity and something new after Zaparo had the Generiques all for himself but I guess they will do a great job of picking another guy.

He stayed in europe with willo and bonbon rouge(they went back to europe on their own because nouvel horizon were having the freedom formula everybody with their passports at home and having months of visa still available)
there is a lot of new faces
Man all of my favorite Atalakus are leaving the group at an alarming rate, wasn't FBI Signed? Why did he left? I thought they all had some money at the end of the month, but tbh Zaparo was too overbearing and FBI was singing so little compared to his potential.

« on: September 06, 2023, 01:34 »

He says he is capable of playing martyrs and tata raphael in two days consecutively
The sad thing is that if he had this same energy in his first 5 years of his career he would be next to Ferre (Don't think next to Fally because I don't he would have the same international mindset of Fally) cause his first 2 years of solo career were crazy, hell the Boniomai Synthe that inspired Afro Mbokalisation, that was originated from the Mongo style of Mabelee Elisi and Mimi Mongo was a lane that Lavoste owned way before it got successful and he wasted all of that

Is it true that Rebo broke up with Inoss B' because Vasco Mabiala's interview ?

The fun fact is that Innoss is the supposed unfaithful one while Rebo is the supposed Faithful one.

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