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Wow, I guess we are on some different pages.

Congolese Music / Re: On the other side of the river
« on: June 05, 2018, 21:27 »
That is weird because I have a lot of Ivorian and Camerun friends who always ask me about Extra and once when I was in a club the DJ put Etat Major (even though it was an African club it is rare to hear Congolese brazza music).

It is weird also because a lot of Ivorian (Arafaf, Debordo etc.) uses Lingala in their music but maybe it is because they want to be famous in DRC anyway I think that what killed Brazza's music are the polemique that Extra was getting when they were purely copying Wenge style and tried everything to change style which gave them and the whole Brazza's music a huge step back in terms of quality and diversity. But I honestly like Brazza's music even though it is a bit montonous

Did Libre Parcours and Tokos can be even be close to LM VILLANOVA's group album? The only good rumba between those two albums are Sensation, Rosendan and that of Gattuso (don't remember the name) the only good things about the album are the three generique of Libre Parcours, I don't know why you say Fally is superior to Fabro, maybe in droit chemin days was through or in the Mascara days, but Fabregas really step up in his group album Lokolo, Noveau Monde, Piece Rare, Yamba BB, Usine and many others are pure Congolese music and not some cheesy rhumba/traditional music to make donorsyappy


Fabregas says a lot of truths but he likes to argue a lot. It is true that Cursus has been well worked and has very beautiful clips but Libre Parcours is artistically superior to Cursus. The rumbas of Libre Parcours are much better worked, the lyrics are much better and the compositions are too strong compared to Cursus. Which Cursus songs are better than "Formol", "Poisson d'Avril", "Fin du monde", "Echantillon" ...? Libre Parcours #2 is the best generique of the last 10 years.

In this generation, he is perhaps the most productive with almost an album every year but he does not produce the best songs. Which Fabregas album is better than Droit chemin or Qui est derrière toi ? None. For my part, I even find that Retirada is far better than any Fabregas album.
Hey, hey easy please Fabregas>>Fally

Congolese Music / Re: On the other side of the river
« on: June 05, 2018, 19:22 »
  Brazzaville's music is more promoted and known in West francophone countries unlike Kin music which is promoted in southern Africans country, but Brazza's music is good the problem is that Congolese band don't really care about Kin they usually put French sentences to being more appealing to Ivoriams, Malians etc. If you Pay Attention you will notice that they say things like Abidjan tape le man, Cotonou tape le men etc. Anyway brazzaboy can you pm me with the most excellent Brazzaville's music in the ndombolo/coupe decale please? I am very curious to know more about your music.


What is the reason of am English title despite being both Congolese?

I don't know why you complain about 30 songs on the album or so, we wait an average of 4/5 years per album and most of the time is an 11 or 20 songs with two or three generique and rumbas, I prefer more songs like Koffi did with a lot of Sevens rather then album with one or two generique in 11 songs with multiple rumbas

« on: June 02, 2018, 08:35 »
No BDM out :'(

Bill also says he’s a young millionaire
Well he is.

Sorry to say but our jealous and egos really prevents us as blacks from excelling. You have guys like Chai Ngenge stuck with an album all because someone is pulling the strings behind the back so that it doesn't get released.

Motema mabe ewuta wapi? jalousie ewuta wapi? - Pire Pirate - Blaise Bula.
Totally agree, I never wonderstood why we are quick to jump on ourselves but let other people do everything on our back


I want to make a cover of this song but I cannot replicate the notes in a proper way unfortunately

The problem is that featuring despite them being between famous or talented people doesn't get much credit in Congo, I don't know why but maybe it is because the old Fally vs Ferre, Joffi vs JB etc. thing, for example Werra did a Primus song with JB and Papa Wemba with JB but Werra JB feat got unnoticed and for JB and Papa Wemva the song on YT reached the 1m views but with no video (typical JB, wasting potential legend sings without serious promotion) with Tutu Caludji, Ekokota, and Alpatshino doing the animation very great song

Congolese Music / Re: Conflicts in Congo
« on: May 28, 2018, 19:15 »
The problem is bigger than artists, yes sometimes they are greedy but you need to understand Congo DR is the richest country ever, and that east Congo conflict it is because of Coltan which is fundamental for phones and PC, Apple, Windows, Samsung, Huaweii finances war militants so they can create caos so those companies can easily steal coltan without any consequences putting people of 8,9,10 years to take that coltan out of the caves with no protection because they are desperate. The problem is that Coltan took out with nude hands it is cancerous and all of these little kids becomes sterile or if not they die in their 18th and so on.
Diaspora knows it, and do everything to change this, in fact I feel like a piece of shit, every time I broke my phone because I know I am financing those MFs Companies, but the problem is that the government let this situation go, because they care about power and money, without knowing that with those Coltan they could become richer than Bill Gates.

There are artists like Pida Star who speak about this, but get arrested or shoo to death if they say too much so it is a complicated situation, this is why you see Congolese people.mad about Maitre Gims when he speak about Syria like Congo it isn't is home country, Fally did a song too but no one played attention about it, Werra did a song with Nathalie Makoma called Croix Rouge asking UNICEF, ONU and whole those organization to stop the war, but once they Congo ONU forces from Pakistan instead of helping us started to rape our women...
Sorry if I have wrote a long post but to me is really emotional

Making comments about his bad behaviour, you are giving him the attention he wants, that's how works in music and in life today, if you don't like him just ignore him and support other artists.

Congolese Music / Re: Fabregas new generique Pincage
« on: May 27, 2018, 09:15 »
I don't know why people say Wakanda and so on, when is actually Marvel who copied African people and not the opposite, this is straight African Congolese video so it really gets me mad the people who say Wakanda, Wakanda, Wakanda, real Africa was the first one to do these things, Fally, Heritier, Werrason and many others have always pushed traditional songs before of the whole Wakanda thing.

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