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« on: February 06, 2018, 20:22 »

The funny experimental style of music in this song was great, even though Papy Kakol stole the melody of the song by his previous group (Tonton Kalunga's) but the fact of Heritier singing the crie by Lobeso and Brigade is something genial with Werrason making a duet with him and singing the line that should have been the most famous in Wenge's mind made by Brigade (Na Mutoki n'o) the first song of the second disc of Werra has always been a complete surprise like Style Moomberg

the first will be back in the mid 80's when jb was still with my cousin,after the first one i shared this is another one which came back to my mind
jb managed to come at home now regardless of whether my dad was there or not by pretending he came only for us the men but then my mother noticed something suspect and had leaked it to the father and one day jb came at our house and dad was there and was cool with him and made him sing a bit when he told my dad he is a singer,the first time my dad was very cool and he went home normal
 the week end after jb came again and ate with us pondu( the congolese brothers here know that it is,its some sauce with cassava leaves and with rice and dad was again super cool but had a nasty plan hahahaha
 so we ate normal and it was all cool then dad stood and went to kitchen to give some orders and came back with a big pan with rice and pondu in it and said jb will not go out until he finishes it  :D :D :D
and jb struggled hard even to get halfway through,and luckily for him dad had to go back to work and when he stepped out jb who was almost sitting on the floor stood back and  started talking with attitude like "cmon man this looks and such embarrasment do not match" and started dancing some smurf(and he used to be bloody good )
lol that friday ended up being an improvised party and from then until they separated whenever dad was there or arrived jb would rush to take his bag and so on and be extra nice to him :D :D :D
Yo that's a great story, who is your cousin I am extra curious.

Congolese Music / Re: Zaiko Langa Langa/Papa Wemba
« on: February 06, 2018, 16:05 »
I really appreciate you ndeko. It can be tough being a fan of this music with every important interview being in lingala. I wish our leaders realized that our music birthed african sound and is followed on the entire continent and beyond
I can understand, man try to search some sites English/Lingala or search for some Congolese people who can teach you lingala, because not many musicians know English, and they are smart yes, but do not really take in consideration English for talking to fans in East and West Africa. One of the few guys who can speak English well between artist is Koffi. But rarely uses in public interviews.

^ y’all are something else :D. I guess that’s the other way of thinking.

Where I’m from this is public indecency. For years I’ve had confidence in him resolving his issues in France, but I’ve lost track of all the situations he committed actions that undermine him. He hasn’t really done things to freshen his image in this regard, even after the Kenyan affair I’ve seen clips of dancers being yanked aside on stage by hair.

I stand with Matebu, is embarrassing for a man of 60 having public eggplant over a probable underage girl, happy he doesn't have dysfunctional problems but is embarrassing lol.
Imagine his sons checking daddy's Instagram and got able to see this, or if Anya sees it.

Congolese Music / Re: FERRE INTERVIEW WITH TV5
« on: February 05, 2018, 16:32 »
Jugement is the biggest hit of Ferre last time I have checked was 4.4 million of views on YouTube, not even Werra with a generique had ever had those numbers JB, Wazekwa not even a single one only Fally and Koffi made more high numbers but the artistic level of Ferre is way better than those two out togheters honestly.

« on: February 05, 2018, 13:14 »
Sick of all this dances just put the album out fans if BCBG diminished the real fans are getting bad treated by Seguin and others and other fans are going towards other musician if he doesn't put  therecord out before of this year BCBG will die

« on: February 05, 2018, 13:12 »
I have red on the Producer of Sense Interdit's post that Fally & Ferre along with Deplick and so on are the 5th generation so I assume that JB & Werra are the 4th generation with Koffi & Emeneya being the 3rd who are the first two? And when this term started to take form.

« on: February 03, 2018, 00:56 »
"Ngulu na français onion, n'Angola cebola" of Liboka in Live La Zampa Playa the pig in French it is onion in Portuguese onion
"États-Unis d'Amérique botika kolanda Ben Laden bolanya nde bolingo" USA Stop following Bin Laden follow love Werrason - Nzambe Aza Malamu and many others

« on: February 02, 2018, 17:01 »

The views over this kid is crazy, 24 views in 23 seconds... Amazing

« on: February 02, 2018, 13:22 »
I have noticed that in Congolese world Ferre is always the guy who is called lazy, without an international appeal and so on, why that?
Ferre really reached some high heists over the years but still not get credit like Fabro, Werra and so on which is absurd what is the reason behind this


A quick recap of his career and how he became a good singer over the advices and the guidance of Werra and Koffi

Nice entrance

A clear reference to Robinio and being a very rude insult since Deplick is claiming that Robinio is Fally's little sister/girlfriend stating that can't really make anything without the boyfriend/brother's protection

Pure jealousy

Deplick is too much to handle so he is causing (in his head) erosion in the Congolese music, Sala lokola papa (do like dad) is a bizarre crie because it talks about a guy who always beat his children and a dad who doesn't allow the mom to let the rain beat on her, controversial

No need of explanation

In French and Belgium ex-Colonies and in the same France and Belgium calling a guy or a girl Demi-Dieu Semi-God means recognizing his huge talent like for making comparisons Lukaku can be called a Demi-Dieu, Neymar can be called Demi-Dieu

There is too much difference between Deplick and this guy in the way of singing it seems a beginner against a pro

Is the phrase you say to your atalaku when you want him to reach his best dimension because music for much of our leaders is even spiritual not i a bad way

One of the few crie of the song to be saved, very nice

Ezo sala nga mpasi (it hurts me) it means to see a situation that you have little control on it but that really hurts you for example seeing your kid going bad at school despite all the help you gave, being left from your girlfriend even though you are still in love, for all this in lingala we say ezo sala nga mpasi (it hurts me) because I couldn't control it, and basically the atalaku Iboboyo took the role of a father who have seen a guy f*cking up his daughter's mentality
Who did this bad thing under the sunlight, because the KABONGO part it shows a murderer/raper who basically is a sadic and that cut the daughter's ears (akateli nga mwana litoyi e) he pierced all of her body with sharp chopsticks, it means that he killed her with a knife multiple times
A melisi mwana biberon literally means a BJ and that is when you can understand that the lady got raped by this KABONGO so it is a murderer after a rape
Asaleli film ya ba Nigerien (He did her like in Nigerian movies) it is about witchery, basically this guy after the murderer kinda how can I say made the girl live back again so he can serve her as a witch, like in "Nigerian Movies" (totally racist remarks that I am not agreeing on)
KABONGO is the synonym in this video of an escapee which can't control his sexual impulse and does the same thing he went in for
Then after the DEBUT CONGOLAIS part it comes the part of Akateli nga mwana manzaka (he have cut my baby's fingernails) it means that after stabbing her, raping her, and cutting her ear, he cut her finger too
Abebiseli nga vie ya mwana (he ruined my baby's life) since she is death

VOTE: 6/7
After a little bit the crie gets repetitive even though the guitar is excellent, the crie didn't really match it, about the crie in itself, I cannot believe a guy who says that wants to be close to Ferre for saving Congolese music and then coming with a song about a raper and a murderer, it will not blow, it will not bang to me thus song is almost like Zigida OK Zigida is a pure insult to the deaths of the market crash while KABONGO really doesn't make a nice figure.

On racially republic like Italy, DRC, America, France and many other countries for being a real Italian, Congolese etc. You have to be white or black in full no foreign parents no 50/50 even though you have your nationality, people will not fully accept you as Congolese or Italian and so.
Even though it is true that for being considered a real Congolese you must have fully black or fully Congolese parents, people in Congo will accept you even though you have an half-half heritage guys like Didier Masela (Half white), N'Yoka Longo (Born in Angola) Moise Katumbi (Italian Father who forsaken him) are well accepted in Congolese society since the only thing that really people care is the fact you can speak a native language (Lingala, Kikongo, Tshiluba, Swahili) so Deplick since Robinio is half white before humiliates him asking if he was white a black white or an Albino (pure ignorance since albino are technically blacks, with no skin so again I totally disagree with this crie) because he assumes that since he has "foreigner" blood in his genes is automatically a Raper, a Murderer a Sadic and a Pervert and for avoiding that he keeps doing crimes he wants him prison, so he bring his all group to take him back to prison, if you noticed the cries there are Deplick laughs which shows how little respect has for the KABONGO in question (Robinio) so the guys before of going to the police best the guy and give him to the justice
Then the glue that holds togheter whole the song
Abomisi mwana na ndaku after describing the pain the KABONGO inflicted to her daughter the dad sing about the death of her daughter.
It might seems weird singing an homicide and a rape like this in a generique song, but in Congolese culture is common to sing after tragedy, it is a way to don't think about the tragedy which have occurred of course not in a very nice and happy way like in this song but sadder and furthermore this is a mimics song's a song about a dissing against s kid so it is harsh but in a happy way.
The dad anyway knows about her daughter's death because in Congo if you are foreigner in a neighborhood and you move or make things people of that neighborhood will k ow so this this is how the father came to know about his daughter's dead

I am not a big fan of racism so this racist line has completely annulled my will to make a serious review on the vote.

Deplick in his music make all the people dance and have their attention, because him like the national hymn is a istintution, but of the Congolese music

I think that Deplick is getting too much big headed honestly how can you make a crie like DÉBUT CONGOLAIS after two albums? This is why Deplick is getting advised by  Robinio, the while KABONGO thing he made really makes him look like a very silly baby

Deplick is a good entertainer, song is dope.  Not quite sure about the video; the dance sequences were lit but the plot is unnecessary.  He should definitely stay away from feuds and concentrate on his music.  Who are his advisors? he needs to promote his music and improve his social media skills or get someone to handle as it will help with career. 
The problem i s that Deplick like many of the Congolese musician think he is the best ever so when someone gives him a rough advice like Robinio did becomes angry making unnecessary remarks, Deplick is over 30 years old so to him behave this childish against a guy who is not even at his level vocally is useless

Congolese Music / Re: Deplick' group attacking Robinio
« on: February 01, 2018, 20:12 »
I don't know what is wrong with y'all then you against that guy who always speak in CAPSLOCK don't remember his name but sometimes he is right to get angry, you can't really say that Ferre is lazy he travelled to an EuroAsian country like Russia played there in a great way, then he always travel in Africa Ivory Coast, Kenya name it he did it in Africa every country and for the fact he doesn't travel that's are just bullshit the fact he doesn't speak English on his tracks except for his last work or that he didn't make an album in French like Fally doesn't mean is not know internationally, he is a rumba singer, who does Rumba and doesn't sell his behind for more views and more money, Deplick is lazy not Ferre, how can a lazy guy could put something like QQJD out, life of a musician is not always about views for godsake, you always complain about the shitty music has been put lately by most of the musician out there and for Ferre is always trouble leave the guy alone please don't put his name into Deplick's one

« on: February 01, 2018, 00:54 »
Yes does someone have news about Shamala?

« on: January 31, 2018, 22:46 »
Yes does someone have news about Shamala?

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