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Like title suggests,just been informed that koffi and wazekwa and koffi are in starting process of a project of probably one rumba,another which is a leftover of their past collaboration and a generique

I hope Wazekwa can finally release that generique he had with Cascadeur and the cri Kaka Boye tbh music wise Gessac coming back is a failure

« on: September 04, 2022, 23:39 »
I used to hear her name on sings if Congolese artist can't really remember which song but I remember her name being sang by Fally and to some extent Deplick too

I couldn't find any infos on how old she was but the Ivoirian news said that she said to her friends that she was a kut to do a jump in the pool and the friends never mindset but after a while they went to search for her cause it was too long that she was in the pool and found her dead

more like promoting chai more than he ever did to himself as a 10 years solo artist,thats probably the first proper clip he'll be on since the early two clips he did like 8 years ago,chai is by a distance the most promoted bcbg singer ever even ahead of kibens in terms of space given
Hmm I see

With one clip Werra is kinda promoting Shai way more than JB ever did
That’s not true, now you’re completely exaggerating
Let's be clear. How many people know Chai outside of BCBG? Chai did a generique how that went? We must face the truth sometimes, Werra created a structure that makes that artists are more.known then BCBG artists hence why Abraham, and all the other artists who tried to go solo failed with the exception of Djino and Tutu Caludji who had very good starts but then I don't know what happened.

Vegeta is stupid tbh, I don't know what he thinks he will gets by staying with Fabregas tbh I have to give props to But Na Fillet he saw right through it and called out the bs


 knowing how in today's music the most ridiculous possible song can be a bigger hit than a well sung and arranged song with beautiful voices and good lyrics,and how congolese people like him for his crazy antics,i can bet that this nonsense he's doing will play more in nightclubs and partys than full albums of some artists

Tbh it is sad I have seen people on Insta comments and I don't know what's  wrong with our people how can you dance a song that is called Afro Fart? And that goes with Fart fart fart... I am not even mad but disappointed, Let's leave the fact that he is a "pastor" and he isnthe upteemth Charlatan but what really disappointed me is the people we need some change

Back when merveille ya mado got angry with certain things in their group(i believe fabro poaching that former dancer and number 1 kin home sidekick of robinio to prove him a point in their fallout) she left the group without making it too official and confirmed,and it happened that she went to nightclub and heritier was there with his guys and when she came to salute and went back to sit heritier ordered champagnes for the table she was at with her friends like it often happens between members of the musical corporation especially leaders and singers/dancers/spokesmen/jesters and at some point she got drunk and started acting funny and heritier then told some of his guys to make sure to take her back to her house (parents house) safe before she completely embarasses herself,and it got reported to fabro as they took her to heritier's house and since in congolese musical industry any rumour is gospel truth until eventually proven wrong years later,fabro took it for certain that they took her to wata's house so that he sleeps her and given he always had in him a superiority complex towards heritier aswell here we are today

Lol Superiorità Complex? Of What?  Fabregas is stupid which person in his right mind would think that Fabregas is higher on the hierarchy if you compare him with Heritier? Plus I gotta admit it Wata has his own bad things but when he does something good you gotta admit it, most leaders in that situation would have taken advantage of her but he did the right thing even tho it was me she would have definitely come home with me


He says that they did an event in paris which was not as good as they thought as there was still some beef,especially between mboshi and somono which lead to mboshi not coming,but this time they decided that they are grown men some are already grandfathers like himself sam who has 4 grandchildren so they cant continue like that so they settled their issues and next year there will be the teams of viagra and sanction together in kinshasa and even popolipo who never returned agreed to return

What issues were they having?

From 37:37

If JB was a Serious musician  Pajo and Fuse would have been the new Brigade and Kerozene but yet Pajo made at least 5 new cries while we were waiting on Balle De Match and this man still hasn't put an album in this time I could make 4 videos 7 songs and this sunday I will go to the studio and make other songs in an 8 hour session but this man after all this time still hasn't pubblished an album. I don't know this is frustating and I am not even a JB fan

Congolese Music / Re: K Musica Master Générique Na Yo Pe
« on: August 29, 2022, 22:10 »
respect to them to keep the band alive aftet the death of their leader

The poster made me come across their generique

Man they kept Yves Saint Lazar spirit alive from 4:55 Is pure fire

Congolese Music / Re: K Musica Master Générique Na Yo Pe
« on: August 29, 2022, 21:51 »
respect to them to keep the band alive aftet the death of their leader

The poster made me come across their generique

Who was their leader?
Yves Saint Lazar he had a really good voice but I will leave the details to Archos

This is the Band where FBI the Atalaku of Nouvel Horizon started to sing and Animate and you can hear that he lost that Bill copycat voice to focus on one of his own

They did a great generique called Tchimpamu

From 00:26 you can see FBI animating

and also C'Est Le Moment with a crie that I like a lot called Moto Akweya
Which means Someone who falls literally in English it doesn't make sensebbut in Lingala it will be someone who fallo from shock Moto Akweya because in the crie he says that a Father left his House to his kids but the Fater's siblings  (younger Brothers and Sisters) came from nowhere to take that House and kick the kids out not caring if they become shegue  (kids on the road with no where to go) so I think that in his crie he meant the shock that the kids have when their own uncle and aunts kick out of.their House knowing.that their own House won't be there anymore and they will be forced to struggle

He had a really great voice go to 2:00
Natural 1ere voix

K Musica is a band from Pointe Noire Brazzaville

Lol he is challenging people that in 3months he'll be in europe again and that he came back because he was not coping with europe

Loooool what is the real reason he came back bro? Because I don't see no one in his right mind that would leave Europe at least stay with friends a little to go back to heights an unpaid Mbonda  Player especially with Fabro who is known to not paying musicians

aimelia thanked jb in his recent interview saying that he had a strong contribution in the preparation of funerals of pathy

Tbh JB gets a lot of hate unfairly, yes it is true he kinda fucked up with Mboka Liya and the PPU  (the 2nd team of BCBG) but since then it seems that he have changed a lot he funded a lot of people's album on the low (Deplick, Ibrator) but never wants public credit for and silently helps when in need, tbh for what he shows he is a great guy, in fact Abel and Eric Menthe distinguere him it is just... odd


This is sad, why the hell he went back to Kin

He really went back to Kin to play Mbondas... I am beyond shocked
Wasn't this guy deported just? Lol
Yoooo. For real?

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