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Billy Synthè is really skilled, in Europe he could be a really good pianist, Sonzo to me is perfect

Ferre = JB. They have the same model of running their Affairs. So werrason always beats Jb internationally just like fally does to ferre.
No Férre is not  like JB Férre release material in a costant way, the problem with Fèrre is taht he does great instrumental for generique but have a bad taste for the atalaku, Ruth Nzele & Bercy, which I think are the grossest atalakus ever, had always a role of relevance while they shouldn't partecipate on any album, on Seben by Férre great guitar and drumming and the atalaku section is shit like always, and for the international level, Férre needs to know English in a regular way, and be able to promote his music in America comparing with his rival Fally, Hustler is Back is horrible to me but being well promoted in US had 4 milion views, Libre parcours series generique who was release indipendently and was 1000 times better than Hustler is Back has 2 milion on the second generique, Fèrre needs to think less like Werra and more like Koffi. He tried though to go international with that J Martins song Ekelebe, but Nigeria is not US.

« on: August 05, 2016, 13:16 »
I have notice that since Extra Musica's album Obbligatoire and the more recent Contentieux, now-a-days is more harder thatn the past to listen to some good quality music coming from the left sided Congo, even though good artist like Oxygen, Arafat,Regis Touba and others try to relaese albums, It is really hard to hear them. Beside that it is a long time that I don't listen a quality album from Brazza's groups Like Shalai, Trop C'est Trop, Prenez Vite!!! of G7 and Impressions de as, and I think is due to the  fact that Roga Roga's power has become out of control, and of the fact that the quality and charismatic guys who were leading big groups like in the case of extra musica gone solo and new talents haven't got skills their oldies colleagues.

Congolese Music / Re: Chancelier desi mbwese - new album
« on: August 05, 2016, 13:07 »
Nope who is this guy?

I think it will all come down to how he packages himself as a product and a brand and how he delivers that product to the masses. Sometimes it's not just the ability to do good music that counts but coming up with a commodity that the market wants to own.

He has to be prepared to do the hard work, keep learning,  keep improving. I hope he has a business plan attached to his dream and vision of becoming a superstar.
To me he has those things because with BM even though he say that he has not promoted it, he showed that he knows how to create that expectation, that lead people to want your album, for the quality, I have listened to some songs and the quality is there, in the whole the group is really good, and being Hèritier the enfant cherie of Werrason people will be interested in seeing how he is going to develop as a solo artist as Ferre Did. For being like Fally instead he needs to seriously promote himself in USA. Fabro did a good impact song like Mascara but he has not being costant in his music.

To me first generique will be going internationally on African level.

Congolese Music / Re: METRAU YA BCBG
« on: August 05, 2016, 08:01 »
Today he celebrates his birthday. He is one of the new guys who broke through the ranks . An absolute singer and improving in his dancing. He made me quickly forget about Djino.
Happy BDay Metrauuuuu, Djino ahah that guy is 1000 times worsecompared to Metrau

Heritier knocking out Ferre?? This is insanity!, you boys u derestimate Harve. We all like heritier yes but being 2nd from who?, that is the question? Why are you endosing Fally as always better than Ferre were the case is very much debatable.
I never said that Héritier sings better than Férre no way is going to be like that, but the fact is that Férre's Rumba are repetitive, while Héritier is more versatile, and then I add that Héritier still needs to work for having his A game in singing BM was fufu in terms of singing but really good in terms of promotion this is why EMO saying that Héritier will take the 2nd spot, but to me Férre's gonna be Férre but Héritier's album gonna be a huge thing. BM 400k views with no promotions now imagine the other songs which are better than BM how they gonna perform?

Manzambi, it takes a two year old kid to understand that heritier knocks out ferre without an album to his name. Besides generics, heritier has been schooled very well in rumbas and has no bad voice. Overall he will definitely beat shetani.
The fact is not the bad voice but bad intonation, Héritier started to sing good just in his latest songs and even in BM he goes into the same mistakes of intonation he were doing in wenge, even they are shadowed by the fact he doesn't sing from the diaphram but sing like he were speaking in a low voice, and goes to the falsetto voice, when he needs to go higher, what Héritier's strength is is that his style of Rumba is differnet and unique unlike Férre which always try to replicate the Tabu Ley's and Carlito's style, and listen to the other songs in the whole project of songs it is really good. But he still needs to upgrade his voice even in Nkanda Ngobila the whole thing is good but Hériter uses the 60% of his voice.

« on: August 04, 2016, 18:37 »
These boys should have broken off from bcbg after Francis solution. They could have been successful by now.
Mmm I don't know the only guys who would have success off the split would probably be Mignon and Fudji.
I meant all in one band. I do not know what medicine jb forces down the throats of these boys. They never run away from him when he clearly wastes their careers.
Well, I think that they don't feel to have a solo career,  they are more of a Zaiko Langa Langa type's mentality, being a team more than go solo and have their career, and further more I think that they might be scared by what happened to Djino and Chai.

Nice Summary of the interview.
Thanks a lot.

Congolese Music / Re: Robinio Mundibu new generique 4 Lettres
« on: August 04, 2016, 17:43 »
Well, I really like this song, even if I feel something is missing on theguitar part, anyway, very good video, it might not have the same success of Ye Yo, but Robinio is doing his work. I really like it. In what language he is speaking in the first minute of the song? Because it doesn't seems Kikongo, Swahili or Tshiluba for nothing at all

All you need about this interview is two things, Heritièr ask sorry to everybody, because he want to be humble and before boasting about his album want that everybody listen it, without making any silly comment but just focusing on the music. Then he adds that Tyson was the most intimidating and strong boxer of the world, but the first time he understimated an opponent, was the day where he bited his ears, it is better to fall down to the ground if you're loosing in boxe, because if you byte someone's ear it means that you are not so strong like you thought you were and guys you were understimating are better than you. BM is a small piece compared to Retirada, and he says that the album overall is thousand time better than BM.

« on: August 04, 2016, 12:31 »
Papa Wemba was JB's Idol since he first listened to him, and Papa Chèrie wanted strongly to making this song with him, and the crazy fact is that this song has 1,4 milion views without even a video, this shows that when the quality is there nothing else matters.
The atalaku section is of Roberto Ekokota if I am not wrong and of the Pape de l'animation Tutu Caludji.
 I want to remember Papa with this song as a tribute to his long career and for the lot of things he has been able to create, as the sapologie myth, and that particular style of singing that many of born ,70 singers try to imitate.

« on: August 04, 2016, 12:09 »
Yes we could be in share with the artists and ourselves of forum as well and to the global world of net being able to have a chance to expand the influence of Congolese music outside of Africa and of African diaspora.

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