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He explained that he is joss diena's childhood friend and that they have been in street groups together and joss went to cultura before him and he ended up joining cultura 
he says contrarily to what people think signature was not about witchcraft at all it was more the result from high level of motivation and as an atalaku he just made those comments some atalakus make in songs to spice it up but it was not  witchcraft maybe people also thought that because of the way he was calling wazekwa  W le vieux nganga(which can be either interpreted as the sorcerer the traditional doctor or the genius) which was in that case the genius
and he says they watched esobe's comedy with male mambwa and transformed it into a complete animation along with joss and he says he likes insisting with the name of joss because he is his friend yes but also he was a natural leader in cultura so he was very involved in the group's activity to reach another dimension
he talked about gesac  "attacking" him and claiming its him who made cultura,and he said he does not want to play gesac's game of  series of rants to be relevant but all he knows and which people can see was that until he left he was cultura's main atalaku but if gesac wants to claim he singlehandedly made wazekwa's career up to him(about gesac i saw today also a video of eclipse seemingly  fed up and tired of gesac's continous attacks and belittling and said gesac is acting like a used and drained chewing gum with no more sugar,who has nothing more to offer so he spends years in polemic instead of working) and that him and gesac do not talk(he also made hint that one of the early cultura pays vie singer jose senga "yaya" died from covid recently) and that maybe gesac talks like that because he is bitter that the other cultura atalakus have made steps forwards compared to the past and he was asked about an argument he had with gesac in a concert and he explained that gesac wanted so much to dominate that he decided doing his stuff just to stay longer on the main mic and he ruined it since he did not have the voice to reach high tenor notes  so he was telling gesac that he should let him do his own animation and gesac did not appreciate it and started to fight him
he says he left cultura in europe because of personal problems which he did not want to bother wazekwa with and handle it like a man,and that wazekwa is a good leader who listens a lot to his musicians
He says they work on yo nani him cnn and gesac (who did nono's work) then as cnn left gesac did his parts
cnn mamale arrived to europe with wazekwa before the rest of the group only eric tutsi did not make it and stayed in kinshasa with them  and cnn did those animations in quartier latin integral technically the integral generique is cnn adapting what they should have done as the cultura generique  which had few of his work,nono for gesac and louange
he confirms that he is celezino's younger brother,from same parents,celezino is the oldest then a sister then him papitcho and his twin sister mitcho

That metaphor of chewing gum perfectly explains Gesac. Was Eric Tutsi left behind because his drug problem came back? I suspect so, had Felix been wary of QL members like JB Mpiana then he wouldn't have taken CNN to Europe.

But I ask myself this... Unlike many other artists, how does he manage to stay relevant as one of Africa's giants?
I mean... Selfie was one of his biggest continental hits since Loi.

Facts, even though his current band is ass lol

Fally part had me rolling lmao

Keep the same level, how? Fere and co Left and he gave us Alerte Generally, Temoinage, Sous sol and a number of live shows to remember. He made Brigade more famous than when he was at QL. My friend what did JB Gave us after TH? there is an old adage that says. When you are at the top, there is no way else to go but down. You loose motivation and energy. King Kester had his tiime, did he stay on top forever? Nooo! Was Papa Wemba the same before he died on stage? noon! let us look outside of Africa! Michael Jackson? Celine Dione? that is normal. Some musicians only produce one memorable album and it is enough. Werra Gave us like five good albums. Without forgetting songs in Wenge like Kalayi Boieng, Coco Madimba. Let us give credit where credit is due. JB Mpiana and Werrason will remain as the faces of Wenge. The word will soon forget Bula and Makaba but not the two guys.

Kester's failure was completely his own fault. He rebuilt a great team after returning from Europe in 1997, but blew it by neglecting them which caused the defections after Longue Historie

Congolese Music / Re: Your top 20 sebene recommendations
« on: May 21, 2020, 21:17 »
Hold my beer real quick

Hahaha that's just me being excited to answer the question!

That was pretty impressive!

Yes. The Loi album was played by Guy Nsangue, Pathy Bass abd Binda Bass. About Binda Bass not playing Loi by himself is not a problem. What’s wrong with a bassplayer not playing a whole album by himself ? Don’t other that was very young at that time and being only for 2 years active as professional musician. On Nioblesse Oblige, Rocky Blacnhard also didn’t play bass by himself, they invited Ngounda Lokito.

There's nothing wrong with bassists sharing their responsibilities on albums, I was just curious.


I mean yes. It is like Nike signing Jordan sponsorship in different countries have different levels.and by Kevin Mbouamde's music he is deserving it. I still don't know how he managed to get that comtract when Roga Roga is there.

Roga Roga is pretty down in popularity, the recent defections really hurt him and the music since that hasn't been compelling.

Code Pin was played by Ramazani Fulutini

Did Pathy Bass play on Loi? Binda is a good player, but it sounds like he had some help on some songs like the generique and other songs.

Koffi supported Werra in 1998 by giving alot of expansive clothes, money and some strategy. Werra & Adolphe would give him some shoutouts in return in the songs Mission Impossible & Chantal Switzerland. But they would quickly fell out just before the release of Intervention Rapide, because Werra suspected him for wanting to steal Ferre Gola. From then Werra wasn’t mentioning him anymore in the tolingana-vocal of Coco Madimba during concerts. After that Werrason returned, Koffi & home shorted their problems out and they became close again. The press called their friendship fake, they came together to the Zaiko-rehearshal at Kimpwanaza and they started chilling to together like in the past. But their relationship became cold again, because Koffi was mad that Werrason didn’t congratulate him for the Bercy-show. He was so mad that he was thinking about starting to JB. After Force de Frappe, Koffi went to Europe and he met Werrason, they became cool again and Werrason gave Koffi & his ex’wife a shoutout in Ntima Mboté. Koffi started to praise him often in interviews and would give him a shoutout in Bilan. But Werrason started to become mad the way Koffi was attacking JB very strongly and saying in private that he wanted to end the Wenge mythe. Despite that he gave his fans the order to support Koffi for his Stade des Martyrs-concert (in order to have a bigger crowd than JB) and welcome him at the airport. After that event Werra’s staff started to report more and more stories about Koffi talking bad about Werra, which mad their relationship once again becoming cold. Werra wasn’t also liking the way he was copying Maison Mere and came some shots in A La Que Leu Leu (llke "balobi moninga a tricher moninga te hein") and sending Bill to throw shots at Kerozene and Koffi in interviews (tata oyo suki naye ebandaka awa, for the way Koffi had braids starting in the middle of his head) and  the song Style Moomberg (Tata oyo atindaka moninga atambola na photocopie ya mokanda na nga). After it Werra accused Koffi for wanting to corrupt his dancers to stay in Europe. WMM-Fans also entered the war, claiming that Koffi copied Maison Mere’s intro of double zenith in the No Touch a Ling-videoclip. The war became official when Koffi openly attacked Werrason in an interview with the French diaspora radio Africa N1 and Werra reacting softly by saying that Koffi can’t produce the stuff he does on stage. After it Koffi tried to lure Ferre, JDT and Bill info Quartier Latin by offering money, but they all refused. Then when the Les Marquis was made, Koffi came proud on tv and said “sikoyo toko tala soki ako sala lisusu nini” and Werra with his staff being furious, accusing Koffi being behind the creation of Le Marquis. Bill would refer to it in the song Trshison “vous accuser Mopao eeh c’est la trahison". After that Koffi would reconcile again with Werrason during Maïsha Parc, Werra inviting him at La Zamba Playa and some weeks later at LSC. But the Peace wouldn’t last long, because Werrason, his staff and fans would declare war when Ferre Gola joined Quartier Latin. With both camps firings shots, the most coming from QL’s side. Koffi then ridiculizing Werrason often in the media for the fact that can’t sing but calls himself formateur, that Werra bought his when he was very old and that he never comes to the Maïsha meetings, because he has to pray with frère Patrice. Koffi tried to lure Flamme Kapaya into Quartier Latin by offering money, a house in Bandal and a new car, Flamme almost accepted the offer. But when the affair was known the press, Flamme ran away, getting already threats from Maison Mere fans. In the same period Werra recruited Brigade & Patience, Koffi then becoming mad and saying in private that he would buy a gun to kill for fact that he recruited Patience who was more than a dancer (Ferre wanted said that he would talk about it in 2ème soin who never came) and that he would put his money to finish Maison Mere. Koffi tried to lure Kakol, Eboa Lotin, J3 and Héritier in Quartier Latin but it all didn’t work. He even kidnapped spokemen King Tekila to convince him to get them into QL, but it didn’t work. After that Werrason and Koffi again reconciled with each other and they planned a fara-fara concert on the same stage at Elysee Montmarte, but the event got cancelled after that Werra staff suspected Koffi for wanting to plan something nasty against Koffi and the war restarting again and both camps firings shots until Wemba’s death and many stuff happening behind the scenes.

Eboa Lotin is slapping himself for not taking that offer. But why do so much Maison Mere Members (who were unpaid) rejected Koffi's offer knowing he would give those cars and those money to them? I mean people now might say yesit is Maison Mere they had better chance going solo than join Koffi and be successful but at the time no one would know if a solo career would go well so it was brave but also stupid to stay with Werrra by those Maison Mere members

So Koffi only had beef with JB Mpiana for helping Werra during the split? Or at least it seemed like the catalyst for the feud

it could also be the age factor,from monde arabe most of what he played was mbetenge or poupa's work and he played because he's tyson,it reminds me a bit of ficarre both had a strong start and a period when they started to outplay in term of songs other soloists then at some point it started fading,you'll notice until today tyson's songs of recent years were never as popular as the one by alvarito,ficarre on the other hand could not stay number 1 as jb never ordered people to give him their solos so that he stays number one so even a guy who openly says he is not a sebenist like pathy moleso played lead more than him at bercy and afterwards

Reminds me of Hono Kapanga, because he created that unique sound of Wazekwa's generiques. However, it was Bijoux Depaulga that played solo on many of the important songs like Dose Unique,Tu me manques, Sautez déjà, and Cinq Etoile among other songs. From what I noticed, it wasn't until Faux Mutu Moko Boye where Hono started playing lead a lot, often he was mi-soloist.

He was fired because he faked his death

What do you mean?

I was listening to  felix wazekwa's memoire ya nzambe this night and it came back to my mind how many of bercy muana's animation were either rejected as they were too hard to twist into a clean one or they were transformed
for example nakendaki na fete ya ba nancy ,nakendaki na fete ya ba nancy bandeko oh nga,ekomi nga na kende palais nancy atomboki a facher asiliki,nancy alingaki kaka na pesa ye bye,pesaka nancy bye bayooo"(i went to the party of Nancy and when i wanted to go home nancy got angry ...) the rest does not make much sense except saying bye,actually bercy did  in studio is original one,that one which does not make much sense at the end but which people still can understand he wanted to play with words to talk about sex,and another one transformed by wazekwa totally different and the days of mix wazekwa  was sick and trusted his chefs to deal with mix of generique and bercy convinced engineer to throw back his second version so that even if its cleaner people still can suspect a little bit what he wanted to say
his original version was nakendaki na fete ya ba nancy,ekomi tango nakende palais nancy asiliki alingi kaka na simba ye,he added a m to say simba in order not to get wazekwa super furious but wazekwa understood his game(i went to nancy party and when i wanted to go hom she got angry and said i wont leave until i fxxk her)
another case  later in memoire ya nzambe he was doing "maman nalingi na verser nalingi na verser...mbongo na banque eh" once again he twisted a little bit his real thing not to shock wazekwa with how direct his thing was (he pretended he was saying i want to put money on my bank account while he was saying i want to cum) but once again wazekwa understood his game  so he called eclipse and asked us ideas and we started thinking and it became " tangela ye verset  allez matthieu 7 7 senga bakopeso senga bakopesayo soki oyibi zala na mbangu" (read a verse from Bible, Matthew 7 7 Ask it shall be given you,seek  if you steal you will have to run away )
the original version was koyiba but since the new style of animation brought by the generation of brigade and co makes it that animation has to have a start a transition and a key part bercy was struggleing to put zala na mbangu somewhere so he found it good to put it there  even if the ideal would have been by wazekwa's standards to say "dont steal"

Did Bercy leave Cultura because of his explicit animations? He seems like a very difficult person to handle. I'm surprised there hasn't been a biography on him, I'm interested to know his history

« on: May 18, 2020, 08:33 »
Gessac was a perfect Bill Clinton copycat. I don't know why Koffi never gave Gesac more space. He was actually very creative.

Gesac was useless when it came to creativity. He had the same issue in Cultura. All his animations came from someone
Interesting comment. Who do you think gave him the animations?

For the album Signature, Gesac had animation of "male mambwa" from the comedian Lady Esobe. On Yo Nani, his animations came from Moise Chine with a bit from Nono Chaka, who was an understudy to Gesac. Nono Chaka was eventually given some space on Et Apres, but was left behind for Faux Mutu with some of his animations being interpreted by Eclipse Mososo.

Because he was an "aventurie". Emeneya had to bring whole Victoria Eleison to the USA for a 1 year tour, he signed he contract, but changed on the last minute his mind. He used to give his musicians in Kinshasa a hard time and wasn't paying them. So he tought that they would run away if they would arrive in the US. So he decided to bring only Guy Moller, Mbuta Bass and Zoe Bella, wanting to bring a part of the old guard living in France ( Malembe Chante, Danny Takezo, Auguy Lutula, etc.) and Huits Kilo who was living in the US. When they were in the plane, Emeneya said to them, I will put the person who will ran away in a coffin. Then when Zoe Bella, Guy Moller and Mbuta Bass arrived in US they slept one day in New York and the day after it Emeneya abandon them and went to Paris (to mix Longue Histoire). The tour promoter was mad and they were chased away from their hotel. Guy and co hadn't a place to sleep and they slept like 1 or 2 days in the streets, until that they met a Congolese guy living in New York, so they slept there. After some days Zoe Bella found a job and became a window washer, became friends of gangsters walking with guns and started to live in his own place. Guy Moller found a job in a sneaker-shop and went to live with an American girlfriend. Some times months later Guy Moller found through some people the number of Emeneya and he started attacking, but Emeneya clamed him down. Emeneya then convinced him to join Victoria Eleison in Nairobi, but ordered him to not call (knowing that he would come, since that Victoria was struggling there and them also being abandoned by Emeneya). Guy Moller and Zoe Bella did their best to buy bills and went to rejoin Victoria Eleison in Kenya and the rest was history. Mbuta Bass who hadn't a job yet and money remained in New York.

Guy Moller here talking about the way Emeneya left them in the US

Sampaio was normally also about to go to the US, but he missed the trip after sleeping at his own house which was next Victoria's headquarter, saying to Mbuta, Guy and Zoe that they had to wake him up if they would go to the Ndjili-airport (but Emeneya was furious when he heard that and said to them that they would go without him). Sampiao was mad about that, I remember him denying it in an interview with Popol Mukelenge while his face was saying the opposite and him having to dance Kiwanzenza like a little kid hahaha.

from 53:07 min

Do you believe they would run away if Kester honored the contract? I can't believe they rejoined Victoria Eleison in Kenya after the shit Kester put them through, would you do it? He never paid them to begin with and abandoned them smh

 Emeneya was evil for that, but karma came for him

who played bass on tave? during the sebene?


I'm surprised Mimiche lasted so long with the band, especially if he hardly played on Kibusia lol

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