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Ah okay. I thought that it was the same person, because friend of mine saying that it was the same guy animating for Ferre.

When Kilimanjaro joined BCBG, I thought that we would see a rivalery like Nono (Zaiko) vs Ditutala (Choc Stars) or Ekokota (Wenge) vs Beevans (QL). But Kilimanjaro didn't fulfill the exceptions people had of him to counter his brother Bill Clinton.

I think being Bill Clinton's brother put too much pressure on him, because how do you follow up the guy that made us dance with the cries from Intervention Rapide Force to A La Queue Leu Leu?

At the same time, he had the same confidence as his brother in the interviews with BCBG. I remember he animated in like three different dialects during those VHS during their preperation for Bercy – the kid was a something. I think the passport situation that kept JB Mpiana's group out of Europe for five years is mostly responsible for him wasting his talent.

in the cultura tour where joss returned as the only singer wazekwa wanted to pay them 3000 french francs each or something like that madilu got extremely angry and told wazekwa petit felly kofuta bango te totala soki bakozonga te
result wazekwa returned with 6 musicians on 15

If Wazekwa had paid the 3,000 Francs to each member of Cultura, do you think Tripason, Vavason, Flory Telecel and Jose Nzita would have joined the rest of the group in Kinshasa after Signature? I don't think their salary would have made a difference, because it seems like the idea of asylum in Europe is more lucrative than life as a musician.

Also, did Madilu have a very tough time in OK Jazz? Because I remember a documentary of Franco, apparently this money problem of paying a band is nothing new. Just watch the twenty minute mark of this video.

« on: September 23, 2023, 11:29 »
junior milimo he was the guy doing pre records of wazekwa in studio but wazekwa liking to sing higher would always do it his own way

As talented as he is, I noticed the majority of Ceden Play's contributions to Cultura Pays Vie is in his vocals and clip appearances for Et Apres. Aside from that, you only see him dancing alongside Joss Diena and others for the clip for L'Etat Akotuna Te. What happened between then and his brief return, did he fall out with Wazekwa or ran away to Europe?

Wazekwa has a strange choice of who he leaves behind when in Europe recording albums, how do you rationalize leaving behind Ceden and Guylain Esamba for Jose Nzita or Stanford Eliyo (they're good singers, but nothing special)?

« on: September 22, 2023, 15:26 »
He has not signed with sony,he had a partnership with sony for two songs i think via the label which co releases his work publicom of lenny bidens,and i think their condition to sign him was to reach a certain number of views to prove that he can be succesful
What were the views number?

Apparently, it didn't get enough cause it stopped at just two songs. Sony should of just kept their money lol

Apparently Stino is also from Makala and used to be the best friend of Reddy's late little brother, before moving to Bandalungwa. Imagine how Reddy & Stino could have changed the vision towards their area and boosting it, by saying without shame that they came from there.

What part of Congo are you from? I remember you mentioning you don't speak Kikongo. Are you Baluba?

Maybe he was not motivated (remember that he was anti-nouvelle ecriture) and just doing it for the money that gave him or it could be that he tried to do pronounce those kikongo-animation well by.

In Fin d'Exil he did animation as well. He sounded much better

In my opinion, Fin d'Exil would have done better if Stino and Reddy recorded the album with musicians in Kinshasa maybe hiring session artists in Europe to correct the guitars and drum parts – like Wazekwa did for Sponsor or Madilu for Pouvoir.

I've noticed it's difficult for ndombolo-styled albums conceived and recorded in Europe to be accepted as successful compared to albums conceived in Kinshasa.

He's so low energy, animation is not for everyone

« on: September 21, 2023, 19:05 »
oh so they just modified the old poster which was before the recent events and made it a bit darker

Where Joss Diena? Ooou, I'm definitely interested!

Not really and those who are out, aren't distributed by big publishers. I know that journalist Foshino Ntumba Mukundulu a book for Papa Wemba in 2001 called "l'Odyssée", for Werrason he wrote "La Rage de Vaincre" in 2010, JB Mpiana "Ma part de Vérité" in 2005 and in 2017 "La Flamme d'un idéal" for Nyoka Longo & Zaiko Langa Langa. But they are nowhere to be found.

Books who are sold through internet are mostly books about the history of Congolese music, but not biographies focused on one person, for example Rumba on the River, The Politics of Dance Music in Mobutu’s Zaire, etc

You know what, I think I'll write something about Congolese music. What do you guys think I should write about? Give me some ideas

Verckys Kiamuangana
Grand Kallé Jeff
Dr Nico
Abeti Masikini
Mpongo Love
Tshala Muana
Franco Luambo Makiadi
Tabu Ley Rochereau
Koffi Olomidé
Papa Wemba
King Kester Emeneya
Zaïko Langa Langa of Les Quatro (1971-1974)/Isifi Lokole/Yoka Lokolé
Wenge Musica 4x4
Zaïko Langa Langa of the moment when they were in conflict with Verckys and became broke until the split during the peak of their succes (1981-1988)
JB Mpiana
Ferre Gola
Fally Ipupa

No love for Papa Wemba? The man lived an amazing life! Slept with a lot of beautiful women too, except for the rumors about sleeping with men. That's disgusting and I hope it's not true

I think that that of Koffi, Franco, Verckys, Tabu Ley,  Mpongo Love and Abeti would be the most interesting. The saddest would be that of Dr Nico, especially his last years and the way he died and maybe also that of JB for the way people were fighting his career from the Wenge split and his dark years (2002-2009)

Yes, the story of Dr. Nico was very sad at the end. All those years of alcoholism finally caused kidney failure, among other ailment (some people say AIDS). I remember watching a BBC documentary that talked about Nico's visit to the United States for medical treatment from March to May of 1985, but they never disclosed what his problem was. All I know is that he died broke and alone in a Belgium hospital. I believe his drinking problem was a result of his failed marriage and his inability to establish a career outside Afrisa.

As for Mpongo Love, that woman was absolutely beautiful! I'm not sure what happened to her, I've read it was cerebral meningitis, heart attack, or that she contracted AIDS from one of Mobutu's sons (it's crazy how almost all his sons died of AIDS and all before their father – he must have been heartbroken, that's too much pain for a parent to handle).

All I know is that a lot of stories for Congolese musicians from 1950 to 1990 has really sad endings. I wish the Ministry of Culture would take an active role in ensuring our legends live decently. Too many die impoverished


 ya popo seems to hold extreme grudge,but he does not want to ever really disclose the real reason for that in all interviews of the past 10 plus years,it must be that passport thing which hurt him the most
and he warns his family to not accept even a single cent from koffi because that would be like mocking his dead body

Passport thing? Is that the situation when he got left behind when Quartier Latin went to Bercy? I'm just surprised that Koffi would do Beniko dirty like that, because he's contributed so much good music for many of Koffi's albums. If I'm not mistaken, didn't Beniko play a huge role in training the guitarists of Quartier Latin when they first formed because Lebou, Felly, and others were still somewhat inexperienced? How could you betray someone like that?

« on: September 15, 2023, 19:22 »

In the past days and weeks he was saying that he was receiving anonymous calls "continue attacking wazekwa and you'll see dont you remember what happened to hono kapanga,your case will be worse "
and he was saying weeks ago already if something happens to me this is where it all comes from and that he refused to leave matete because he is a congolese citizen and he has the right to live where he wants even if he is not form that area
he was coming from shooting a clip and got attacked by young guys who said "we caught you now"

Do you think Wazekwa or his brothers have anything to do with this, if the assault was real? So what's the plan for Joss,  Brian Solo, Ceden, and Gessac who left? Are they going solo or are they starting a group together? I feel like they don't know what to do?

Dodi comes to europe often to sort papers because he had a children during their tours so he has to come often like every two three months

How does citizenship/permanent residency work in Europe? If an immigrant has a child with a citizen, does that allow them the ability to stay or do they have to be legally married to have the legal right to stay? I'm guessing the immigration system is a lot relaxed there, because in America you still have to apply for permanent residence – even if you have a child with a citizen. The child automatically is a naturalized citizen of the US, but it doesn't extend to the parent unless he or she marries the citizen who they're in a relationship with. If that makes sense...

i think its a mix of various things,sometimes its the leader who take the departures and the conflicts it creates extremely personal,sometimes its people around who want to do things to prove their loyalty,and sometimes aswell it becomes a war of witchdoctors if you left leader who was with sorcerer a and went to rise under sorcerer b it can lead into intense war because of them
another example of what you said is sam tshintu in his interview with ado when he talked about somono being paralysed then as soon as the paralysed leg was healed the other leg started and that they went through a lot of things and he looked emotional and quickly stopped to change topic
 names dont come to mind right now,but i can certify you that at least two sorcerers died amid spiritual war between big group and rebel group

It made me remind of Emeneya's word in But na Filet "ba nganga na bango bakufi"

I only know koko diantama, who getting alot of shoutouts from both Werrason & JB Mpiana. But I think that he's still alive. The thing is that the majority that receive shout-outs are identified as donors, imam, pastor or chef coutumier but not the label  sorcerer. Patcho RFI often likes to say cite his name with proud, when saying that he know all big witchdoctors of Kinshasa and talking about the BCBG vs WMMM war how bandleaders would quickly go to him when having a Stade des Martyrs-concert.

I'm guessing the spiritual warfare in the music isn't as pervasive today as it used to be, I don't hear much.

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